Top Health Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

By Insuranceopedia Staff
Published: June 26, 2017 | Last updated: August 27, 2017 07:46:06
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Follow these feeds to stay up to date on the latest developments in health insurance and to get helpful tips on managing your insurance.

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Health insurance is an important safety net, but with so many changes to the federal law, it might not always be clear how to go about getting right coverage or whether yours will be affected. That's why we put together this list of the best health insurance reps on Twitter. Follow these feeds to get the answers to your health insurance questions, keep up to date with all the latest changes, and get advice on finding the coverage you need.


Top Health Insurance Feeds to Follow on Twitter

A reputable and longstanding health insurance provider.

A national trade association which aims to simplify healthcare and advocate for broader access.


Ambetter Arkansas
Offers a host of health insurance products from the Centene Corporation.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
A trusted healthcare provider offering insider tips on health and health insurance.

Bob Herman
A reporter for Axios who covers health industry news.


Bruce Lee
PR team for Mercer, a global consulting firm in health, retirement, investments, and talent.

Coordinated Care
A managed care organization that provides free and low-cost health insurance plans to DC residents.


Consumers Union Health
The healthcare arm of the consumer protection group. Follow them for healthcare news and updates.

FHK Insurance
A Milwaukee insurance company catering to the Wisconsin, Nevada, and Illinois areas.

National health and dental insurance provider for federal employees.

A private company helping consumers shop for and enroll in affordable health insurance.

Green Leaf Insurance
An independent insurance agency servicing over 10 states.

The feed of the federal health insurance marketplace. Offers tips, reminders, and updates.

HealthCare, Inc
Privately owned, leading health insurance recommendation search and comparison engine.

Independence Blue Cross
A leading and growing health insurance company in the Philadelphia region.

A relatively new healthcare company created in the wake of the Affordable Health Care Act and committed to simplifying the process of getting coverage.

Steve Anderson editor who tweets about the latest in health insurance news.


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