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Business Health Insurance

Business health insurance, or more commonly known as group health insurance, is a health insurance policy purchased by...
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Darrel Pendry

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Many business owners and their families are going without adequate protection and advice. Having experienced this first hand in his family, Darrel is driven to help others avoid the same missteps and assist them in finding proper protection.With over 15 years as an Agency Owner and Advisor, Darrel’s wealth of experience in the Insurance Industry led him to want to share his expertise and the creation of Insuranceopedia. Since 2019, after the sale of his agency, Bridge Financial Insurance Ltd., Darrel has devoted himself to improving Insuranceopedia to become the best platform for insurance information to help guide people to make great insurance decisions.

Aaron Moser


Aaron is a qualified associate financial planner (QAFP) with ten years of experience working with individuals and business owners, nine with Freedom 55 Financial and one with The ReFrame Group.

Maurice Draine


Maurice Draine is a former insurance agent, broker, underwriter tech, and agent sales support rep with over 15 years of professional writing experience. Maurice helps insurance, financial, and various online and ad agencies, create the words that drive customers to their websites and keeps them there. Whether a client needs an SEO web page, an SEO blog, social media posting, native ad, and other forms of copywriting, Maurice has the skills and the know-how, to meet all digital content requests.

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