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FinTech is short for "financial technology." It refers to the commercial use of new technology to manage finances or offer financial services to customers, often as an alternative to traditional methods (Read on)

Past Terms: Presumptive DisabilityRedliningReporting Requirements

Strange Insurance You Probably Don't Need - But It's There if You Do!

Ever hear of alien abduction insurance? Learn more about it and other strange but real insurance policies.
The Top 5 States with the Lowest Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates can vary significantly across states. Find out which five states have the most affordable car insurance and the reasons behind those rates.
What Self-Driving Cars Will Mean for Your Auto Insurance

The insurance industry will have to adapt to self-driving cars. Find out what questions they need to answer and what it will mean for your insurance.
Will On-Demand Insurance Change the Way We Buy Coverage?

On-demand insurance holds a lot of promise, but are there reasons to be skeptical? Find out more here.
What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Before Quitting Your Job

Thinking of quitting your job? Before you do, make sure you have health insurance lined up to replace the one supplied through your employer. Learn more about the options available to you in this article.
The Key Elements of an Insurance Contract

There are many terms that are standard features of any type of insurance contract. Here are clear and concise definitions for these basic concepts.
Insurance and Lawsuits: What Happens When You Are Sued

Ever wonder what happens when you are sued? Find out, step by step, what you will go through if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.
5 Ways New Technology Will Change the Way You Buy Insurance

Recent technology will make buying insurance more convenient and cost effective than ever. Find out what changes you can expect to see in the near future.
The Top 5 States with the Highest Auto Insurance Rates

Ever wonder why you're paying so much for auto insurance? Find out which five states have the highest auto insurance rates and why.
Top Health Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Health insurance is complicated and always changing. Follow these Twitter feeds to stay on top of the latest news and helpful tips for navigating your health insurance needs.
Working a Freelance Job? Consider These 3 Health Insurance Options

Just because you're not traditionally employed doesn't mean you can't get good health coverage. Learn about three great health insurance options for freelancers.
Back to the Basics: The Key Components of Your Business Insurance Policy

Business insurance covers a lot of different things - but not everything. This guide will help you understand the coverage you're getting from yours.
10 Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance Policy

Given the complexities of health reform law and the different policies available, it can be mind-dizzying finding a good health insurance policy. With these 10 tips, you'll be armed to have your health covered.
How Smart Devices Can Protect Your Home and Help You Save on Insurance

Smart devices are becoming widespread and increasingly sophisticated. Find out how they can protect your home and keep your insurance costs low.
The Top 5 Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance rates vary but there are some things that will always affect your premium. Learn what they are and whether you can do anything about them..
Top 25 Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Want to crush your debt? Retire early? Make your money grow? These bloggers will show you how.
Before You Commit: Life Insurance 101

Life insurance doesn't have to be overly complicated. These basics will put you one step closer to finding the right policy for you and your loved ones.
10 Insurance Terms You Should Know

Even if you're not part of the insurance industry, it can pay to know some of the jargon. Learn the meaning of 10 key insurance terms.
Is Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance Right for You?

Keeping up with your mortgage payments can be challenging if you become seriously ill. Are you a good candidate for mortgage critical illness insurance?
Insurance Advice from a Robot? It's Already Happening

Insurance companies are starting to use artificially intelligent robo-advisors. Find out what they are and what they mean for the future of the insurance industry.
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A bordereau is a document produced by an insurance company and given to its reinsurer. It lists information about the risks taken by the latter, such as data about Read more

A level premium policy is a life insurance policy that keeps the same premium rate for the duration of the entire policy. It differs from other types of life Read more

Portability refers to the insured's right to continue their insurance coverage even after they have lost their their job, transferred to another employer, or Read more

A presumptive disability is a total disability that a person cannot recover from in the future, such as the permanent loss of sight.

FinTech is short for "financial technology." It refers to the commercial use of new technology to manage finances or offer financial services to customers, often as Read more
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