Hurricane Deductible

Published: | Updated: November 27, 2017

Definition - What does Hurricane Deductible mean?

A hurricane deductible is an amount that is shouldered by a home insurance policy holder in the event of the occurrence of a hurricane. This amount comes from the policy holder's own pocket before the insurance company pays any amount in the event of a loss. Several deductibles may be attached to a policy; they may be fixed or a percentage of the amount insured.

Insuranceopedia explains Hurricane Deductible

A hurricane deductible is estimated as a percentage of a home's insured value, and is usually in the range of 1-5%. Homeowners who install glass panels that are hurricane resistant for doors and windows may be entitled to a reduced premium on their homeowners' insurance policy. Policy holders are advised, however, that even if a house has hurricane coverage, the policy may not include coverage for flooding.

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