Hervin is a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Retirement Counsellor. He’s a finance and marketing nerd who stumbled into the field almost a decade ago.

He started dabbling in the financial services industry at the age of 19. He was intrigued by the field and the lucrative promises which came with it. He entered the industry for the “side income” while pursuing his undergraduate degree but stayed because of the financial transformations he helped create in the client’s lives. He loved the “side-hustle” so much that he received the CFP designation before his undergraduate.

In his previous roles, he taught the LLQP and eventually led into a business development role in an MGA, where he helped guide hundreds of advisors by the age of 24.

He is also owned and operated a general insurance agency and lead the Financial Services program for a college in Calgary, teaching the CFP curriculum.

He continues to serve Canadian families through his practice, all while running his youtube channel, where he teaches Canadians all the money lessons missing from school.

He’s a proud father and husband and he loves HIP-HOP.

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