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Retrospective Premium

A retrospective premium is a payment made by a policyholder to an insurance company that is not based on a fixed amount but, rather, on the claims made during a policy period. The policyholder, however, (Read on)

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Why Renters Need Insurance

Renters are exposed to a variety of risks. Learn about the affordable protection offered by renters' insurance.
What Is an Insurance Broker?

The first decision you have to make when shopping for insurance is whether to work with an insurance broker. Learn more about what a broker does, how they differ from insurance agents, and what to watch out for.
The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance

Need to know something about auto insurance? Consult this comprehensive guide to learn about additional coverage, how to get affordable rates, and more.
Is Life Insurance With Return of Premium Right for You?

A return on premium sounds too good to be true, and it just may be. Find out whether this type of life insurance would work in your favor.
What Influences Life Insurance Premiums?

Your insurance score significantly influences how much you have to pay for life insurance premiums. Find out more about how that score is calculated and what you can do to improve yours.
The Key Differences Between Local and International Health Insurance

Is a local or an international health insurance policy best suited to meet your needs? Learn the key differences between each type so you can make an informed decision.
How an Insurance Company Decides to Insure You

There's more to insurability than you may know. Find out some important factors that go into an insurer's assessment so you can take steps to getting the best rates.
4 Essential Types of Liability Insurance Every Business Should Have

Liability insurance ensures that your business doesn't go out of commission as a result of mistakes or errors. Find out which liability policies no business should be without.
How Auto Insurance Companies Value Your Car

Understanding the valuation of your car is an important part of selecting auto insurance coverage. Find out how insurers determine your car's worth so you can be better equipped to choose the most suitable policy.
Best Insurance Options for Storing Your Motorcycle for the Winter

It's important to have your motorcycle insured, but what about the winter months? Should you keep full coverage while your bike is stored away? Learn more about the basic options here.
Driving to Mexico? Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Nothing could ruin a road trip to Mexico faster than lack of proper coverage for your car. Find out what you need to know about getting the right auto insurance.
Insurance Agents: What's The Point?

Ever wonder what insurance agents actually do? It can be helpful to have some professional guidance, but do your insurance needs really warrant the cost? Find out here.
How to Protect Your Business From Coverage Gaps Related to Equipment Breakdowns

Properly functioning equipment is very important to business operations. It pays to insure for breakdowns. Find out more here.
5 Ways Climate Change Can Affect Your Home Insurance Policy

Climate change is increasing the risks of property damage, and the insurance industry is changing in response. Find out what this means for your homeowners insurance.
College Dorm Insurance

A child heading off to college is a momentous and emotional occasion, and most parents don't stop and wonder whether their child's belongings will be sufficiently insured while they're away. Find out if college dorm insurance is right for you.
9 Insurance Perks Your Credit Card Provider Might Offer

A swipe of your card might bring you more benefits than you thought. Find out what sort of perks your credit card provider might have in store for you.
5 Things You Need to Know About Life Annuities

Living well into old age is possible with wise financial planning and the help of life annuities. Find out what you should know about life annuities and how they can fund your future.
5 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage It Pays to Understand

Auto insurance is important and mandatory in most states, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Learn about 5 important types of auto coverage.
It May Not Be Romantic, But Here's Why You Need Wedding Insurance

Don't let any unforeseen incidents ruin your big day. Say 'I do' to wedding insurance and walk down the aisle with confidence.
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Homeowners insurance will protect your property from a variety of risks and damages, but will it cover damages that result from natural disasters? This article goes over what is covered, what isn't, and whether you can extend your coverage.
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Pet insurance is an insurance policy that covers various medical costs incurred by your pet. It is, essentially, the animal equivalent of health insurance. Read more

A political risk is a risk that is directly related to politics and can threaten certain assets. Government confiscation of assets, acts of war or terrorism, coups, Read more

Severity rate is a mathematical method of counting the number of working days lost because of employee absences caused by incidents in the workplace. The rate can Read more

Special features are the details in the insurance contract that make it different from any other legally binding contract, such as honesty in representation, which, Read more

A special agent (or solicitor) is the person tasked by an insurance agent to look for potential policyholders. The job requires a license but, while the special Read more
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