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National Association of Independent Insurance adjusters

The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) is a national professional organization for independent insurance adjusting companies. Its goal is to promote collaboration, cooperation (Read on)

Past Terms: National Association of Public Insurance AdjustersMutual Fund InsuranceNational Council on Compensation Insurance

Medical Concierge and Insurance Broker: What’s the difference?

Medical concierge companies and insurance brokers can be invaluable resources when you are in need of medical care. This article covers what each can do for you and provides advice for choosing between them.
Man entering security code into business door

Commercial crime insurance can protect your business from exposure to crime-related hazards. Learn more about five main types available.
You're Moving! Here's Why You Need Insurance

Many people insure their possessions for damage or loss, but are they also insured during a move? Learn about moving insurance and when you should purchase it.
Top Twitter Feeds to Follow for Insurance Information

Following various industry experts can help you stay up to date on industry news locally and around the world, no matter what part of the insurance industry you happen to work in. This list of top insurance Twitter feeds is a great place to start.
An Intro to Workers' Compensation

Most employees who suffer a work-related injury are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Read this primer to find out what kind of injuries are compensable, what kind of benefits an injured worker can receive, and what obligations an employer has.
Back to the Basics: The Key Components of Your Home Insurance Policy

If you are buying a home, you'll need homeowners insurance. Don't know where to start? Read this article to learn how to read and understand a home insurance policy, and how to choose the right one.
A Look at Uninsurable Risk

What does insurance really cover? Reputation, government regulation, pandemics? Learn more about uninsurable risks.
How to Make an Effective Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

Snowy and icy road conditions make driving riskier. Learn how to make a winter survival kit for your car so you can be prepared for winter emergencies.
11 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Winter weather poses special risks and challenges for home owners. These 11 tips will help you get through the season in comfort while keeping your home protected.
Why You Need Snow Tires This Winter

Should you buy snow tires this winter or save money by sticking to all-season tires instead? This article answers that question and provides an overview of the difference between both types of tires.
Your Credit Score and Your Insurance Premium

Ever wonder why you pay higher—or lower—premiums than others for comparable insurance coverage? It might have to do with your credit score. Find out more about your credit score's effects on your insurance premiums.
Back to the Basics: The Key Components of Your Auto Insurance Policy

When looking for the car insurance coverage, it pays to know the key components of an auto insurance policy. Learn the basics here, along with advice on what kind of coverage you need.
9 Holiday Insurance Risks to Keep In Mind

The holiday season is a great time of year—unless you're an insurance agent. Learn about nine common holiday insurance risks that make the season a little less festive for the people who have to handle all of the claims that come with them.
3 Groups Who Benefit from Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of premium life insurance is a weak investment vehicle, yet has the attractive feature of refunding you with interest if you outlive the policy. Find out whether your situation may make it beneficial to purchase this rider.
Key Trends in International Private Medical Insurance for 2016

Employers who want to provide an effective insurance plan that meets their needs and those of their employees need to be aware of the latest insurance trends. This article covers this year's key trends in international private medical insurance.
An Introduction to Personal Umbrella Insurance

Liabilities can end up costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and leave you in financial ruin. Learn about umbrella insurance and the protection it can provide.
The Basics of Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illnesses can strike even the healthiest of people and place a major financial strain on individuals or families. Find out who this insurance is best suited for and how you can benefit from it.
All The Ways You Pay: Premiums, Deductibles, Co-pays, and Coinsurance

Learn about the four primary ways you'll pay for health care under standard health insurance policies: premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance.
Why Renters Need Insurance

Renters are exposed to a variety of risks. Learn about the affordable protection offered by renters' insurance.
What Is an Insurance Broker?

The first decision you have to make when shopping for insurance is whether to work with an insurance broker. Learn more about what a broker does, how they differ from insurance agents, and what to watch out for.
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A marine insurance certificate is a document that an insured gives to the shipper responsible for their cargo or any other shipping-related activity. It certifies Read more

A monoline policy is one that offers coverage for one specific financial risk. These types of policies are mostly issued by companies that specialize in particular Read more

Retirement benefits are the money or other incentives that a person collects after their employment ends. The plan to receive them is put in place while the Read more

Life insurance settlement options are the various ways that life insurance death benefits can be paid out to beneficiaries. These include lump sum, fixed amount, Read more

Form 5500 is a form that companies who provide benefits to their employees must file with the Department of Labor. Employers who provide life, health, and other Read more
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