Health Insurance

Last updated: August 26, 2016

What Does Health Insurance Mean?

Health insurance refers to the policy that covers medical expenses for sicknesses or accidents that result in the need for medical care. Since it is for health care, coverage usually pertains to medical expenses or cost of hospitalization.


Insuranceopedia Explains Health Insurance

Health insurance serves as a protective measure against the risk of ill health or sickness. Governments, companies, and organizations usually provide this type of insurance to their citizens, employees, and members, respectively. The insured must be well-informed about the coverage of their policy. There might be medical services that are not included in it and the alternative is to either modify the coverage of the policy (if possible) or buy additional insurance. For instance, some health insurance policies do not include dental care or maternity. So, a person might want to buy another policy to address dental health issues or to provide maternity services in the future.


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