How Much is Car Insurance for a 38-Year-Old?

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Welcome to this thorough resource on car insurance coverage for 38-year-old drivers. Since you’re looking at this guide, you’re likely seeking up-to-date and accurate information to help you find the right car insurance coverage for you.

It’s about getting the protection you need at a force that won’t leave you high and dry. I previously worked as a property and casualty insurance agent, and that gave me the opportunity to work with many people as they mulled over their car insurance coverage. In this guide, I’ll offer you the same assistance.

We’ll look at the average costs for car insurance premiums for a 38-year-old. And we’ll do this by breaking things down so you can see what factors into premiums and what you can do to get the best possible deal.

One thing to get out of the way is that this resource isn’t a subtle attempt to sell you a car insurance policy. It’s about giving you the information you need to make the right choice for you. Since you need car insurance, you might as well understand the process. 

It’s vital to understand that the figures I’ve quoted throughout this guide represent average figures. You’ll need to contact insurance companies to get quotes to get exact numbers. Factors that insurers look at include driving history, age, location, credit score, and gender.

Key Takeaways

  • 38-year-olds can purchase liability coverage for $912 per year

  • The most important factor in purchasing auto insurance is comparing numerous quotes

  • There are various ways for a 38-year-old to reduce their vehicle insurance premiums

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old?

The price tag for car insurance for a 38-year-old driver depends on things like coverage type, driving history, and gender. On average, a 38-year-old driver can expect to pay premiums of around $912 per year for minimum coverage to $1,560 per year for full coverage.

Understanding what goes into determining car insurance expenses for 38-year-olds is essential since it can greatly influence your budget. Keep in mind, however, that car insurance premiums are not uniform. What you have to pay will differ based on factors like gender, coverage type, and driving history.

The wide gap between liability only and full coverage insurance expenses underscores the importance of considering what you’re paying for. Liability only coverage might appear enticing, but it won’t cover you in the event of certain issues. Comprehensive coverage, meanwhile, offers full protection, including collision and protection against vandalism, theft, and damage from natural disasters.

The good news, however, is that you can reduce your premiums. Maintaining a spotless driving record and taking advantage of discounts offered by insurers can significantly reduce your monthly rates. Getting quotes from several insurers and comparing policies can help you select the right deal at the right price.

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old by gender?

Knowing the cost of vehicle insurance is a vital step for any person whether you’re 18-years-old, 28-years-old, 38-years-old, or older. Different things impact these expenses – and one of the biggest factors is gender.

On average, auto insurance premiums usually differ based on whether you’re a male or a female. The latter group usually enjoys lower rates due to the lower risk profile. Let’s consider specific expenses associated with auto insurance for 38-year-old male and female motorists.

Coverage Type Annual Cost for Male Annual Cost for Female
Minimum Coverage $1,568 $1,504
Full Coverage $2,255 $2,034

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old – by state?

Car insurance premiums can vary considerably for 38-year-olds. Things like where you reside can substantially impact your monthly rates. Based on comprehensive research using multiple sources, I’ve put together a detailed comparison chart displaying the average auto insurance rates for a 38-year-old by state.

State Average Annual Full Coverage Premium
Alabama $2,055
Alaska $2,152
Arizona $1,924
Arkansas $1,824
California $1,948
Colorado $1,842
Connecticut $1,986
Delaware $1,694
Florida $2,984
Georgia $2,957
Hawaii $1,354
Idaho $1,864
Illinois $3,098
Indiana $2,096
Iowa $1,135
Kansas $1,285
Kentucky $1,895
Louisiana $2,505
Maine $1,035
Maryland $1,946
Massachusetts $1,453
Michigan $1,675
Minnesota $1,436
Mississippi $1,356
Missouri $1,474
Montana $1,354
Nebraska $1,563
Nevada $2,350
New Hampshire $1,375
New Jersey $2,142
New Mexico $1,423
New York $2,376
North Carolina $1,253
North Dakota $1,254
Ohio $1,353
Oklahoma $1,524
Oregon $1,503
Pennsylvania $1,730
Rhode Island $1,794
South Carolina $1,473
South Dakota $1,586
Tennessee $1,253
Texas $1,598
Utah $1,463
Vermont $1,003
Virginia $1,326
Washington $1,258
Washington, D.C. $2,425
West Virginia $1,256
Wisconsin $1,463
Wyoming $1,574

Remember that these numbers are averages rather than actual costs. What you wind up paying will depend on different factors.

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old by credit score?

Specific rates based on credit scores aren’t usually published by insurers, but credit scores do influence auto insurance premiums. A lower score can result in higher insurance premiums, while a higher score can result in lower insurance premiums. According to Forbes, vehicle insurance rates can climb on average by 76% based on your credit scores.

Credit Tier Avg. Annual Premium for 38-Year-Olds
Poor $2,840
Fair $2,703
Good $1,953
Very Good $1,521
Excellent $1,342

Cheapest car insurance companies for a 38-year-old

When seeking the most cost-effective auto insurance for 38-year-olds, some businesses stand out in a good way for their affordable premiums and comprehensive options. As a young motorist, you’ll want to balance affordability and appropriate coverage on the road.

But keep in mind that your premium will be based on things like your credit score, the type of car you drive, and your driving record.

Company Monthly Rate
Travelers $88
Encompass $95
Farmers $97
Bristol West $99
USAA $100
Allied $100
Nationwide $104
Metropolitan $108
State Farm $111

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old – by vehicle

As a 38-year-old, your car insurance rates will be lower than if you were a teen driver. The type of car you own can greatly impact your premiums. From safety features to repair expenses, various things come into play when insurers tabulate your premium. Knowing how your choice of vehicle affects your rates can help you decide which vehicle to drive or purchase.

Vehicle Type Average Annual Premium
Sedan $1,463
Hybrid $1,567
Luxury $1,679
SUV $1,365
Truck $1,376
Van $1,367

How much is car insurance for a 38-year-old – by age

As you’ll see in the following table, younger motorists usually pay the highest premiums because of factors such as their scant driving experience and their higher risk profile. Drivers usually enjoy their lowest premiums as they reach middle age. But the premiums start to climb again when they reach their senior years because of the higher risk profile that comes with being an older driver.

Age Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
22 $974 $2.159
35 $680 $1,348
40 $725 $1,383
50 $1,946 $1,893
60 $1,783 $1,745
70 $1,894 $1,769

How to save money on your car insurance as a 38-year-old

As a 38-year-old, you’ll see that auto insurance is more reasonable than it was when you were in your late teens or early 20s. But it will still be higher than when you reach middle age.

But you don’t have to wait until you reach your middle-age years to get the best rates. There are things you can do now to slash your monthly car insurance premiums and save money. Do the following:

Maintain a Good Driving Record

One thing you can do is maintain a clean driving record. Being safe behind the wheel means avoiding collisions, steering away from traffic tickets, and seeking alternative travel arrangements if you do enjoy a drink or two whether alone or with friends. Insurers usually provide lower rates to motorists who have no claims since they tend to be less risky.

Take Advantage of Multi-Vehicle Cost Reductions

If you own multiple cars or live with someone who owns multiple cars, one option is to find an insurance company that offers multi-car discounts. Many insurers offer their customers discounts if they insure more than one vehicle under the same policy.

Enroll in a Defensive Driving Program

Taking a defensive driving course can also entitle you to lower car insurance premiums. A defensive driving course will help you sharpen your skills and show insurers that you warrant a lower premium. People who take such courses often have lower risks of getting into collisions.

Shop Around for the Best Premiums

You’ll always be better off if you look around to see what rates different insurers are offering. Each insurer uses its own unique formula to tabulate premiums, so the rates can differ greatly. By seeking quotes from three or more insurers, you can choose the right policy for you.

Assess Your Coverage Routinely

As your life advances, your car insurance coverage needs will change. That’s why you need to carefully review your coverage annually or whenever you experience a significant life event, such as moving to another city, getting married, or starting a new job. Doing so will ensure you get the right coverage and aren’t paying for things you don’t require.

You can greatly reduce your vehicle insurance rates by taking these tips to heart. You’ll have more money to spend at the end of the month. You want insurers to see you as a low-risk motorist.

How to buy car insurance as a 38-year-old

Purchasing vehicle insurance can be tedious. But if you have the right information, you’ll see the process isn’t difficult at all. It might take some time, but the time invested will be worth it. Consider these seven steps for purchasing car insurance coverage as a 38-year-old:

Put Together Your Information

Before you start seeking out car insurance, get your ducks in a row. That means you need to gather information like your driver’s license number, driving history data, and VIN.


Maintain a Good Driving Record

A clean driving record will entitle you to the best car insurance rates. Steer clear of at-fault mishaps and traffic infractions since these things can greatly boost your insurance expenses.


Decide What Coverage You Need

Different motorists have different requirements. That’s one reason it’s vital that you figure out what kind of coverage you need before you start the search for car insurance. Think about things like the type of car you have, the age of the car, the value of the car, your risk-tolerance level, and your financial situation.


Choose How to Shop for Car Insurance

There are different ways to shop for auto insurance. You can purchase a policy online, call an insurance company representative, or contact an independent insurance agent. Each option has its pros and cons, so you’ll want to go through each option and select what’s best for you.


Compare Insurance Policy Quotes

Don’t merely accept the first quote an insurer gives you. You need to get multiple quotes from different insurers so that you can compare them and select the right one. Insurers adopt different strategies for determining coverage rates. That’s why prices can differ widely.


Buy Your Auto Insurance Policy

Once you’ve considered the quotes and selected an insurer, you need to buy the policy you want. Take the time to carefully review the terms so you understand what is covered and what isn’t covered.


Regularly Review Your Insurance Coverage

Your insurance needs will probably change over time, so it’s vital to routinely review your policy. You don’t want to pay for coverage you no longer require, and you don’t want to be without the coverage you need.



What is the best car insurance for a 38-year-old?

Based on my industry experience, comparison charts, and policyholder rates, I’m confident enough to recommend GEICO as a great option for 38-year-olds seeking auto insurance. The insurer offers a great balance of cost-effectiveness and strong coverage options. Beyond merely the cost, customer reviews underscore my recommendation. GEICO offers many policy options, great customer service, and big discounts for drivers who obey the rules of the road and drive cars with great safety features.

At what age is car insurance the cheapest?

Based on the many years I was involved in the industry, the age demographic that enjoys the best average vehicle insurance rates is the one that includes people between the ages of 50 and 60 years old. Drivers in this demographic have a lot of driving experience, which insurers rate highly since such drivers have lower instances of car accidents.


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