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We're On A Mission To Simplify Insurance For You

As an insurance comparison website, it’s our privilege to find you the best insurance policy for your exact needs. We understand that selecting the right insurance coverage can be time-consuming, so we do the work for you. We’ll match you with the right insurance carrier, for your individual needs, in seconds.

Whether you’re searching for a new policy or you’re looking to renew, or update, your existing insurance policies, we can help.

We are also an independent company, which means that unlike other websites, we do not have contractual obligations to promote specific insurance carriers. Therefore, our only obligation is to you, and providing you with the best insurance policies available.

Risk is a part of life and, as you know, life can be complicated. But insuring your finances, property and loved ones shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, getting the insurance information you need to help protect you from some of life’s risks is often anything but simple. We’re changing that.

Whether you’re seeking an answer to a specific question or just want to be informed, we aim to be your most trusted online resource for insurance-related information. After all, when it comes to protecting you and your family against financial risk, insurance is the best tool there is.

We’re here to cut through the clutter and help you understand everything from key insurance terms and types, to contracts, clauses and coverages.

We work with over 100 insurance partners globally

By The Numbers

$600 Average yearly savings
5,000+ Articles Written
500k+ Monthly Visitors

How We Do It

As an insurance comparison website, we aim to ensure that your insurance purchasing journey is as clear and simple as possible.

Identify Your Needs

We learn about your individual needs, so we can provide you with tailored suggestions

Provide Personalized Information

We work with top insurance companies to get you the best quotes possible

Show Real-Time Rates

We constantly refresh our information to ensure you receive up-to-date rates, and quotes.

Help You Make A Purchase

Finally, we help you to purchase your insurance policy through one of the top insurance brands.

Our Story

Insuranceopedia was founded in 2014. Combining expertise in the insurance industry with digital media expertise, the site was intended as a way to educate readers about insurance and demystify its core concepts.

Over the years, Insuranceopedia has grown to include a dictionary of more than 2,300 insurance-related definitions as well as a huge selection of educational content around all types of insurance. The site has also become a key resource for consumers as well as insurance brokers and financial professionals who are looking to help educate their clients.

For almost a decade, Insuranceopedia provided answers to key insurance concepts that everyday people wanted to learn about. However, Insuranceopedia transformed itself in 2023, when it realized that it was capable of providing people with much more assistance on their insurance journey.

It was then that Insuranceopedia began its mission to help people find the best insurance policies, for their individual needs. This vision was lead by Max Coupland, the company CEO. Max had seen first-hand how being matched with the wrong insurance carriers can affect people’s lives. He saw his mother, who has Coeliac disease (an autoimmune condition), struggle with her health insurance provider, as they constantly sought for ways to avoid paying her health insurance claims.

It was then that Max set out to introduce a new way of matching people with trusted insurance carriers. This shaped the future direction of Insuranceopedia.

Now Insuranceopedia does just that; ensuring that people are matched up with trusted insurance brands, with the right insurance policies for their specific needs.

Meet the team

Max Coupland CEO

Max has been the Chief Executive Officer of Insuranceopedia since 2023. His goal is to help people in securing insurance policies from reliable, trustworthy insurance carriers, that are true to their customers.

Bob Phillips Insurance Writer / Former Licensed Insurance Agent

Having spent over fifteen years helping people plan their lives financially, Bob mastered many different financial products to help people achieve their financial goals, including life insurance, disability insurance, mutual funds, and stocks and bonds.

Editorial Standards

Accuracy matters. Our team of editorial contributors is composed of insurance experts and enthusiasts who bring you reliable information that is created or fact-checked by industry professionals. Insuranceopedia is committed to providing content that readers can trust.

This site is advertiser supported, but we aim to make those relationships as clear as possible by clearly labeling advertiser-sponsored content and highlighting affiliate relationships according to FTC guidelines.

Although we aim to make our content evergreen, we regularly evaluate and update older content to ensure that it continues to be accurate and provide value to readers.

If you find an error or something you think could be improved, please let us know.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us directly, you can use the following details:

Email: contact@insuranceopedia.com

8 The Green, STE B, Dover, Delaware, 19901, United States

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