Well-Baby/Well-Child Care

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does Well-Baby/Well-Child Care Mean?

Well-baby/well-child care refers to an annual visit to a health facility by a baby or a child to check on his or her health status and prevent him or her from acquiring disease. This is done through procedures such as immunization.

Insuranceopedia Explains Well-Baby/Well-Child Care

Well-baby/well-child care is often a part of a health insurance policy, especially if the person who purchased the policy is already a parent. These annual clinical visits may last up until the person is 21 years old or the last year that a state still considers a person a child or minor. This yearly clinical visit includes a number of tests, measurements and sometimes procedures to treat diseases or prevent the child from getting diseases in the future.


Well-Child Care Well-Baby Care
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