Essential business liability policies

Liability insurance policies mean an error or mistake won't put your business out of commission. Find out which ones your business can't go without.

Air and sea cargo insurance protects goods shipped internationally

If you're shipping internationally, you might need air and sea cargo insurance. Find out how it works and when you should buy it.

How to dispute an insurance claim settlement

Has your insurance company denied your claim or paid you less than you're owed? Find out what steps you need to take to get the settlement you deserve.

How Auto Insurance Companies Value Your Car

Understanding how your car is valued will help you select auto insurance coverage. Learn how your insurer evaluates your car's worth.

Macroinusrance - better than bundling?

Macroinsurance could be even better than bundling. Find out what it is and what it will mean for both policyholders and insurance companies.

Improper data disposal and liability risks

Your company is liable for any data it collects and stores. Find out how to properly dispose of it to avoid breaches, lawsuits, and penalties.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Properly functioning equipment is very important to business operations. It pays to insure for breakdowns. Find out more here.

Freight insurance might be the right choice for your company

Goods you ship are insured under your carriers liability insurance. But is it enough? Learn about freight insurance and when it makes sense to buy it.

P2P insurance relies on decentralized networks of policyholders

P2P insurance uses decentralized networks to offer a more efficient products at better rates. Sounds complicated? It's simpler than you think. Find out how P2P insurance...

Driving to Mexico? Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Nothing could ruin a road trip to Mexico faster than having the wrong coverage for your car. Learn what you need to know to avoid any problems.

Commercial fleet insurance

Your company's fleet is one of its major assets - and also a source of risk. Learn how to make sure your fleet is protected.

Fiduciary liability is a business risk for any financial manager

Being in a fiduciary role exposes you to lawsuits. Learn more about the risks you take on and how to guard against them.

A home inventory is an important complement to your home or tenant insurance policy

A home inventory is an important complement to your home insurance. But where do you start and what do you include? Find out here.

Hospitality businesses take on special risks and need more insurance

Running a hospitality business means taking on additional risks. Find out what kind of insurance coverage you'll need to keep your business protected and profitable.


More than 30% of insurance customers already rely on some form of InsureTech. Here are some of the ways it may change how insurance companies do business.


A backyard ice rink brings liability risks - do you need a special policy?

Backyard ice rinks are a winter tradition here in Canada. They are tremendously fun, but there are also quite a few risks involved in owning and maintaining a backyard...

Does home insurance cover mold damage?

Mold is something every insurance company fears. That's because mold can be toxic, hard to detect, and expensive to repair. All of this adds up to some potentially...

Can you remove a named insured from an insurance policy?

The quick answer is yes, it is possible to remove the named insured from an insurance policy. But first, let's talk about what a named insured is and why they are so...

Do hotels insure their guests' property?

In the insurance industry, there is a general principle which states that one can only buy insurance on things they have an insurable interest or financial stake in. For...

Do you need liquor liability insurance?

Alcohol is a great social lubricant and can be an important part of a fun night with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be abused and expose the...

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