Wellness Program

Last updated: October 16, 2017

What Does Wellness Program Mean?

A wellness program is a program that aims to promote and improve the health and physical fitness of those enrolled in it. Health insurance companies offer it as a mean to lower costs on their end by helping prevent chronic conditions and other health-related issues and thereby reduce health insurance costs. They often offer incentives, such as lower premiums, discounts, cash, or prizes, to those who participate. Employers may also purchase health insurance with wellness programs as an employee benefit


Insuranceopedia Explains Wellness Program

Wellness programs usually include such activities as exercises, educational seminars, weight loss contests, supervised stop-smoking programs, medical screenings, diet planning and other activities meant to promote and improve the health and physical well-being of employees. Of course, the twin benefit of a wellness program pertains to the eventual lower costs of health insurance to the insurance company as well as the resultant improvement in the overall physical condition of the company's employees.


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