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Insured Loan

An insured loan is a debt that will be paid by an insurer if the debtor cannot repay it. In the United States, it is also known as loan protection insurance.

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Loss of income refers to the situation in which a person's source of money for expenses or lifestyle, such as salary from a job or income from a business, is Read more

A single premium is a one-time payment for an insurance policy. It is an alternative to spreading out insurance payments in intervals. Insurance money from a single Read more

A liability claim is a situation in which the insured asks their insurance company for help or financial assistance for a third party's loss or damage that is Read more

A flexible premium annuity is a retirement plan that allows the insured to choose the mode of payment for their premiums and their retirement income. This Read more

A certain annuity is a policy in which the length of time and the scheduled payout are determined by the annuitant.Certain annuity is also called annuity certain.
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