The Top Insurance Company Twitter Accounts Consumers Love to Follow

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Updated: 02 April 2024
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Key Takeaways

  • Follow these Twitter feeds for fun, entertaining, and informative insurance content.

Insurance isn’t exactly sexy. You probably didn’t sign up for social media accounts and immediately start following insurance companies and agents. Maybe you did, but I’d be willing to bet not.

When you get on social media, you’re probably looking for entertainment. You’re looking to interact with entertaining content in a way you never could before. But while you may not be looking for statistics on insurance claims or a great quote from your favorite tweeting insurance agent, you will be missing out on a lot of great content if you overlook social media as a source of information (see the rest of our Who to Follow on Twitter series for more accounts worth following).

Social Media and the Insurance Industry

While staying up-to-date with the insurance industry wasn’t your primary goal when you logged onto Twitter, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow a few insurance company accounts here and there.

See, a while back, the insurance industry quickly realized the value of social media accounts, especially Twitter. So they invest resources into producing social media accounts that add real value for their followers.

While not every follow will come with a discount, you’ll be able to stay on top of seasonal trends and learn a little more about the industry by following the accounts below. Plus, they can be pretty entertaining.

Insurance Companies Consumers Love to Follow

The insurance giant Allstate has one of the best Twitter accounts available these days. The feed is both entertaining and educational, which is what we should expect after the company’s successful “Mayhem” TV ads.

A quick peek at the company’s feed shows information on insuring holiday gifts, college football, winter weather tips, dream homes, and much more. If you’re looking for education and interesting information about insurance, I’d start here.

We’ll stick with Allstate for this second recommendation. “Mayhem” is their second Twitter account and inherently more popular.

This genius branding and marketing move has made Allstate a lot of money. The commercials on TV from this character are crazy popular and his Twitter account is, too. And with tweets like this, how could it not be:

Just like Allstate has Mayhem, Progressive Insurance has its own signature character, Flo. Flo from Progressive is a popular social media account that plays off the success of Progressive’s TV commercials featuring the same character.

Flo offers a unique look into the insurance world and fits Progressive’s brand and marketing strategy perfectly. She’s a little quirky, but has great information about insurance and saving money.

You may have noticed a theme here. Insurance companies like to create characters to represent their brand to add entertainment to the otherwise dull world of insurance. People get on social media to be entertained and companies know this, which is why State Farm Insurance created Jake.

Jake from State Farm is one of the company’s most successful marketing campaigns and he has taken on a life of his own. His Twitter feed is kind of goofy and fun, but you still find good insurance information on this account, including Tweets like these:

GEICO has been parading their Gecko through commercials and social media for nearly two decades now. He’s been around the block and is a veteran in the insurance industry.

While the Gecko doesn’t tweet much insurance information, he keeps things light and fun. You’ll also often find contests and prize offers on his feed.

Everyone remembers the first time they saw this semi-annoying duck on TV. He was barking “Aflac” all over the place. Now, he’s a household name. Many people instantly associate the duck with Aflac.

The Aflac Duck is a fun Twitter account to follow. This guy is a bit sarcastic and drops loads of interesting information about insurance and risk. For insurance customers looking for more than entertainment, this is a good one to follow.

Social Media and Insurance

Social media is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Most people don’t think of those words when describing insurance. That’s just fine. We get that. But why not enjoy learning a little about insurance?

If you’re looking to learn more about the insurance industry, protect yourself, and find the perfect coverage, all while keeping things light and entertaining, then give the accounts above a follow on Twitter.

We hand-selected the accounts above for their mix of entertainment and education—a rare combination in our industry. A few cheeky tweets here and there mixed with good information could help you save some money and make smart insurance choices in the future.

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