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Standard Limit

A standard limit is the maximum amount of coverage that a policyholder insured by a standard policy can get reimbursed in a policy period. The policyholder will be responsible for any amount that is (Read on)

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Insurance and Lawsuits: What Happens When You are Sued?

Ever wonder what happens when you are sued? Find out, step by step, what you go through if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.
5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Insurance Agent

Finding an insurance agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and readily available is not always easy. By asking these five questions, you will be able to find the agent who can best meet your needs.
A Look at Uninsurable Risk

What does insurance really cover? Reputation, government regulation, pandemics? Learn more about uninsurable risks.
The Top 5 States with the Highest Auto Insurance Rates

Ever wonder why you're paying so much for auto insurance? Learn about the five states with the highest auto insurance rates and why their rates are so high.
Why You Need Disability Insurance

The best time to buy disability insurance is when you're young and healthy. Learn more about disability insurance and what you should consider when buying a policy.
Auto Liability Insurance - How Much Is Enough?

Auto liability insurance protects you in the event of injury in a car accident. Read this article to understand what is covered and how much insurance you need.
6 Reasons You Need Renter’s Insurance

You might think that renting your place and not owning much means that you don't need insurance. Think again! Here are six reasons you should get renter's insurance today.
6 Things To Know About Travel Insurance

An unfortunate situation takes the fun out of any trip, but having the right travel insurance may soften the blow. Get to know these top tips, and travel with peace of mind.
Before You Commit: Life Insurance 101

This article demystifies life insurance and puts you one step closer to finding the right policy for you and your loved ones.
How Do I Know If I Need Disability Insurance?

Disability can put a proverbial wrench in your earnings and daily life. This overview of disability insurance helps you determine if it's the best option for you.
Driving to Mexico? Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Nothing could ruin a road trip to Mexico faster than lack of proper coverage for your car. Find out what you need to know about getting the right auto insurance here.
9 Key Homeowners Insurance Terms You Should Know

With knowledge comes the power to properly insure your home. Learn these 9 key terms, and find the perfect policy for you and your home.
Top Commercial Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Commercial insurance policies are just a part of doing business. Find out which Twitter feeds can provide expert information here.
CLUE Yourself In: How Your Claims History Informs Your Insurance Future

Besides your personal information and pertinent details about the property or asset you want insured, your specific claims history is a major factor in your insurability. Read this article to understand its importance.
10 Insurance Terms You Should Know

The insurance industry has its own specific set of jargon, but even the regular person can benefit from knowing a few key terms. Find out which 10 and their meanings in this article.
How to Collect a Life Insurance Payout

Life insurance payouts can be very important for stabilizing finances after the death of a loved one. Learn how to collect a life insurance payout in this article.
Top Auto Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Whether you need a new auto insurance policy or want to update your existing one, these Twitter accounts share valuable information. Find out who to follow here.
Top Life Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

It certainly can pay to purchase life insurance, but only if the policy fits your needs. Read this article to find out the top feeds to check out on Twitter for some of the best information.
A Look at Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance

If you develop a critical illness, it can significantly affect your income and ability to make your mortgage payments. See how mortgage critical illness insurance can help.
An Introduction to Personal Umbrella Insurance

Liabilities can end up costing in the hundreds of thousands or even millions and leave you in financial ruin. Find out more about the protection umbrella insurance can provide.
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Snowmobile insurance is a policy for a vehicle meant for snow or ice and its owner or driver. Its features are similar to other automobile policies but it differs Read more

Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker refers to an insurance agent in Canada who has been given the title of a professional insurance broker after having passed a Read more

Adhesion Insurance contract is a contract where one party states the provisions of the contract while the other party is not involved in its drafting, but whose Read more

Constructive total loss refers to damage to property that is calculated to be greater than the insurance limit when reviewing restoration or repair as options. It Read more

Re-entry term insurance refers to a policy that has a low premium for a specific period of time, but is renewable only if the insured passes a medical examination Read more
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