How Much is Car Insurance for a 35-Year-Old?

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Updated: 03 May 2024
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Bob Phillips
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Welcome to this guide to finding the best vehicle insurance for 35-year-old drivers. You’re in the right place if you want accurate, current, and actionable data to help you make good decisions that ensure you’re appropriately protected. I previously worked as a licensed agent on the casualty and property side of things, and I was able to help many people find the right car insurance coverage for their respective needs. I’m here to help you in your search for cost-effective and comprehensive car insurance.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the average costs of vehicle insurance for 35-year-olds. We’ll do this by shining the spotlight on things that impact expenses, and we’ll offer insights on proven strategies to possibly reduce premiums. Keep in mind that this guide isn’t an attempt to sell you insurance – it’s a guide designed to help you choose the right coverage.

It’s vital to remember that the figures I’ve included in this guide represent average figures. You’ll want to contact insurance companies to get figures relevant to your unique situation. Factors that will influence the rate include gender, location, driving history, the insurer, and credit score.

Key Takeaways

  • 35-year-olds can purchase liability only coverage for $1,163.

  • There are various ways for 35-year-olds to reduce their car insurance premiums.

  • The most vital factor in purchasing auto insurance is getting more than one quote and comparing them.

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old?

The cost of auto insurance for a 35-year-old depends on factors such as driving history, coverage type, and gender. A 35-year-old can, on average, expect premiums starting at pay anywhere from $1,163 per year for liability only coverage to $1,614 per year for comprehensive coverage.

Knowing the cost of auto insurance for a 35-year old is vital since it can tangibly affect your budget. It’s essential to understand that insurance premiums are not uniform. They depend on things like gender, coverage type, and driving history.

The big financial gap between liability only coverage and comprehensive coverage demonstrates the importance of knowing what you’re getting. lights the importance of understanding what you’re paying for. Minimum coverage might seem appealing because of the lower monthly premium, but it could leave you high and dry in some situations. Comprehensive coverage, meanwhile, offers strong protection that includes collision coverage to safeguard you against vandalism, theft, and damage stemming from natural disasters.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are options if you want to cut expenses for care insurance. Case in point: if you have a spotless driving record and take advantage of discounts offered by insurers, you can greatly reduce your car insurance rates. Shopping around and comparing premiums is another way to get the most cost-effective insurance coverage possible.

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old by gender?

Knowing the cost of auto insurance is a must for any motorist. Many things factor into these expenses such as gender. In fact, gender is one of the main considerations.

Vehicle insurance rates usually differ based on gender. The reason for this is that females are statistically less likely to get into accidents or exhibit bad roadway behavior than males. Let’s examine the expenses connected to vehicle insurance coverage for 35-year-old male and female motorists.

Coverage Type Average Annual Cost for Male Average Annual Cost for Female
Minimum Coverage $1,176 $1,125
Full Coverage $1,763 $1,732

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old – by state?

Vehicle insurance premiums can vary widely for drivers of any age – including 35-year-olds. Factors such as the state you reside in can influence your rates substantially. Leveraging research I’ve conducted from various reliable services, I’ve put together a comprehensive comparison chart demonstrating the average vehicle insurance premiums for 35-year-old by state.

State Annual Full Coverage Premiums
Alabama $1,780
Alaska $1,593
Arizona $1,569
Arkansas $1,793
California $1,903
Colorado $1,768
Connecticut $1,805
Delaware $2,153
Florida $2,888
Georgia $1,759
Hawaii $1,301
Idaho $1,152
Illinois $1,429
Indiana $1,259
Iowa $1,183
Kansas $1,681
Kentucky $2,192
Louisiana $2,901
Maine $1,183
Maryland $1,150
Massachusetts $1,756
Michigan $2,270
Minnesota $1,474
Mississippi $1,683
Missouri $1,540
Montana $1,891
Nebraska $1,745
Nevada $2,143
New Hampshire $1,315
New Jersey $2,193
New Mexico $1,501
New York $2,160
North Carolina $1,033
North Dakota $1,480
Ohio $1,093
Oklahoma $2,031
Oregon $1,482
Pennsylvania $1,683
Rhode Island $1,905
South Carolina $1,842
South Dakota $1,645
Tennessee $1,315
Texas $1,830
Utah $1,845
Vermont $1,122
Virginia $1,401
Washington $1,617
Washington, D.C. $1,579
West Virginia $1,715
Wisconsin $1,053
Wyoming $1,450

Keep in mind that these figures are averages. What you pay in any of these states will depend on different factors.

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old – by credit score?

Insurers don’t usually publish specific rates by credit score. But it’s no secret that credit scores play a big role in determining car insurance rates. A low credit score can mean higher insurance premiums, while a high credit score can mean lower insurance premiums. Forbes notes that vehicle insurance premiums can climb on average by 76% due to credit scores.

Credit Tier Avg. Annual Premium for 35-Year-Olds
Poor $3,150
Fair $2,115
Good $1,703
Very Good $1,532
Excellent $1,389

Cheapest car insurance companies for a 35-year-old

When seeking cost-effective vehicle insurance for 35-year-olds, you’ll notice that some insurers stand out from the rest. These front runners offer affordable premiums and comprehensive policy options. As a young motorist, you’ll want to balance affordability with comprehensive coverage so that you get the best protection when operating your vehicle.

Keep in mind, however, that your specific premium will be based on different factors that include the type of vehicle you own, your driving record, and your credit score. Here’s a look at some of the best rates available from insurance companies.

Company Monthly Rate
USAA $93
State Farm $97
Erie $100
GEICO $101
American Family $126
Nationwide $129
Travelers $139
Farmers $173
Allstate $169

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old – by vehicle

As a 35-year-old, you’ve moved beyond being a teenaged motorist. But your car insurance premiums may still be considerably higher than for older drivers with more experience.

The kind of vehicle you drive can greatly influence your insurance rates. From safety ratings to repair expenses, different things come into play when insurance companies tabulate your premium. Understanding how your selection of a vehicle impacts your premiums can help you determine the best vehicle to buy.

Vehicle Type Average Annual Premium for 35-Year-Olds
Sedan $1,835
Hybrid $1,926
Luxury $2,100
SUV $1,698
Truck $1,704
Van $1,840

How much is car insurance for a 35-year-old – by age

You’ll see in the chart below that young motorists face the highest premiums because of their inexperience and higher risks of getting into accidents. As drivers age and gain more experience, their insurance rates typically decrease, reaching their lowest point in middle age. However, rates begin to rise again as drivers reach senior age, reflecting the increased risk associated with older age.

Age Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
22 $1,215 $3,608
35 $1,050 $2,481
40 $1,021 $2,109
50 $1,009 $1,736
60 $1,353 $1,939
70 $1,839 $2,242

How to save money on your car insurance as a 35-year-old

As a 35-year-old, you’ll discover that vehicle insurance can cost quite a bit. One reason for this is the risk factor since younger drivers tend to get into more accidents on the roadway. But there are things you can do to reduce your monthly costs and save money. Consider these five things.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

One of the best ways to get the lowest car insurance coverage is to ensure you maintain a good driving record. You’ll want to steer clear of collisions, avoid traffic violations, and don’t drink and drive. Insurers usually offer price cuts to motorists who haven’t filed claims since such people are deemed as being less risky.

Take Advantage of Multi-vehicle Discounts

If you have multiple vehicles or live with a person with multiple vehicles, look at the option of multi-vehicle discounts. A lot of insurers offer cost reductions to customers who insurer multiple vehicles under a single policy.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Take a defensive driving course. Doing so can result in savings on your vehicle insurance. You’ll enhance your driving abilities, and insurers will look favorably on you after you’ve successfully wrapped up a defensive driving course. Passing the course means you’re less likely to get into car accidents.

Shop Around for the Most Favorable Premiums

It’s in your best interests to seek out different quotes from various insurers. Different insurers use their own unique formulas to determine premiums. So, there will be differences in what they all charge. Obtaining quotes from numerous insurers will help you get the best deal.

Regularly Review Your Coverage

As you get older, you may need to update your insurance coverage. Review your coverage annually or whenever you go through a major life event like a move, a new job, or a marriage. Doing this can help you avoid paying for coverage you no longer need and that you obtain coverage for what you need at different stages of your life.

By using these strategies, you can greatly lessen your auto insurance rates. That’ll leave you with more money at the end of the month. You must be proactive and do all in your power to demonstrate to insurers that you’re a low-risk motorist deserving of lower premiums.

How to buy car insurance as a 35-year old

Buying car vehicle insurance can be tedious, especially for younger people who don’t know the ropes. But if you have the know-how and follow the right approach, the process can be simple. Consider these seven steps to help you buy car insurance as a 35-year old:

Gather Your Documents

Before you start seeking out quotes, you need to have all the information and documents on hand. You’ll need your driver’s license information, details about your driving history, and VIN.


 Maintain a Good Driving Record

A clean driving record is a great way to keep your insurance rates low. Avoid at-fault collisions and traffic violations since these things can greatly boost your insurance expenses.


Decide What Coverage You Need

Different motorists have different requirements, so it’s a good idea to figure out what coverage you require before you look for quotes. Consider things like your financial situation, the age of the vehicle, and your risk tolerance level.


Choose How to Shop for Car Insurance

There are various ways to purchase car insurance. You can purchase it on the internet, contact an insurance representative, or work with an independent insurance agent. Each option has its pros and cons, so select the option that works best for you.


Compare Quotes

Don’t just opt for the first quote you’re given. Compare quotes from more than one insurance company so you can be certain you’re selecting the one that’s best for you. Insurers each use their own distinct formulas to figure out premiums, so costs can vary greatly.


Buy Your Policy

Once you’ve received and compared quotes from insurance companies, you need to select and buy the car insurance policy that makes the most sense for you. Ensure you take the time to comb over the policy. You need to know what’s included and what’s excluded.


Regularly Review Your Coverage

Your insurance needs will change over time. That’s why you need to regularly review it. The last thing you want is to continue paying for something you don’t need – and you don’t want to be left unprotected by not getting the right coverage as you get older.

By adhering to these steps, you’ll see that purchasing car insurance as a 35-year-old driver can be a relatively easy and straightforward undertaking. Remember that you must contact multiple insurers if you want to get the best deals of car insurance.



What is the best car insurance for a 35-year old?

Using my personal experience as an insurance agent, comparison charts, and policyholder ratings, I believe GEICO provides a great balance of cost-effectiveness and comprehensive coverage. Aside from the figures, the insurer also benefits from customer reviews. GEICO excels with policy options, attentive customer service, and big discounts for good driving and useful vehicle safety features.

At what age is car insurance the cheapest?

Based on my research, the age range that gets the best average vehicle insurance rates is the one that includes people between the ages of 50 and 60. These drivers have plenty of driving experience, which is something insurers don’t take likely. Such drivers face lower risks.

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