About Insuranceopedia

Risk is a part of life, and as you know, life can be complicated. But insuring your finances, property and loved ones doesn't have to be!

Unfortunately, getting the insurance information you need is often anything but simple.

We'd like to change that.

Whether you’re seeking an answer to a specific question or just want to be informed, we aim to be your most trusted online resource for insurance-related information, because after all, insurance truly is the best tool for financial protection.

We’re here to cut through the clutter and help you understand everything from key insurance terms and types, to contracts, clauses and coverages.

How Insuranceopedia Came to Be

Back in 2014, Insuranceopedia was introduced as a way to educate our readers about insurance and demystify insurance in general.

Knowing everything about every industry-specific situation or all of the insurance companies and products isn’t realistic for brokers, insurance professionals, or people who need insurance — with so much to learn, how could we?

Products have evolved in different ways over the years so it can be tough to fully understand all of the changes, or why they needed to change to begin with. There’s also so many great questions about how to control insurance coverage and premiums — some might not even know what their basic options are.

So we knew Insuranceopedia would be a great solution to properly educate our readers before they reach out to their insurance company. Having the knowledge we need beforehand helps to think and ask great questions, and perhaps, begin to better understand insurance.

Our Mission

We want to provide the best resources for both the U.S. and Canada, and then ultimately create a seamless way for our readers to easily get quotes, ask questions, and eventually purchase insurance directly through our connected partners.

We’re living in a digital era but insurance seems to be so far behind. We plan to change that.


Accuracy matters. Our team of editorial contributors is composed of insurance experts and enthusiasts who bring you reliable information that is created or fact-checked by industry professionals.

Producing trusted content means that:

  • We believe in citing sources, like statistics and scientific references within our content.
  • We consider the best sources include peer-reviewed research, industry associations and government agencies.
  • As new information becomes available, you can depend on us to update our content.
  • We believe in offering multiple viewpoints if and when consensus isn’t clear.
  • We respond to our reader’s feedback and concerns by taking immediate action to update any inaccurate or outdated content.
  • Do we have sponsored content? Yes. But we’ll clearly indicate it as such.

Editorial Team

Darrel Pendry, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Sponsorship and Ad Policy

Insuranceopedia features ads, sponsored content, product giveaways, affiliate programs and other partnerships as a way of funding our mission. We want you to keep your trust and that means that the integrity of the partners who we choose to work with is important to us.

We Don’t Work With Just Anyone

Our sponsorship guidelines ensure editorial integrity—If it isn’t in your best interest, it isn’t for us.

For more information, please read our advertising policy.

Connect with Us

We are here to help you with our insurance journey.

Please contact us with any of your questions, comments, or feedback.

Contact us and get the insight you need to make insuring easy—we'd love to hear from you.

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