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American Risk and Insurance Association

The American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) is a professional organization comprised of individuals, academics, and carriers in the insurance industry. The purpose of this organization is to (Read on)

Past Terms: Alternative Risk Financing FacilitiesWaiver of SubrogationTheft, Disappearance, and Destruction Policy (Form C)

5 Keys to Homeowners Insurance for First Time Homeowners

First time homeowners can be baffled by the insurance lingo and caught off guard by the various exclusions to homeowners insurance. These five keys will help you make the right choice when buying your first homeowners policy.
The Pros and Cons of Increasing Your Auto Deductible

When purchasing auto insurance, should you opt for a high or low deductible? This article lays out the pros and cons of each choice.
Travel Insurance: Do I Really Have To?

Booking a trip soon but can't decide whether to purchase travel insurance? Get advice about when travel insurance is worth the cost and when you can pass on it.
An Intro to Insurance Sublimits

Some items you own may not be covered for the full amount listed on your insurance policy. Find out how sublimits affect your coverage.
10 Things to Know About Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance may be a mystery to some, but this article presents a simple primer. Find out 10 things that can ensure you get a good deal on your policy.
6 Key Things to Know About Dental Insurance

The thought of shopping for dental insurance might make you frown, but these 6 key facts will teach you what you need to know to find a suitable policy.
10 Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rate

Find out how you can drive down your auto insurance rate. These 10 ways can pay off big in terms of savings.
Identity Theft Insurance: Is It Worth the Price?

Identity theft is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Is it worth buying insurance to protect yourself against it? Find out the details here.
Breaking Down Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy, from Coverage A to E

A homeowner's insurance policy includes different kinds of coverage, which can be a bit confusing. In this article, we break down the basic features of the policy to help you understand your homeowner's insurance or how to select the right one for you.
Victim Compensation Insurance

Did you know that state governments will compensate victims of a crime for their losses? Learn about who is eligible for victim compensation insurance and what can be recovered through it.
How to Choose an Insurance Company That Won't Go Out of Business

You have insurance to protect what you value, but what happens if your insurer goes under? Read this article to find out how to choose a company that will likely stay in business as long as you need it to.
Is Rental Car Insurance Worth It?

Rental car companies offer insurance for their rentals but many consumers don't know whether this coverage is worth buying. This article covers the basics of these insurance policies to help you make an informed decision next time you rent a car.
Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

Before you get life insurance, it's important to know the basics. This article answers the first questions you should ask before choosing a policy.
8 Types of Insurance Most Americans Should Avoid

It makes sense to mitigate risks but some forms of insurance are a bad investment. Learn about eight types of policies that probably aren't worth your money.
Who is a Named Insured?

Named insured, additional insured, and additional interest are commonly used terms among insurance agents. Learn how they differ and what they can mean for your insurance coverage.
Group Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

If you are self-employed or own a small business, group health insurance plans might be right for you. Learn the basics of group health insurance for small businesses and how to select the right plan.
The First Steps You Need to Take After Wrecking Your Car

It can be difficult to know what to do after you've been involved in a car accident. This article details the ten first steps you should take after a car wreck so you have all the information your insurer needs and you don't increase your liability.
Disability Benefit Riders to Improve Your Coverage

Basic disability coverage rarely provide adequate compensation for serious illness or injury. Insurance companies offer a number of riders that can improve your disability coverage. Find out which ones will give you the comprehensive coverage you need.
How to Write a Demand Letter for an Insurance Company

If you have suffered damages, you might be required to submit a demand letter to an insurance company. Here are basic guidelines that will help you write an effective letter and improve your chances of getting the compensation owed to you.
Strange Insurance You Probably Don't Need - But It's There if You Do!

Ever hear of alien abduction insurance? Learn more about it and other strange but real insurance policies.
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Water Quality Insurance Syndicate is a type of company that covers marine vessels when they become responsible for water pollution. The coverage it provides is for Read more

Vehicle coverage is for trucks, cars, motorcycles, and any other form of road vehicle. It provides financial assistance to anybody who figures in an accident Read more

Statutory accounting is the accounting practice of insurance companies in the USA. It is different from accounting systems used by other business ventures. That is Read more

Clause means the financial responsibility of the insurance company to the policyholder as stipulated in the contract. It states what loss it is going to cover. The Read more

A claims occurrence form is a type of insurance in which any covered losses during the policy period can be claimed and reimbursed after the policy expires. Claims Read more
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