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It can pay to purchase life insurance, but only if the policy fits your needs. Check out these top life insurance Twitter feeds for some of the best information.

If you're running a business from your home, it might be worth insuring. Find out what your options are and what they cover.

Basic disability coverage rarely provides adequate compensation for serious illness or injury. Insurance companies offer a number of riders that can improve your disability coverage. Find out which ones will give you the comprehensive coverage you need.

If you have suffered damages, you might be required to submit a demand letter to an insurance company. Here are basic guidelines that will help you write an effective letter and improve your chances of getting the compensation owed to you.

Ever hear of alien abduction insurance? Learn more about it and other strange but real insurance policies.

Auto insurance rates can vary significantly across states. Find out which five states have the most affordable car insurance and the reasons behind those rates.

The insurance industry will have to adapt to self-driving cars. Find out what questions they need to answer and what it will mean for your insurance.

On-demand insurance holds a lot of promise, but are there reasons to be skeptical? Find out more here.

Thinking of quitting your job? Before you do, make sure you have health insurance lined up to replace the one supplied through your employer. Learn more about the options available to you in this article.

There are many terms that are standard features of any type of insurance contract. Here are clear and concise definitions for these basic concepts.

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