Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida For June, 2024

State Farm offers the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida, with premiums averaging $56 per month for minimum coverage.

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Updated: 15 May 2024
Written by Bob Phillips
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If you’re searching for the cheapest car insurance in Florida, State Farm stands out as the premier provider. Renowned for its competitive rates and dependable service, State Farm offers the best value for both liability-only and full-coverage plans.

In this comprehensive guide, we compare various car insurance options while keeping an eye on affordability. With over a decade of experience in scrutinizing the ins and outs of car insurance policies, I’ve distilled our findings to help you navigate this complex market. My analysis doesn’t just skim the surface; I’ve thoroughly examined dozens of top car insurance companies, assessing them on numerous parameters to ensure you get the information that matters.

Our Methodology

Drawing upon a comprehensive analysis that encompasses multiple facets such as customer service ratings, product options, pricing, and a thorough evaluation of various online review sites and user experience, I've crafted an in-depth view of the landscape of car insurance providers in Florida. This is an informed perspective, honed by over 15 years of personal involvement in the industry as a licensed casualty insurance agent in Florida, countless interactions with representatives from various companies, and insights gleaned from firsthand experience buying car insurance in Florida.


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Cheapest car insurance in Florida for minimum coverage: State Farm

State Farm offers the cheapest auto insurance policy for residents of Florida, with average monthly premiums of $56.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $56 $674
Geico $60 $720
Travelers $85 $1,019
Mercury $125 $1,550
Progressive $134 $1,606

Minimum coverage in car insurance represents the most fundamental level of protection, aligning with the legal mandates set by the state of Florida. This basic form of insurance predominantly includes two key components: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL).

PIP covers medical expenses and lost wages for you and your passengers, regardless of who is at fault in an accident, while PDL addresses the costs of damage to another person’s property resulting from a collision you are responsible for. This type of car insurance coverage is particularly appealing to low-income drivers who are seeking an insurance solution that is cost-effective and meets the state’s legal requirements.

However, it’s important to recognize that opting for minimum coverage may have its limitations, especially in more complex or severe accident scenarios. While it ensures compliance with state laws and provides a basic safety net, minimum coverage does not extend to many situations that more comprehensive insurance plans cover.

For instance, it does not include collision or comprehensive insurance, which means damages to your own vehicle in the event of an accident or other incidents like theft and natural disasters won’t be covered.

Therefore, drivers must carefully consider their individual circumstances, the level of risk they are comfortable with, and whether they may need additional coverage beyond the state’s minimum requirements to ensure adequate protection on the road.

Most Affordable Full Coverage Car Insurance In Florida: State Farm

If you’re looking for affordable full coverage car insurance, then State Farm are likely to offer you the lowest rate, at an average of $151 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $151 $1,849
Geico $171 $2,057
Travelers $180 $2,157
Progressive $266 $3,196
Mercury $304 $3,626

Full coverage car insurance encompasses a more extensive range of protection compared to minimum coverage, making it a comprehensive choice for many drivers. This type of policy typically integrates both comprehensive and collision insurance, creating a robust safety net. Comprehensive insurance covers non-collision related incidents such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters, while collision insurance steps in to cover damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident, regardless of fault.

This dual-layered approach ensures that drivers are protected in a vast array of scenarios, from accidents to unexpected environmental damages. Full coverage is particularly recommended for drivers with newer models or high-value vehicles, as these cars often require more expensive repairs or replacements.

The cost of full coverage is generally higher than that of minimum coverage, but this increase in price comes with a significant uptick in protection. For owners of newer or more expensive vehicles, this type of insurance is not just a recommendation but a necessity to safeguard their investment.

Cheapest For Drivers With Poor Credit: National General

At $3,742 per year, getting auto insurance with bad credit from National General is the cheapest policy that you are likely to find.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
National Gen Corp $312 $3,742
State Farm $315 $3,780
Geico $317 $3,809
United Automobile Insurance $320 $3,835
Travelers $340 $4,079

Credit score plays a pivotal role in the calculation of car insurance rates, serving as a key indicator for insurers in assessing the risk profile of a driver. The underlying premise is that individuals with lower credit scores are statistically more likely to file insurance claims, which in turn labels them as high-risk customers from an insurer’s perspective. This risk assessment is reflected in the form of higher insurance premiums.

Consequently, drivers with poor credit scores often find themselves facing steeper insurance costs compared to those with better credit. The credit score is used as a proxy to gauge a driver’s overall responsibility and reliability, extending beyond their driving history to encompass their financial stability and management skills.

Despite this general trend, the insurance market does offer some respite for drivers with less-than-ideal credit histories. Certain insurance companies have tailored their offerings to cater to this demographic, providing more competitive rates that don’t heavily penalize poor credit as much as standard policies. These insurers often employ a more holistic approach in evaluating risk, considering factors beyond just the credit score.

This can include a driver’s history on the road, their location, and the type of vehicle insured. For drivers impacted by a lower credit score, it’s crucial to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes from these specialized insurers.

They may find that these companies offer more lenient pricing structures, making car insurance more accessible and affordable despite their credit challenges.

Cheapest Auto Insurance In Florida For Seniors: Allstate

Allstate has the best cheap policy for seniors, with coverage at around $954 per year.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Allstate $80 $954
Travelers $85 $1,020
Geico $94 $1,128
Nationwide $101 $1,210
Auto Owners $110 $1,309

Seniors in Florida have the potential to secure competitive rates for their car insurance, thanks to the various factors that work in their favor. Age can indeed be a significant factor in determining insurance premiums, with the assumption being that as drivers age, their reflexes and driving abilities might decline. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and many seniors maintain excellent driving records well into their later years.

Insurers recognize this and often reward such experienced senior drivers with lower rates. A good driving record, characterized by few or no accidents and traffic violations, can significantly sway insurers to offer more favorable terms. Additionally, some insurance companies acknowledge the maturity and experience that come with age, viewing senior drivers as responsible and less likely to engage in risky driving behaviors.

Further enhancing the appeal for senior drivers, certain insurance providers offer discounts specifically tailored to this age group. These discounts can be based on various criteria, such as the driver’s age, the frequency of their vehicle use, and completion of senior driver safety courses.

Many insurance companies encourage seniors to take defensive driving courses, sometimes offering discounts upon completion. These courses are designed to refresh and update driving skills and knowledge, ultimately contributing to safer driving habits.

Cheapest For Young Drivers In Florida

Young drivers, particularly teenagers, are often subject to the highest car insurance rates, a trend primarily attributed to their lack of experience on the road. Insurance companies view inexperienced drivers as high-risk, largely because statistical data consistently shows a higher likelihood of accidents and traffic violations among this age group. This increased risk translates to higher premiums as insurers aim to offset the potential costs of claims that may arise from these novice drivers.

The rates for 16-year-olds, who are typically just beginning their driving journey, can be particularly steep. At this early stage of driving, teenagers are still developing their road awareness, reaction times, and decision-making skills under diverse traffic conditions, all of which are crucial for safe driving.

However, the landscape is not entirely bleak for young drivers seeking affordable insurance options. Certain insurance companies recognize the need to provide more budget-friendly solutions for new drivers.

These insurers may offer special programs or discounts aimed at young drivers, such as good student discounts for those who maintain a strong academic record or discounts for completing certified driver’s education courses. These initiatives not only make insurance more accessible for teenagers but also incentivize responsible driving and the acquisition of better driving skills.

Cheapest Florida Auto Insurance Rates For 16-year-olds: State Farm

If you are searching for affordable car insurance for a 16-year-old, then you’re likely to get the cheapest rates with State Farm, who offer policies for $482 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $482 $5,771
Geico $510 $6,105
National General $628 $7,512
Travelers $660 $7,915
United Automobile Insurance Co. $910 $10,911

Affordable Florida Auto Insurance Rates For 17-year-olds: GEICO

GEICO provide the most affordable car insurance policies for 17-year-olds, at an average annual rate of $3,831.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
GEICO $319 $3,831
State Farm $377 $4,512
Travelers $588 $7,061
Farmers $784 $9,390
National General $791 $9,414

Cheapest Florida Car Insurance Quotes For 18-year-olds: GEICO

GEICO offer the best cheap auto policies for 18-year-olds too, at an average annual rate of $3,722.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
GEICO $312 $3,722
State Farm $339 $4,069
Travelers $496 $5,966
Progressive $675 $8,116
United Automobile Insurance Co. $680 $8,161

Cheapest Florida Car Insurance For 21-year-olds: GEICO

GEICO provide the most affordable 21-year-old car insurance, at an annual rate of around $2,695.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
GEICO $229 $2,695
State Farm $251 $3,010
Travelers $300 $3,580
Farmers $321 $3,714
Progressive $414 $4,807

Cheapest Automobile Insurance In Florida For Good Drivers: State Farm

State Farm offers cheap car insurance for good drivers.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $153 $1,849
Geico $171 $2,057
Travelers $180 $2,157
Progressive $266 $3,196
Mercury $304 $3,626

Good drivers, characterized by their clean driving records, are typically rewarded with lower car insurance rates. Insurance companies assess risk based on a driver’s history, and those without any violations or accidents naturally fall into the low-risk category. This favorable risk profile stems from a demonstrated track record of responsible and safe driving, suggesting a lower likelihood of filing claims in the future.

Insurers, in turn, are more inclined to offer these drivers more attractive premiums, reflecting the reduced financial risk they represent. For drivers who consistently adhere to traffic laws, avoid accidents, and demonstrate overall cautious driving behavior, this translates into significant savings on their car insurance premiums over time.

Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida For Drivers With Prior Incidents

Drivers in Florida who have a history of prior incidents, including accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs, generally encounter significant challenges when searching for cost-effective car insurance. These incidents categorize them as high-risk in the eyes of insurance companies.

This high-risk status is attributed to the increased likelihood of these drivers being involved in future claims. As a result, insurers typically increase premiums for such drivers to offset the heightened risk of financial payouts.

This is particularly true in Florida, where the rate of traffic incidents can be higher than in other states. The rationale behind this pricing strategy is grounded in statistical analyses and risk assessment models, which indicate that a history of driving incidents correlates with a greater probability of future claims.

Cheapest Auto Insurance In Florida For Drivers With A Speeding Ticket: State Farm

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $166 $1,979
Travelers $221 $2,642
Geico $300 $3,594
Allstate $309 $3,712
Progressive $348 $4,177

Cheapest Auto Insurance In Florida For Drivers With An At-Fault Accident: State Farm

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $173 $2,075
Travelers $239 $2,918
Geico $245 $2,942
Progressive $380 $4,597
Allstate $535 $6,417

Affordable Car Insurance In Florida For Drivers After A DUI: State Farm

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $168 $2,019
Travelers $249 $2,986
Progressive $299 $3,593
Geico $317 $3,742
Allstate $397 $4,759

Average cost in Florida – By age

Age Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
16 $1,015 $12,184
17 $832 $9,986
18 $734 $8,802
19 $512 $6,138
21 $381 $4,576
25 $302 $3,624
35 $270 $3,244
45 $262 $3,142
50 $251 $3,068
55 $240 $2,882
65 $229 $2,748
75 $270 $3,245

Average Cost Of Auto Insurance In Florida – By Gender & Marital Status

Gender Marital Status Average Annual Cost
Female Single $1,589
Male Single $1,559
Female Married $3,543
Male Married $3,236

Average Car Insurance Rates In Florida – By Credit Tier

Credit Tier Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Excellent $170 $2,040
Good $200 $2,400
Fair $230 $2,760
Poor $265 $3,180

Average cost in Florida – by city

City Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Tampa $280 $3,362
Miami $365 $4,380
Jacksonville $255 $3,060
Pensacola $215 $2,580
Palm Beach $240 $2,880
Fort Myers $230 $2,760

Minimum car insurance requirement in Florida

The minimum Florida car insurance coverage requirements under state law are as follows:

  • PIP: $10,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $10,000 per accident

In the state of Florida, the law mandates that all drivers must carry a minimum level of car insurance to legally operate a vehicle. This requirement is rooted in the Financial Responsibility Law and the No-Fault Law, designed to ensure that drivers can cover the costs associated with car accidents. Specifically, the law requires two primary types of coverage: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL).

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is essential under Florida’s status as a no-fault state. This coverage means that in the event of a car accident, each driver’s insurance will pay for their medical expenses, regardless of who was at fault. The minimum PIP coverage required in Florida is $10,000. This coverage also extends to cover lost wages and death benefits, providing a financial safety net for the policyholder and their household members.

Property Damage Liability (PDL) is the second mandatory coverage in Florida. This insurance pays for damages that the policyholder or members of their household cause to other people’s property in a car accident. The minimum required coverage for PDL in Florida is also $10,000. PDL does not cover the policyholder’s vehicle damages; it’s solely for the damages inflicted on others’ property.

Car insurance discounts in Florida

While searching for car insurance, it’s wise to explore providers that present the most beneficial discounts tailored to your circumstances. Additionally, consulting with your insurance agent can reveal potential discounts that you might not be currently utilizing.

Below is further insight into the common types of discounts provided by top car insurance companies:

  • Multi-policy: Bundle two or more insurance policies with the same company.
  • Multi-vehicle: Insuring multiple cars under the same policy or combining auto insurance policies earns you this discount.
  • Military: This generally applies to both veterans and active-duty military members.
  • Senior: This often applies to policyholders who are 55 or older.
  • Homeowners: If you own a home, you may qualify for this discount.
  • Good student: This discount is usually for college and high school students under 25 who maintain a B average in their courses.
  • Good driver: You can save money by maintaining a clean driving record (with no at-fault accidents, DUI, or traffic tickets in the last three years).
  • Defensive driving: Those who take a qualifying defensive driving course get a discount.
  • Driver training: Get a discount by taking a driver education training course.
  • New car: Drivers who purchase new cars, typically no more than three model years old, get a discount.
  • Safe car: This applies if your vehicle has safety features like anti-theft technology.
  • Paperless: Receive a discount by opting to receive your documents through email.
  • Pay-in-full: Save on your car insurance premium by paying in full up front.


How much is car insurance in Florida per month?

The monthly cost of car insurance in Florida varies widely but typically ranges from $150 to $300. Factors influencing the price include your driving record, type of coverage, and the make and model of your vehicle.

What is the minimum car insurance one must have in Florida?

In Florida, the minimum car insurance required is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL), each with a minimum coverage of $10,000.

Which insurance is better in Florida?

The best car insurance in Florida depends on individual needs. GEICO and State Farm are both popular for their affordability and customer service,

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