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Dynasty Trust

A dynasty trust is a special type of trust that families can use to transfer wealth and assets from one generation to the next. These trusts are designed to be long-term and exempt from certain taxes, (Read on)

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6 Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance

An unfortunate situation takes the fun out of any trip, but having the right travel insurance may soften the blow. Get to know these top tips, and travel with peace of mind.
An Intro to Usage-Based Auto Insurance and Telematics

Usage-based insurance powered by telematics offers fairer pricing for many drivers. Find out how it works and why it has revolutionized underwriting.
Experts Share Top Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance

The average cost of insuring a vehicle per year is inching up toward $900 per year. Are you getting the best car insurance rate? We asked some experts for their tips on how to save.
The Top Twitter Feeds to Follow if You Want to Save on Insurance

Getting the insurance protection you need is important but it can also be expensive. Follow these Twitter feeds to learn how to save on your insurance costs without compromising your coverage.
An Overview of Revenue Protection Insurance

Revenue protection insurance protects farmers from losses due to crop failures. It is a great way for farmers to hedge their farming risks. Learn more here.
How to Choose an Insurance Company That Won't Go Out of Business

Insurance is there to protect what you value, but what happens if your insurer goes under? Find out how to choose a company that will likely stay in business as long as you need it to.
Insurance as an Investment? It's Called Permanent Insurance

Building cash value through insurance is possible. Find out what you need to know about investing in life insurance here.
Pet Health Insurance: What Every Pet Owner Should Consider

Do you have a pet? Then you may want to consider an insurance policy to avoid having to pay hefty vet bills. Learn more about pet health insurance.
5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Insurance Agent

Finding an insurance agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and readily available is not always easy, but by asking these five questions, you will be able to find the right agent to handle your insurance needs.
Why You Need Disability Insurance

The best time to buy disability insurance is when you're young and healthy. Find out what to consider when buying a disability insurance policy.
6 Reasons You Need Renter’s Insurance

You might think that renting your place and not owning much means that you don't need insurance. Think again! Here are six reasons you should get renter's insurance today.
An Introduction to Cyber Insurance for Businesses

If you own a business, there is no way to make the confidential information you store and process on your computers entirely safe from cyber attacks. Cyber insurance coverage provides protection in the event of a breach. Read this article to learn more.
Do You Need an Endowment Insurance Policy?

Investing in a product that combines savings and life insurance seems sensible, but it's not right for everyone. Read this article to learn more about endowment insurance policies and whether they suit your needs.
An Intro to Insurance Sublimits

Some items you own may not be covered for the full amount listed on your insurance policy. Find out how insurance sublimits affect your coverage.
A Look at Credit Insurance

Purchasing credit insurance helps you manage the risk of defaulting on loan payments. Find out about the main types of policies available.
Boat and Watercraft Insurance: The Basics

If you own a small boat, you likely need an insurance policy to cover it. Find out why you should get coverage for your boat and what you need to know when shopping for a policy.
An Overview of Commercial Group Life and Health Plans

Choosing the right commercial group life or health insurance plan can be a challenge for small business owners. This overview of the most common group benefit options will help you make the right choice for your business and your employees.
The Top Insurance Company Accounts Consumers Love to Follow

Insurance industry Twitter accounts aren't just informative; they can be fun and entertaining, too. Check out these top insurance company accounts consumers love to follow to see what we mean.
4 Signs You Need Long-term Care Insurance

Unlike many types of insurance, long-term care insurance is not a necessity. But that doesn't mean you should do without it. Find out what are the signs that you should consider purchasing a suitable policy.
Auto Liability Insurance: How Much Is Enough?

Auto liability insurance protects you in the event of injury in a car accident. Read this article to understand what is covered and how much insurance you need.
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A money and securities (broad form) rider is a type of insurance coverage that protects against losses from the theft of money or securities from the insured's Read more

The American Experience Table was the nineteenth century precursor to the Commissioner's Standard Ordinary Table (CSO). The table helped insurance companies assess Read more

Annuity tables are used to find out the current value of annuities. These tables take into account the money that has been paid into the annuity and for what period Read more

An aggregate mortality table is a tool that helps actuaries and other insurance professionals gather key data regarding death rates. These tables provide death rate Read more

Assurance is a synonym for the word "insurance." It is primarily used in British English.
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