Hugo Car Insurance Review 2024: Is It Legit?

Hugo Insurance, renowned for its innovative approach to car insurance, primarily targets drivers looking for short-term, flexible coverage options. With its user-friendly platform and emphasis on customization, Hugo Insurance stands out in the crowded insurance market. Based on our comprehensive review, we give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Updated: 17 July 2024
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Bob Phillips

At a Glance

Overall Rating

Hugo Car Insurance distinguishes itself with a focus on flexibility and convenience, catering to drivers who require short-term coverage without the long-term commitment. Here are some key highlights:

  • Flexible Coverage Options: Hugo offers customizable policies that can range from a single day up to several months, making it an ideal choice for occasional drivers, those between vehicles, or anyone needing temporary insurance.
  • Digital-First Approach: The entire process from quote to coverage can be handled through Hugo’s app or website, offering a seamless digital experience for tech-savvy consumers.
  • Immediate Coverage: Hugo allows customers to get insured instantly, providing immediate proof of insurance through their digital platform.
  • Competitive Pricing: With a focus on short-term policies, Hugo offers competitive rates that can be more cost-effective for temporary needs compared to traditional annual policies.
  • Customer Support: Despite being a digital-first company, Hugo prides itself on accessible customer support, ensuring policyholders can get help when they need it.

Hugo Insurance Overview

Hugo Insurance shines as a bright light in the auto insurance industry for those in search of short-term car insurance solutions. Its greatest allure lies in its flexibility and ease of use, setting it apart from competitors with rigid, traditional policies. I appreciate Hugo for its forward-thinking, digital-first approach, which simplifies the insurance process from start to finish.

Users will find Hugo’s customizable coverage options and competitive pricing especially appealing, making it an excellent choice for temporary insurance needs without compromising on quality or convenience. Hugo’s commitment to adapting to the modern driver’s lifestyle makes it a brand worth considering for anyone valuing flexibility and efficiency in their car insurance.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Flexible coverage options ranging from one day to several months.
  • Instant coverage with immediate proof of insurance provided digitally.
  • Competitive pricing for short-term insurance needs.
  • Seamless digital experience for quotes, purchases, and claims.
  • Accessible customer support for assistance and inquiries.
  • Not suitable for those seeking long-term, traditional car insurance policies.
  • Limited availability in certain regions or states.
  • May not offer the same level of coverage depth as traditional insurers.
  • Potential for higher overall costs for frequent, short-term policy users.
  • Digital-first approach might not appeal to less tech-savvy customers.
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Is Hugo car insurance good? Insuranceopedia’s Take

From a professional standpoint, Hugo Car Insurance is indeed a commendable option for many drivers, particularly those seeking flexibility and short-term coverage without the commitment required by traditional insurance policies. Its innovative approach, focusing on digital-first experiences and customizable plans, makes it exceptionally good for a specific niche in the market: drivers in need of temporary insurance, individuals with changing vehicle usage patterns, and those who appreciate the convenience of managing insurance through a digital platform.

Hugo’s ability to offer instant coverage and to tailor policies to individual needs sets it apart from competitors, addressing a gap in the traditional insurance market. The competitive pricing and accessible customer support further enhance its appeal, making it a viable and attractive option for its target audience.

Regarding customer reviews, Hugo tends to have an overall positive reception. Users often highlight the ease of use of the platform, the flexibility in coverage options, and the responsive customer service. These positive reviews reinforce the notion that Hugo is not only innovative in its offerings but also successful in meeting the needs and expectations of its customers.

However, as with any service, experiences can vary, and there are occasional criticisms, mostly from those who might not fully benefit from the short-term, flexible nature of Hugo’s offerings.

What Types Of Coverage Does Hugo Offer?

Hugo presents three distinct insurance coverage options:

Flex Plan

This plan by Hugo allows motorists to acquire coverage for periods of three, seven, 14, or 30 days. Once a specific duration is purchased, drivers have the flexibility to activate or deactivate their coverage as needed. For instance, if a driver decides not to use their vehicle on a particular day, they can choose to pause their policy for that day.

The Flex Plan adheres to the minimum insurance requirements mandated by the state, however, it may not be suitable for individuals with leased or financed vehicles that require ongoing comprehensive coverage. Currently, the Flex Plan is offered exclusively in California and Illinois.

Unlimited Basic Plan

Operating on a similar framework to the Flex Plan, the Unlimited Basic Plan does not allow for the intermittent stopping and starting of coverage. Coverage can be acquired for the same durations of three, seven, 14, or 30 days, with an additional option for six months.

This plan extends beyond liability coverage to include medical and accidental death benefits. The Unlimited Basic Plan is available in all states where Hugo operates.

Unlimited Full Plan

The Unlimited Full Plan represents Hugo’s offering of “full coverage” insurance. While definitions of “full coverage” may differ across providers, Hugo’s version encompasses liability, comprehensive, collision, medical, and accidental death insurance.

Coverage under this plan can be purchased for the same varied intervals of three, seven, 14, or 30 days, or for a term of six months.

How does Hugo car insurance work?

Hugo car insurance operates on a unique model that caters to drivers seeking flexible, short-term insurance solutions. This innovative approach is designed to meet the needs of individuals who do not require continuous car insurance coverage throughout the year.

Here’s an overview of how Hugo car insurance works:

Flexible Coverage Durations

Hugo allows customers to purchase insurance for short durations—such as three, seven, 14, or 30 days—providing a tailored solution for those who need temporary or occasional coverage. This flexibility is ideal for drivers who may not use their vehicle regularly or who need insurance for a specific short-term purpose.

On-Demand Activation

One of the hallmark features of Hugo’s Flex Plan is the ability for drivers to turn their insurance coverage on or off at will. After purchasing a predetermined amount of coverage, policyholders can activate their insurance only on days they plan to drive, effectively controlling their coverage and costs.

This on-off capability is particularly advantageous for individuals who drive sporadically and wish to avoid paying for insurance on days their vehicle is not in use.

Digital-First Experience

Hugo emphasizes a digital-first approach, enabling customers to manage their policies through an online platform or mobile app. From purchasing coverage and adjusting policy details to filing claims, all interactions are streamlined through Hugo’s digital interfaces, making the process convenient and accessible.

Customizable Plans

Beyond the Flex Plan, Hugo offers other plans such as Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Full, which cater to different needs. While the Flex Plan is designed for maximum flexibility, the Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Full Plans provide options for more continuous coverage, including traditional insurance elements like liability, comprehensive, collision, medical, and accidental death coverage.

State-Specific Availability

Hugo’s innovative insurance products are not available in all states. Initially, the Flex Plan was launched in specific markets like California and Illinois, with plans to expand. The availability of different plans and coverage options may vary based on the state, reflecting regulatory approvals and market demand.

No Traditional Discounts

Instead of offering traditional discounts like many auto insurers, Hugo’s model inherently saves money for certain users by allowing them to pay only for coverage they actually use.

This structure can lead to cost savings for drivers with infrequent driving needs or those seeking insurance for short durations.

Hugo Insurance Reviews And Customer Feedback

Hugo have over 9,000 Trustpilot reviews and they have impressive scores on the review platform.

Positive Trustpilot Reviews

“That hugo will definitely come through for you when you need them. Hugo didn’t hesitate to help me get insurance. I had immediate coverage. Paying by the day made it very affordable for me in my hard times.”

– Michael Williams  – February 29, 2024

“I feel the process of signing up for coverage was very user friendly. Thank you for providing insurance that is affordable. I would recommend [you] give Hugo a chance…”

– Isaiah Martinez – March 02, 2024

“[I] was pulled over for no insurance [and I] was able to get coverage within minutes, the lowest you can pay is up to 3 days for $60. [I] ended up only getting a warning ticket because i was able to get insurance.”

– Tashiane Richardson – March 01, 2024

Negative Trustpilot Reviews

“[The] Process takes long and [they] still deduct the money, let’s try deducting the money when the process is finished, look I still can’t drive and that’s 3 days I’m missing [coverage], when I do start.”

– Jeffrie Jackson – March 05, 2024

“$27 dollars a day and when I cancel the policy it took $27 [again]. I don’t recommend this insurance to my worst enemy.”

– Aaron Wadley – February 27, 2024

“I’ve never seen people paying this much weekly it’s killing me… 90 dollars a week, I am dying.”

– Jesaie lajuan – February 28, 2024

Should I buy Hugo insurance?

Deciding whether Hugo insurance is the right choice for you depends on your specific driving habits, insurance needs, and preferences. Hugo’s unique approach to car insurance, focusing on flexibility and short-term coverage, makes it an excellent fit for certain types of drivers but less so for others. Here’s a breakdown to help you determine if Hugo insurance is suitable for you:

Hugo Insurance is Right for You If:

  • You Drive Infrequently: If you only use your car occasionally, Hugo’s flexible plans can be more cost-effective than traditional annual insurance policies, as you pay only for the coverage you need when you need it.
  • You Need Temporary Insurance: Whether you’re borrowing a car for a short period, awaiting the purchase of a new car, or have other temporary insurance needs, Hugo’s short-term coverage options can provide the insurance you require without locking you into a long-term contract.
  • You Prefer Digital Transactions: Hugo’s digital-first approach is perfect for those who appreciate the convenience of managing their insurance policies online, from purchasing coverage to filing claims.
  • You Want Control Over Your Policy: The ability to turn your insurance coverage on and off as needed offers unparalleled control over your policy and can lead to significant savings for those with sporadic driving patterns.
  • You Live in a State Where Hugo Operates: Hugo’s insurance products are not available everywhere, so it’s an option only if you reside in a state where Hugo offers its services.

Hugo Insurance Might Not Be for You If:

  • You Drive Regularly: If you’re a daily commuter or rely on your vehicle for frequent use, a traditional annual insurance policy might offer better value and continuous coverage without the need to manage your policy actively.
  • You Require Full Coverage: While Hugo offers various coverage options, including full coverage plans, drivers with leased or financed vehicles might find more comprehensive and cost-effective options with traditional insurers that specialize in long-term policies.
  • You Seek Loyalty Discounts: Hugo’s model doesn’t follow the traditional discount structure, such as those for safe driving or loyalty. If maximizing discounts is a priority, a conventional insurance company might better meet your needs.
  • You’re Less Comfortable with Technology: Given Hugo’s emphasis on a digital experience, those who prefer in-person interactions or paper transactions might find traditional insurers more to their liking.
  • You Need Insurance in an Uncovered State: If Hugo doesn’t operate in your state, you’ll need to look for alternatives that offer similar flexibility or consider traditional insurance options.

Hugo Car Insurance Cost

With Hugo, you’re looking at an average quote of just $49 for liability only coverage. That’s less than half of what you’d typically pay on a national level, which averages $104. The savings are clear and substantial.

When it comes to full coverage, Hugo continues to lead the way with an average quote of $57. Compare that to the hefty national average of $213, and the choice becomes even more apparent.

Average Quote: Liability Only Average Quote: Full Coverage
Hugo $49 $57
National Average $104 $213

Hugo price quote

Hugo car insurance has carved out a niche in the market that caters specifically to drivers with unique, short-term insurance needs. Understanding for whom Hugo’s offerings might be cheap or expensive requires a look at the specific scenarios and driver profiles that align with their business model:

Cheap for:

  • Occasional Drivers: Individuals who don’t use their car regularly but still require coverage for occasional use find Hugo’s model highly cost-effective. Instead of paying for a full year of insurance, they can pay only for the days they actually need coverage.
  • Between Cars: People who are in transition between vehicles and need temporary insurance can benefit from Hugo’s short-term policies without the commitment to an annual policy.
  • Temporary Vehicle Users: Those borrowing a car for a short period or using a car temporarily (such as for a vacation or a short-term project) might find Hugo’s flexible policies more affordable than traditional options.
  • Drivers Testing the Market: Individuals exploring different insurance options or waiting to purchase a long-term policy might use Hugo as an affordable stopgap solution.
  • Gig Economy Drivers: Some gig economy drivers who use their vehicle for short-term rental services or delivery might find Hugo’s short-term policies suitable for filling gaps in their coverage.

Expensive for:

  • Regular Commuters: For drivers who use their vehicle regularly throughout the year, Hugo’s model, based on short-term coverage, might end up being more expensive than traditional annual insurance policies.
  • Drivers with High Coverage Needs: Those requiring comprehensive coverage with high limits and additional features might find Hugo’s straightforward, short-term policies more costly in the long run compared to more traditional offerings.
  • Low-Risk Drivers with Good Records: Individuals who are considered low risk due to their excellent driving records and who qualify for substantial discounts on traditional annual policies might not find Hugo’s rates as competitive.
  • Frequent Short-Term Users: Drivers who frequently switch between short-term policies without leveraging the benefits of long-term discounts might find the cumulative cost of Hugo’s insurance higher over time.
  • Residents in Low-Cost Insurance States: People living in states with generally low insurance rates might find traditional annual policies more economical compared to Hugo’s short-term options.

Average Rates by Age

Driver Age Average Monthly Quote
Teens $303
20s $182
30s $166
40s $155
50s $107
60s $111
70s $126

Average Rates by Driver Profile

Insurance Company Clean Record With Speeding Ticket With Accident With DUI
Hugo $49 $69 $58 $69

Is Hugo expensive compared to other companies?

As you can see from the table below, Hugo is quite cheap compared to other companies:

Insurance Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Hugo $49 $57
State Farm $53 $118
Mile Auto $57 $101
Root $61 $99
Nationwide $86 $190

Hugo Auto Insurance Claims

Filing a claim with Hugo Auto Insurance is designed to be a straightforward process, reflecting the company’s digital-first approach. While specific details can vary, here’s a general guide on how to file a claim:

  • Digital Platform: Hugo typically encourages the use of their digital platform or mobile app for filing claims. This process usually involves logging into your account, navigating to the claims section, and following the prompts to report an incident. The digital platform is designed to guide you through each step, asking for information about the incident, any other parties involved, and details of the damage.
  • Documentation: You’ll likely be asked to provide photos of the damage, a copy of the police report (if applicable), and any other relevant documentation that can support your claim. The ability to upload these directly through the app or website streamlines the process.
  • Review Process: Once your claim is submitted, it goes through a review process. Hugo’s claims team may reach out to you for additional information or clarification as they assess the claim.
  • Resolution: After the review process, Hugo will inform you of the claim’s outcome. If approved, they’ll provide details on how the claim will be settled, which could include repair authorization for your vehicle, a payout, or reimbursement for expenses, depending on the policy details and the nature of the claim.

Hugo car insurance discounts

Hugo takes a different approach from conventional auto insurers by not providing the usual discounts. Rather, Hugo allows motorists the flexibility to buy just the amount of insurance they require and to suspend it whenever necessary.

Through Hugo’s Flex Plan, drivers have the capability to activate or deactivate their insurance as desired, ensuring they only incur costs for the coverage they actually use. This feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals who drive infrequently or require insurance for short periods.

Compare Hugo to other insurance brands

State Farm
State Farm Review

Hugo Car Insurance distinguishes itself with a focus on flexibility and convenience, catering to drivers who require short-term coverage without the long-term commitment.


State Farm might be an attractive option if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage at a competitive rate. Drivers with infractions also have found State Farm to be affordable.


Allstate is often considered a good choice for car insurance due to its comprehensive coverage options and robust discount programs.

Liability-Only Car Insurance Rate
Liability-Only Car Insurance Rate
Liability-Only Car Insurance Rate
J.D. Power Score
J.D. Power Score
J.D. Power Score
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How To Cancel Hugo Insurance

If you need to cancel your Hugo insurance policy, for any reason, then follow the steps below

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap “My Policy” and switch your coverage toggle to “Off”
  3. You’ll then want to withdraw your payment. Click on “Balance History”, then click “Withdraw” and withdraw your payment.
  4. Finally, in order to delete your account permanently, call their customer support team at (555) 393-2410.

Our methodology

In evaluating Hugo, we employed a comprehensive methodology that considered various factors to provide a thorough assessment of the company’s performance and offerings. Our methodology encompassed several key components:

  • Financial Strength and Stability: We analyzed Hugo’s financial health and stability by examining its credit ratings from independent rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s. These ratings provided insights into the company’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations and its long-term viability.
  • Product Offerings: We assessed the range and diversity of auto insurance coverage offered by Hugo. Our evaluation focused on Hugo’s unique approach to providing flexible, short-term insurance plans, such as the Flex, Unlimited Basic, and Unlimited Full options, catering to a variety of driver needs. We also considered the innovative features like on-demand coverage activation and the digital-first platform, which enhances user convenience. Additionally, the availability of essential coverage types, including liability, collision, and comprehensive options, was examined to ensure customers have access to comprehensive protection tailored to their temporary or occasional driving habits.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Reviews: We gathered feedback from policyholders and examined customer satisfaction ratings and reviews from reputable sources such as J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and the Better Business Bureau. We considered factors such as overall satisfaction, claims processing experience, customer service quality, and responsiveness to inquiries or concerns.
  • Claims Process and Handling: We evaluated Hugo’s claims process, including the ease of filing a claim, the efficiency of claims handling, and the promptness of claim payments. We considered the company’s reputation for fairness, transparency, and responsiveness in resolving claims and providing support to policyholders during challenging times.
  • Customer Support and Accessibility: We assessed Hugo’s customer support channels, including phone, email, online chat, and in-person agent assistance. We evaluated the accessibility and responsiveness of customer service representatives, the availability of self-service tools and resources, and the quality of guidance and assistance provided to customers.


Is Hugo legitimate?

Yes, Hugo is a legitimate insurance provider, offering specialized, short-term auto insurance policies with a digital-first approach, catering specifically to modern consumer needs.

Is Hugo car insurance worth it?

Hugo car insurance is worth it for drivers needing flexible, short-term coverage, especially those who drive occasionally or require insurance for brief periods.

Does Hugo have a good reputation?

Hugo has a positive reputation among its target audience for its innovative and flexible insurance solutions, though availability and offerings may vary by state.

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