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Travel Insurance: Do I Really Have To?

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How do insurance companies have the funds to cover so many claims after a natural disaster?

As I'm writing this answer, the news is filled with hurricane devastation, with the media reporting higher and higher costs for the damages caused by these storms (find...

Who gets the death benefit if my beneficiaries die?

Life insurance is usually a pretty straightforward product: you pay for the policy and when you die, a sum of money (the death benefit) goes to the beneficiaries you...

If I receive a quote, does the insurance company have to honor it?

Great question. As an insurance agent, I deal with different variations of this issue a lot. Here's the typical scenario. A client comes to get a quote for coverage....

Is my driveway covered by my home insurance policy?

Home insurance, as the name implies, covers policyholders in the event that their home is damaged by an insured peril. But it's really a bundle of different kinds of...

Can I file a business insurance claim for a power outage?

This is a tricky one, since commercial insurance policies vary widely from insurer to insurer with wildly differing terms. Moreover, the cause of the power outage also...

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