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Federal Government Insurance

Federal government insurance is an insurance program that provides coverage for employees of the state in all its legally recognized departments and their offices. The coverage that it provides usually (Read on)

Past Terms: Federal Employers Liability ActPay As You Go CoverageSection 125 Plan

The Basics of Business Insurance

There are always risks to doing business, but these key business insurance policies will protect your company from significant financial losses.
How Your Health Insurance Pays Healthcare Expenses

Ever wonder who gets billed for what healthcare costs? This article gives you an in-depth explanation of how your insurance company dictates what gets paid and by whom.
9 Ways to Keep Your Car From Being Stolen

Vehicle theft is the only crime that increased in 2016. These tips will help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of car theft.
Why You Need More Than the Statutory Minimum When You Buy Auto Insurance

It's tempting to save by only purchasing the statutory minimum when you buy auto insurance, but find out why you actually need better coverage.
10 Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

Knowing these ten basics is essential to getting the right auto insurance policy.
9 Basic Tips for Finding the Right Life Insurance Policy

Not sure how to sort through all the life insurance options on the market? These tips will help you get started.
5 Different Types of Insurance and Who They're Best For

Find out what you need to know about 5 basic types of insurance and whether they are right for you.
Back to the Basics: The Key Components of Your Insurance Policy

Don't let insurance jargon keep you from understanding your policy. This primer will fill you in on the major components of your insurance contract.
Why You Might Want to Insure Your Loan: An Intro to Credit Insurance

When you take out a loan or use credit, you may insurance. Find out whether credit insurance makes sense for you.
An Introduction to Mobile Home Insurance

If you own a mobile home, standard homeowners insurance may be inadequate or unavailable to you. Learn the basics of specialized mobile home insurance.
Expatriate Insurance or Travel Insurance: Which Is Right for Your Long-Term Trip Abroad?

Find out what kind of insurance policy is right for your long-term stay abroad.
Homeowner's Insurance in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Wildland-urban interfaces are beautiful locations to reside in, but they pose special risks and insurance challenges for homeowners.
How Your Credit Score Affects Your Insurance Rates

Insurers take credit scores very seriously when calculating insurance rates. Find out how to improve yours.
Business Insurance: Building, Contents, and Stock

What is the best way to protect your commercial property? Learn about the three types of essential business insurance.
5 Types of Income Protection Insurance and How They Work

Injuries, accidents, and disabilities can be devastating, but income protection insurance helps soften the blow on your wallet. Find out more about five specific types.
6 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance

An unfortunate situation takes the fun out of any trip, but having the right travel insurance may soften the blow. Get to know these top tips, and travel with peace of mind.
An Intro to Usage-Based Auto Insurance and Telematics

Usage-based insurance powered by telematics offers fairer pricing for many drivers. Find out how it works and why it has revolutionized underwriting.
Experts Share Top Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance

The average cost of insuring a vehicle per year is inching up toward $900 per year. Are you getting the best car insurance rate? We asked some experts for their tips on how to save.
Top Twitter Feeds to Follow if You Want to Save on Insurance

Getting the insurance protection you need is important but it can also be expensive. Follow these Twitter feeds to learn how to save on your insurance costs without compromising your coverage.
An Overview of Revenue Protection Insurance

Revenue protection insurance protects farmers from losses due to crop failures. It is a great way for farmers to hedge their farming risks. Learn more here.
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Living benefits of life insurance are the benefits that a life insurance policyholder can capitalize on while they are still alive. These benefits often translate Read more

A Section 105 medical reimbursement plan is a health insurance plan in which employers self-fund their employees' health insurance costs. This allows them to avoid Read more

A condominium is a housing unit that shares ownership of the land it's built on with other housing units. An association, usually composed of the owners of these Read more

A mutual benefit association is a group that provides certain benefits to its members, including financial reimbursement for specific types of loss. Mutual benefit Read more

Form No. 5 Comprehensive Homeowner's Insurance (HO-5) is a homeowner's insurance policy that covers the property, structures within the limits of the property, Read more
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