Top 25 Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

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Updated: 13 June 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Follow these bloggers for advice on how to manage your finances, eliminate debt, grow your wealth, or retire early.

Do you have a mountain of debt you’d like to pay off quickly? Do you dream of enjoying an early retirement, or at least a comfortable one? Or maybe you would just like to be more mindful about saving and spending money.

Whatever your financial goals, following the bloggers on this list is a great way to reach them. With a combination of financial expertise, money management savvy, and well-documented personal experience, they will give you the information and inspiration you need to master your money and build great financial habits.

Top 25 Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

1. Barry Choi (Money We Have): A personal finance expert and media personality who blogs about investing, credit cards, and tackling debt. Barry is also a travel expert, so be sure to check out his posts about traveling on a budget.

Barry Choi - Money We Have
Check out Barry’s blog, Money We Have.

2. Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense): Author of the investment book A Wealth of Common Sense, Ben’s blog dives deep into the world of wealth management and investing.

Ben Carlson - A Wealth of Common Sense
Check out Ben’s blog, A Wealth of Common Sense.

3. Bobby (Millennial Money Man): After paying off his student loan in under two years on a teacher’s salary, Bobby started blogging full time, giving Millennials advice on how to deal with their debt.

Bobby - Millennial Money Man

Check out Bobby’s blog, Millennial Money Man.

4. Bridget Casey (Money After Graduation): Armed with an MBA in finance, Bridget offers financial advice geared to helping 20-somethings get a handle on their money.

Bridget Casey - Money After Graduation

Check out Bridget’s blog, Money After Graduation.

5. Cait Flanders: Best known for documenting a year-long shopping ban to eliminate her debt, Cait’s blog focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and taking a mindful approach to spending and saving.

Cait Flanders

Check out Cait’s blog.

6. Chelsea Fagan (The Financial Diet): Founder of The Financial Diet, a blog that demystifies personal finance and gives advice on how to balance budgeting and living a comfortable life.

Chelsea Fagan - The Financial Diet

Check out Chelsea’s blog, The Financial Diet.

7. David Carlson (Young Adult Money): Author of Hustle Away Debt, David’s blog is focused on helping young adults earn more income and manage it smartly.

David Carlson - Young Adult Money

Check out David’s blog, Young Adult Money.

8. Desirae Odjick (Half Banked): Blogs about personal finance aimed at Millennials who want to take charge of their money without resorting to extreme frugality.

Desirae Odjick - Half Banked

Check out Desirae’s blog, Half Banked.

9. Elle Martinez (Couple Money): Focused on helping couples build wealth together and bring their financial goals in line.

Elle Martinez - Couple Money

Check out Elle’s blog, Couple Money.

10. Jessica Moorhouse: Founder of the Millennial Money Meetup and co-founder of Rich & Fit Bootcamp, Jessica’s blog is focused on teaching Millennials how to make their money work for them.

Jessica Moorhouse

Check out Jessica’s blog.

11. J. Money (Budgets Are Sexy): A blogger and fintech consultant who writes about early retirement, side hustles, and—you guessed it—budgeting.

J. Money - Budgets Are Sexy
Check out J.’s blog, Budgets Are Sexy.

12. John Schmoll (Frugal Rules): A former stockbroker who helps people reach financial freedom by showing them how to cut their spending, live within their means, and grow their money.

John Schmoll - Frugal Rules
Check out John’s blog, Frugal Rules.

13. Jordann Brown (My Alternate Life): Paid down almost $40,000 in debt within two years and blogs about her financial journey, getting rid of debt, and building wealth.

Jordann Brown - My Alternate Life

Check out Jordann’s blog, My Alternate Life.

14. Justin (Root of Good):
Retired at 33 and became a millionaire on a regular salary. Blogs about his financial progress and how to plan and save to achieve your financial goals.

Justin - Root of Good

Check out Justin’s blog, Root of Good.

15. Kay Bell (Don’t Mess with Taxes): A journalist and the author of The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes, Kay covers all things taxes, from news to tax perks you can take advantage of.

Kay Bell - Don't Mess with Taxes

Check out Kay’s blog, Don’t Mess with Taxes.

16. Krystal Yee (Give Me Back My Five Bucks): A co-founder of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference and former financial columnist, Krystal blogs about her financial goals and the steps she takes to meet them.

Krystal Yee - Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Check out Krystal’s blog, Give Me Back My Five Bucks.

17. Len Penzo: A blogger focused on achieving financial freedom through personal responsibility, regardless of income.

Len Ponzo

Check out Len’s blog.

18. Melanie Lockert (Dear Debt): Author of Dear Debt and co-founder of Lola Retreat, a financial gathering for women, Melanie started her blog to keep herself accountable while breaking up with her $81,000 student loan debt and now gives advice on how to clear your debt and keep your finances healthy.

Melanie Lockert - Dear Debt

Check out Melanie’s blog, Dear Debt.

19. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (Making Sense of Cents): A full-time traveler and former financial analyst, Michelle blogs about saving money, earning extra income, and lifestyle.

Michelle Schroeder - Making Sense of Cents
Check out Michelle’s blog, Making Sense of Cents.

20. Paula Pant (Afford Anything): A blogger with a simple proposition: she can help you afford anything—but not everything. Paula’s blog will help you achieve your goals by focusing your life and your finances.

Paula Pant - Afford Anything

Check out Paula’s blog, Afford Anything.

21. Pete Adeney (Mr. Money Mustache): An influential blogger who retired in his thirties and demonstrates how a life of leisure is attainable through a combination of frugality, muscle power, and self-reliance.

Pete Adeney - Mr. Money Mustache
Check out Pete’s blog, Mr. Money Mustache.

22. Sam Dogen (Financial Samurai): With more than a decade of experience working in the financial industry, Sam gives an insider’s perspective on financial management and achieving financial independence.

Financial Samurai

Check out Sam’s blog, Financial Samurai.

23. Sandy (Yes, I Am Cheap):
A Certified Financial Education Instructor whose blog is aimed at helping readers with their finances.

Sandy - Yes, I Am Cheap

Check out Sandy’s blog, Yes, I Am Cheap.

24. Steve (ThinkSaveRetire): A blogger who retired at 35 and shows others how they can retire early through saving and downsizing.

Steve - ThinkSaveRetire

Check out Steve’s blog, ThinkSaveRetire.

25. Trent Hamm (The Simple Dollar): A blogger who provides simple, actionable advice to help you live more frugally and better manage your money.

Trent Hamm - The Simple Dollar

Check out Trent’s blog, The Simple Dollar.

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