Revealing the Most And Least Popular U.S. Insurance Companies

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Insurance is an industry built on trust, and trust itself is built on a good reputation. Like in many industries, modern insurance companies are finding their reputations increasingly tied to the digital voices of their customers. Online reviews have become the new word of mouth, and a few stars can make the difference between a thriving business and one that’s struggling.

At, we have taken a clear, objective view through the lens of these online reviews to analyze a candid snapshot of customer sentiment in the insurance industry. The image reveals an appreciation and trust in the Property and Casualty (P&C) sector and a disappointment in the coverage and support health insurers provide.

But it’s more than just numbers — it is people giving their unfiltered opinions which, deservedly so, are shaping the reputations of these industry giants. We hope our findings can be a celebration and recommendation for the top, but also a warning, and a call for change for the firms which don’t live up.

We analyzed over 120,000 reviews for the top P&C, health, and life insurance companies in the US to find the best and worst in the industry, and here’s what we found.

The Results

The Top 10

Company Name Sector Av. Rating
COUNTRY Financial P&C 4.80
Markel P&C 4.71
Shelter Insurance P&C 4.61
FM Global P&C 4.61
Cincinnati Insurance P&C 4.57
Farmers Insurance P&C 4.55
Sammons Life 4.50
State Farm P&C / Life 4.50
AAA P&C 4.44
Swiss Re P&C 4.44

The Bottom 10

Company Name Sector Av. Rating
Premera Blue Cross Health 2.16
Liberty Mutual P&C 2.15
Cigna Corp. Health 2.10
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Health 2.07
Regence Health 2.03
John Hancock Life 1.94
Kemper P&C 1.68
Molina Healthcare Health 1.59
Blue Shield of California Health 1.47
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Health 1.27

P&C Insurers Emerged On Top

The first notable trend of the results is that the top 6 firms by average customer review are all Property and Casualty (P&C) specialized firms. It seems that the customer experience dealing with P&C firms is more positive than when dealing with the other sectors. These top firms all have a strong commitment to customer service alongside quality and have set a high bar for customer satisfaction, which the rest of the industry should be aiming for.


Topping the charts is COUNTRY Financial, with a near-perfect 4.8 average rating.

COUNTRY’s customers are almost unanimously pleased by their focus on customer service, mentioned in a high number of their reviews. Their reviews indicate they consistently deliver quality service alongside commitment to their clients – an impressive first place goes to them.

“…They’re always incredibly responsive, kind, and willing to help resolve any issue. I love knowing that I can reach them any time I need to and don’t have to worry about a call center and long wait times like with other agencies. There’s a lot to be said about good customer service and personal touch, even when it comes to your insurance provider.” – A COUNTRY Financial customer.


A close second place goes to the Markel Corporation. They scored 4.71 on average, less than 0.1 behind COUNTRY.

Like COUNTRY, their customers praise their customer service alongside the quality of their work & coverage. However, the data suggests that Markel has twice the customer base of the other firms in the top 5. Maintaining quality in both service and product can become more difficult with scale, but Markel seems to be handling both extremely well, earning them the silver medal on our ranking table.

“If your business is a fit with Markel you are one of the lucky ones since they have an amazing team.” – A Markel Corp. Customer.


Rounding out our top 3 is Shelter Insurance, receiving an average rating of 4.61.

Establishing a trend in our top-rated providers, the quality of customer service is the focus of many of Shelter’s reviews, and customers seem more than happy with the coverage they receive.

“[The] staff are probably the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with in the insurance business. They’re so helpful and very knowledgeable and go out of their way for you! I highly recommend working with them and getting your insurance through them! I’m definitely a happy customer.” – A Shelter customer.

Life Insurance Industry Performance

Despite the top spots being claimed by P&C insurance companies, providers from the life insurance sector have the highest average rating (4.2 vs 4.0 for P&C). The top-rated of these is Sammons, coming in 7th overall, with an average review score of 4.5.

Also with an average score of 4.5 is the most reviewed firm on our list – State Farm. Covering both life insurance and P&C, the firm received nearly 17,000 of the reviews we analyzed, which makes maintaining such a high score across so many customers even more impressive and earning it a well-deserved spot in our top 10.

The Unhealthy Business of Health Insurers

In juxtaposition to how well P&C and Life insurance firms are performing, the narrative shifts when looking at health insurance firms. Both the life insurance and P&C insurance sectors have average review ratings of around 4/5. In health insurance, the average review is just 2.9/5.

In some ways, this low score is understandable – customers are not likely to be in the mood to give a 5-star review when their health is in a situation which requires them to make use of their health insurance. However, analyzing review content suggests that this scapegoat doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. If the reviews are to be believed, the poorly rated health insurers have earned their low scores entirely due to poor care and services.

A Diamond in the Rough

Amongst this sea of discontent, stand a few well-rated Health insurers who prove the low ratings are not a symptom of the sector, but failings of individual companies. At the top, the best-rated health insurer is HCSC, ranked 15th overall and is praised for its coverage, price tag, and customer service.

“HCSC has been an excellent provider of healthcare coverage for me and my family. Their plans are comprehensive, affordable, and offer access to a range of healthcare providers. Their customer service team is friendly and always available to help with any questions or concerns. I suggest this agency to anyone looking for quality healthcare coverage.” – An HCSC customer.

The Worst-performing Insurance Providers

Notably, all of our bottom 5 firms received an average rating under 2/5, an impressively poor result, especially when you consider that it is impossible to rate 0/5 on the review services used. John Hancock Life Insurance holds the dubious distinction of being the least favorably reviewed life insurance company, with an average rating of 1.94 and ranking it the 5th worst insurance firm we analyzed.

4th from last, and the worst-rated P&C firm we analyzed was Kemper, with an average rating of 1.7. Leaving the 3 lowest rated firms all to the health insurance sector. These firms are Molina Healthcare, Blue Shield of California, and the worst-rated insurance company we found; Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, which scored an abysmal average rating of 1.3. The reviews themselves speak of far worse than poor customer service, often reporting claims being unjustly denied, and occasionally even raising suspicions of malpractice.

“They promised my mother that she would be covered for her chemotherapy and even talked to her hospital about it so she started making large payments to them then on her first day of therapy they refused to pay for it.” – A Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Customer

“Specializing in incompetence and a lack of concern. Maybe the worst customer service I’ve experienced.” – A Blue Shield of California Customer

“Awful insurance company, through and through. Do not give these people your money or time. They lie and deceive, will say whatever to get your money and then lie about coverage and providers.” – A Molina Healthcare Customer

A Word of Advice

“It’s eye-opening to see such varied customer feedback across providers,” says Max Coupland, CEO of Insuranceopedia. “This article highlights the crucial role of customer service and clear communication. Sometimes, you must look beyond premiums and policy details to the support and service you will receive when you need it most.

Ultimately, the best insurance experience comes from a company with consistency – where you are certain of the service you will receive if and when you ever need to call.”

As Max says, not all insurance companies are made equal, so we hope this article has persuaded you that, whenever possible, you should take time to research insurance providers before making your choice. The variety in quality of coverage, customer service, and cost is vast, even across only the biggest firms, so we hope that if you can choose your provider, you choose wisely.


To create our ranking list we first created a shortlist of insurance companies to consider. We took the top 50 P&C and Health insurers from Reinsurance NE and Forbes, and the top 15 life insurers from Insurance Business Mag.

We then gathered reviews for places of business from across the USA which were associated with these companies. We took these reviews from Yelp and Google using their respective APIs.

The final list is shorter than 115 as State Farm, Nationwide and AIG were in both P&C and Life insurance lists. Furthermore, 7 more firms were excluded due to the low number of reviews written about them, resulting in a final list of 105 unique companies.

The quoted review statements were taken directly from Google reviews.

Rank Full Name Common Name Sector Establishments No. Reviews Av. Rating
1 COUNTRY Financial COUNTRY Financial P&C 63 653 4.8
2 Markel Corporation Markel P&C 12 1203 4.71
3 Shelter Insurance Companies Shelter Insurance P&C 28 559 4.61
4 Factory Mutual Insurance Company FM Global P&C 6 43 4.61
5 The Cincinnati Insurance Companies Cincinnati Insurance P&C 22 631 4.57
6 Farmers Insurance Group Farmers Insurance P&C 670 5504 4.55
7 Sammons Enterprises, Inc. Sammons Life 4 97 4.5
8 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm P&C / Life 1074 16922 4.5
9 The Auto Club Group AAA P&C 20 10197 4.44
10 Swiss Re Ltd Swiss Re P&C 6 75 4.44
11 Starr International Company, Inc. Starr International P&C 14 336 4.43
12 Health Care Service Corporation HCSC Health 5 74 4.39
13 Munich Re Group Munich Re P&C 3 32 4.39
14 Selective Insurance Group, Inc. Selective Insurance P&C 20 1650 4.39
15 Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group AAA Insurance P&C 43 10704 4.37
16 Medica Medica Health 14 1157 4.36
17 Auto-Owners Insurance Group Auto-Owners Insurance P&C 24 1228 4.26
18 American Family Insurance Group American Family Insurance P&C 165 1037 4.17
19 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Insurance Group Berkshire Hathaway P&C 38 605 4.15
20 Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield Health 12 288 4.06
21 New York Life Insurance Company New York Life Life 61 453 4.06
22 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Northwestern Mutual Life 57 364 3.94
23 Oscar Health, Inc. Oscar Insurance Health 8 222 3.94
24 GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation GuideWell (Florida Blue) Health 8 415 3.9
25 Pacific Life Insurance Company Pacific Life Life 21 139 3.89
26 University Health Care System University Health Care Health 19 349 3.85
27 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company MassMutual Life 31 155 3.85
28 UPMC Health Plan UPMC Health Plan Health 11 166 3.83
29 Intermountain Healthcare Intermountain Healthcare Health 20 3762 3.83
30 Assurant, Inc. Assurant P&C 21 4665 3.74
31 Everest Re Group, Ltd. Everest Re P&C 11 55 3.73
32 Wellmark, Inc. Wellmark Health 5 144 3.71
33 The Allstate Corporation Allstate P&C 789 4506 3.7
34 Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Citizens Insurance P&C 21 712 3.68
35 Centene Corporation Centene Corp. Health 16 108 3.66
36 AXIS Capital Holdings Limited AXIS Capital P&C 5 31 3.62
37 PacificSource Health Plans PacificSource Health 11 345 3.57
38 Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Health 20 552 3.56
39 Independence Health Group Inc. Independence Health Group Health 2 926 3.55
40 The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. The Hanover Insurance Group P&C 21 408 3.51
41 HealthPartners HealthPartners Health 14 743 3.48
42 CSAA Insurance Group CSAA P&C 6 181 3.46
43 Erie Insurance Group Erie Insurance P&C 40 286 3.43
44 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Nationwide P&C / Life 178 746 3.43
45 UnitedHealth Group Incorporated UnitedHealth Group Health 20 94 3.43
46 Priority Health Priority Health Health 10 837 3.4
47 Prudential Financial, Inc. Prudential Life 50 270 3.38
48 Great American Insurance Group Great American Insurance P&C 21 76 3.34
49 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company MetLife Life 85 633 3.29
50 Sentry Insurance Group Sentry Insurance P&C 27 292 3.25
51 Capital BlueCross Capital Blue Cross Health 6 105 3.25
52 Elevance Health, Inc. Elevance Health (Anthem) Health 9 307 3.23
53 Highmark Inc. Highmark Health 20 321 3.21
54 Mercury General Corporation Mercury Insurance P&C 23 437 3.21
55 Humana Inc. Humana Health 38 362 3.2
56 Old Republic International Corporation Old Republic P&C 68 471 3.17
57 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Blue Cross of North Carolina Health 16 429 3.15
58 The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. The Hartford P&C 31 504 3.13
59 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Health 7 147 3.04
60 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Health 13 270 3.02
61 Providence Health & Services Providence St. Joseph Health Health 8 1765 3
62 CNA Financial Corporation CNA P&C 26 243 2.99
63 Chubb Limited Chubb P&C 31 341 2.99
64 MVP Health Care MVP Health Care Health 7 110 2.98
65 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Health 6 70 2.95
66 Medical Mutual of Ohio Medical Mutual of Ohio Health 5 140 2.95
67 CareSource CareSource Health 9 479 2.85
68 Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. Zurich Insurance P&C 21 370 2.82
69 Amica Mutual Insurance Company Amica P&C 30 1243 2.81
70 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. Kaiser Permanente Health 245 16074 2.8
71 Progressive Corporation Progressive P&C 131 2561 2.8
72 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana Health 6 90 2.79
73 Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. Tokio Marine P&C 19 153 2.76
74 Hawaii Medical Service Association Hawaii Medical Service Assn. Health 2 66 2.75
75 Tufts Health Plan Tufts Health Health 9 765 2.75
76 Protective Life Corporation Protective Life Life 15 243 2.72
77 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City Health 3 165 2.7
78 The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Guardian Life Life 28 330 2.69
79 Arch Capital Group Ltd. Arch Capital P&C 18 93 2.61
80 AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. AmTrust P&C 27 201 2.58
81 United Services Automobile Association USAA P&C 22 3711 2.57
82 QBE Insurance Group Limited QBE Insurance P&C 11 153 2.53
83 Allianz SE Allianz P&C 30 446 2.52
84 Lincoln National Corporation Lincoln Financial Life 30 237 2.51
85 The Travelers Companies, Inc. Travelers P&C 30 583 2.48
86 American International Group, Inc. AIG P&C / Life 30 246 2.44
87 Transamerica Corporation Transamerica Life 41 174 2.4
88 Bright Health Group Bright Health Health 5 115 2.35
89 BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health 9 501 2.34
90 CareFirst, Inc. CareFirst Health 10 359 2.31
91 EmblemHealth EmblemHealth Health 24 540 2.25
92 CVS Health Corporation CVS Health Corp. (Aetna) Health 20 328 2.23
93 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Health 7 457 2.22
94 Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Health 7 334 2.22
95 Blue Cross of Idaho Blue Cross of Idaho Health 8 282 2.21
96 Premera Blue Cross Premera Blue Cross Health 6 441 2.16
97 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Liberty Mutual P&C 160 2061 2.15
98 Cigna Corporation Cigna Corp. Health 20 261 2.1
99 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Health 9 262 2.07
100 Regence Group Regence Health 14 415 2.03
101 John Hancock Life Insurance Company John Hancock Life 36 237 1.94
102 Kemper Corporation Kemper P&C 31 1886 1.68
103 Molina Healthcare, Inc. Molina Healthcare Health 27 1740 1.59
104 Blue Shield of California Blue Shield of California Health 37 1147 1.47
105 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Health 2 87 1.27
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