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Permit Bond

A permit bond is a bond that professionals in certain industries must purchase to operate legally. This bond ensures that the professional is qualified to do the job and will perform the work in (Read on)

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Do You Need an MRTA Policy?

Taking out a mortgage is a major milestone and financial burden. Though mortgage reducing term assurance may seem like a lifesaver, not everyone actually benefits from it. Find out whether you do.
Personal Property Floaters 101

Your homeowners' insurance protects your home and belongings, but it still may leave you at risk for substantial financial losses. Find out how personal property floaters can round out your risk management strategy.
Top Tips for Getting Full Protection from Your Auto Insurance Coverage

You need coverage for your vehicle, but what kind and how much? This overview of the types of automobile insurance options available will help you make the right decision and get the protection you need.
Why It's Not a Good Idea to Switch Insurance Companies Every Six Months

Insurance offers can be tempting, but there are good reasons to stick with your current provider instead of jumping ship for a better deal. Find out why in this article.
Condo Insurance 101

Condominium insurance provides specially designed protection when a homeowners or renters insurance policy wouldn't quite do. Learn more about it here.
Top Home Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

Need news and information about the home insurance industry? Check out our list of top home insurance Twitter feeds to follow.
Considering Long-term Care Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know

Regular health insurance may not cut it for your situation. Learn the basics of long-term care insurance so you know how to find a suitable policy for your needs.
Has Your Home Been Robbed or Vandalized? Here's What to Do First

Finding that your home has been burglarized or defaced can leave you in shock and at a loss for what to do. Read this article to find out what steps you should take if it ever happens to you.
25 Key Business Insurance Terms You Should Know and Understand

This list of key business insurance terms will teach you the basics so you have the knowledge you need to protect your company. Find out what you need to know.
The (Digital) Doctor Will See You Now

Telemedicine is one of the most exciting developments in patient care. Learn more about this increasingly popular practice and how the health insurance industry is responding.
6 Types of Insurance All Businesses Should Have

If you own a business, you will need the right kind of insurance to protect against a variety of losses. Learn about the 6 essential policies your company needs.
How Do I Know If I Need Disability Insurance?

Disability can put a proverbial wrench in your earnings and daily life. This overview of disability insurance helps you determine if it's the best option for you.
7 Essential Insurance Policies for Nonprofits

Although nonprofits are not businesses, they still need business insurance and can also benefit from other types of related insurance. Read this article to find out what you'll need.
Top Reasons to Forgo Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Your mortgage may be a big bill, but in most cases, mortgage protection life insurance just doesn't pay. Find out why here.
A Look at Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is designed to cover your final expenses, but does it make sense for everyone? This article covers the various burial insurance options and who should purchase a policy.
Medical Concierge and Insurance Broker: What’s the difference?

Medical concierge companies and insurance brokers can be invaluable resources when you are in need of medical care. This article covers what each can do for you and provides advice for choosing between them.
Man entering security code into business door

Commercial crime insurance can protect your business from exposure to crime-related hazards. Learn more about five main types available.
You're Moving! Here's Why You Need Insurance

Many people insure their possessions for damage or loss, but are they also insured during a move? Learn about moving insurance and when you should purchase it.
Top Twitter Feeds to Follow for Insurance Information

Following various industry experts can help you stay up to date on industry news locally and around the world, no matter what part of the insurance industry you happen to work in. This list of top insurance Twitter feeds is a great place to start.
An Intro to Workers' Compensation

Most employees who suffer a work-related injury are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Read this primer to find out what kind of injuries are compensable, what kind of benefits an injured worker can receive, and what obligations an employer has.
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A juvenile endowment policy is insurance bought by a parent for a child. Insurance money is awarded to the insured child once the policy matures, or a death benefit Read more

Commercial auto insurance is a policy for vehicles used for business rather than for personal use. It may cover trucks used by companies, a fleet of taxicabs, or Read more

Lloyd's of London is a marketplace for international insurance players, including syndicates and brokers. Based in London, Great Britain, it started as a marine Read more

No-fault refers to an auto insurance policy that awards a claim to the insured regardless of the fact that they might be responsible for an accident. By accepting Read more

A means test is an evaluation of a person's financial predicament for the purpose of deciding whether or not they will be eligible for financial assistance from the Read more
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