Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In South Carolina

State Farm offers the best homeowners insurance in South Carolina.

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Updated: 11 February 2024
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Anyone living in South Carolina can probably tell you all you need to know about its climate and weather. A Humid Subtropical Climate encompasses most of the state, but areas in the Blue Ridge Mountains have an Oceanic Climate. This is a state with some extreme weather. Summers tend to be hot and humid, while winters are usually fairly mild with a lot of  precipitation.

Home owners in South Carolina who are searching for the best coverage that’s affordable as well as adequate for their needs may find the information we have here helpful.

Through research and personal experience, I’ve determined that State Farm is the best of the best as far as home insurance companies in South Carolina. I’ll explain why I think that State Farm homeowners insurance is the best in the state.

Best Home Insurance Companies In South Carolina, 2024

Best Home Insurance, South Carolina 2024

Compare The Best Home Insurance Companies In South Carolina

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Our Methodology

When trying to determine which home insurance carriers in South Carolina are above the rest, our selections are based on particular data that includes ratings from impartial companies such as AM Best and J.D. Powers, reviews from policyholders, and other criteria. The data on an insurer's customer satisfaction we get from J.D. Power.

From AM Best come reports about the strength and financial stability of a carrier. Besides that input, we also put much stock into ratings and reviews left by customers online. Added to that is my experience with certain companies.


Quotes Analyzed


Brands Reviewed


Years Of Experience


Research Hours

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In South Carolina

Best Overall

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

10/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Claims
10/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

State Farm is our first choice for the best of the best overall home insurance in South Carolina. It has been given the best possible rating from AM Best, an A++, due to its strong and stable financial status. J.D. Power gives State Farm a superior rating–829 out of 1000–in customer satisfaction. This rating was based in part on the multiple positive reviews left by policyholders online. With many local agents, offices and claims representatives throughout South Carolina, customers can be sure of fast and convenient service.

State Farm has a lot to offer homeowners searching for home insurance. Coverage that isn’t usually provided by other companies, even its standard, no frills home and property insurance policies. Identity Theft is a common problem, for example, and State Farm offers you protection from it, as well as Credit Card Fraud. If you’re a member of an HOA with very stringent codes and must repair or rebuild your home due to a covered loss, State Farm will provide legal help plus the cost of new materials needed in order for you to be in compliance. These are examples of the protection you’ll get from State Farm if and when you need it.

If you decide to go with State Farm as your home and property insurance carrier, it’s a piece of cake to get online and get started. You must meet with a State Farm insurance agent to actually purchase a policy. You can easily access your account online through the website or app. Online tools make it convenient to pay your premiums, enroll in paperless billing and auto-pay, or file claims. The State Farm website also has a handy online resource library with a lot of information about insurance.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Many coverage options
  • Numerous local offices and agents within the state
  • The best rating from AM Best for being financially strong and stable
  • Cannot purchase insurance for State Farm through an independent agent

Best Coverage Options

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
6/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

AM Best gives Nationwide home insurance an A+ rating due to its strong, stable financial standing.While policyholder satisfaction ratings aren’t the very best, they’re not the worst, either. Nationwide has an excellent overall rating. Many local agents and offices mean convenience and fast service for its customers.

This insurer offers a multitude of options that aren’t usual in home insurance coverage.  Reimbursement for occurrences of ID theft and credit card fraud, for example, are just a couple of options that Nationwide offers its policyholders. If you live within the rules and regulations of a particularly unforgiving HOA and suffer a covered loss that makes it necessary to rebuild your home, Nationwide will offer legal help if you need it. It will also provide coverage for the costs of construction in compliance with HOA codes.

The Better Roof Replacement option gives you added coverage in the event that you have to buy new roofing materials to replace or repair your roof because of damage sustained from a covered loss.

Brand New Belongings is another option that is a good thing to have If you need it. This option gives you the reimbursement costs on your personal belongings if they’re destroyed or damaged after a loss. This is after depreciation. You buy replacements, send receipts to Nationwide, and then you’ll receive reimbursement minus the difference between your cost and depreciation of the items.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Numerous local agents, claims adjusters and offices
  • Superior AM Best rating due to its financial strength
  • Many coverage options
  • Numerous bad reviews from customers online
  • Short-term rentals such as Airbnb are not included in coverage

Best For Policy Perks

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
6/10 Customer Reviews
7/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Farmers home insurance gets top ratings from customers for its above average number of policy perks, plus its positive feedback about online experience. The multiple positive ratings in the area of online experience are almost certainly a result of the company’s explanation of  what perks are offered along with how they can be helpful to policyholders. For anybody who is scouting around for home insurance, the perks available from an insurer may be a deciding factor in which company to choose. Here are some of the policy perks offered by Farmers:

  • Deductible Declines: You’ll get $50 taken off the amount of your deductible for each year that your policy is active
  • Discount if Claim Free: If it has been three years or longer since you filed a claim, you receive a discount
  • Replacement Cost Guaranteed: If your home is destroyed or damaged by a covered loss, Farmers pays the whole cost of rebuilding or repairing it, no matter the cost
  • Claim Forgiveness: If you haven’t filed a claim in five years or longer, your rates won’t be increased if you do file a claim
  • Multi Line Policies: You’ll get up to 34% off your policy premium if you insure multiple lines, such as home and auto

Farmers gets an excellent rating of 9.3/10  from J.D. Power, and the reason it isn’t higher is its less than the national average satisfaction ratings from customers.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Offers over twelve discounts
  • Numerous sales, claims and service agents in local offices
  • Guaranteed replacement cost is included in all policies
  • Policyholders satisfaction ratings are lower than average

Best For Discounts

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
7/10 Customer Reviews
8/10 Claims
8/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

The United States home insurance industry has an average of 7 discounts. Allstate home insurance offers 11 discounts. This is considerably more discounts, and an important thing to take note of, because discounts can save money on your premium. I feel that Allstate’s discounts make it highly competitive with other insurers in South Carolina. A number of home insurance analysts feel the same as I do.

Allstate’s discounts include:

  • Claims Free: 12 months of no claims can get you a 5% discount when you renew your policy
  • Claims Forgiveness: Allstate can provide optional coverage that will prevent your premium rates from increasing if you file a claim
  • Automatic Payment: If you choose to enroll in auto-pay and have your premium automatically deducted from your bank account, you receive a five percent discount
  • New Home Buyer: Buy a new home and receive a discount
  • Responsible Payment: Get a discount for maintaining a good payment history
  • Early Payment: Purchase a new insurance policy within 7 days of renewing your old policy and you might receive a 10% discount
  • Protective Device: Installing theft and fire protective devices might mean that you receive a discount
  • Deductible Reward: When you take out a policy with Nationwide, $100 is taken off your deductible amount
  • Bundle: If you have more than one type of insurance with Allstate, home and auto, for example, you could get as much as 25% shaved off your deductible.
  • New Home: A home that was constructed recently might entitle you to a discount
  • Loyalty: Renew your policy and get as much as a 10% discount

Allstate has nearly twice the average national number of discounts, with a grand total of 11 available for policyholders. Besides the common options like ID theft and credit card fraud, there are other discounts available. For instance, the option of being covered from loss or repair of riding lawn mowers, landscaping and other yard and garden items is available with Allstate.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Eleven discounts compared to national industry average of seven
  • Financial strength and stability
  • Many local offices and agents within the state
  • Higher number of customer complaints than average

Best For Cheapest Coverage

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

10/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Claims
8/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Chubb home insurance offers the best policies for high-end homes in South Carolina. Its average cost of $1,195.00 annually is lower than the average state wide premium of $1,653.00 a year.

South Carolina home owners are happy with the special features offered by Chubb. Some of these features are: services of a property manager for a second home, high-tech property inspections, individualized claims and more. Chubb has some attractive add ons, too, such as a range of options besides its standard homeowners insurance. Things like extended coverage for replacement of home and personal belongings, coverage for water backup, coverage for breakdown of equipment, and more. You get coverage for the extended replacement cost of your home and property, even if there is depreciation since you bought it.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Higher value homes are eligible for special policy options
  • Amongst the most affordable rates in South Carolina
  • A wide range of options to suit every need
  • Personal property isn't scheduled
  • You can't get an online quote

Average Cost Of Home Insurance In South Carolina

 Cheapest Home Insurance In South Carolina

Insurer Annual Rate
State Farm $1,680
Chubb $901
Nationwide $1,308
Allstate $1,046
Travelers $5,198
South Carolina Average Rate $1,554
USAA $1,462
Farmers $2,022

Cheapest Cities For Homeowners Insurance In South Carolina

City Annual Rate
Rock Hill $1,312
Greenville $1,167
Spartanburg $1,052
Summerville $1,640
Goose Creek $1,730

Most Expensive Cities For Homeowners Insurance In South Carolina

City Highest Rate
Charleston $2,172
Mount Pleasant $2,310
Myrtle Beach $2,890
Beaufort $1,909

Home Insurance Premiums By Deductible In South Carolina

Deductible Average Annual Rate
$500 $1,817
$1,000 $1,672
$1,500 $1,610
$2,000 $1,467
$5,000 $1,315

Home Insurance Prices By Coverage Level In South Carolina

Coverage Level Average Annual Rate
$100,000 Dwelling $780
$200,000 Dwelling $1,163
$250,000 Dwelling $1,579
$400,000 Dwelling $2,112

How To Find The Best Home Insurance Company For You

It might not be an easy thing to find just the right home insurance coverage that will suit your needs, but you can get online and do some helpful research that will aid in making a decision.  You can count on investing some time and effort, but if you’re like me your home is the most valuable asset you own. Safeguarding your assets is of great importance because it means security of your and your family’s financial future.

Below are 5 steps to help you determine which home insurance is best for you:

  1. Educate yourself about homeowners insurance companies in South Carolina. You can conduct this research online, which streamlines the process. Then, after you’ve culled all but a few companies, cut it down to the three insurers that seem right for your needs
  2. Decide how much coverage you need. You may need some assistance from an agent  in this
  3. Your next step will be to obtain quotes from the 3 companies
  4. To make your final choice, take into consideration things like financial strength, rates, amount of coverage, and ratings from policyholders
  5. Now you are ready to apply for insurance coverage with your first choice for home insurance

Some homeowners insurance companies require you to meet with an agent for this. But, it’s usually possible to get a quote and then submit your application for coverage online.

How To Get A Home Insurance Quote Online In South Carolina

You can easily get the information and data you need about homeowners insurance in South Carolina, simply by turning to the internet. Browse around various companies online, then narrow the finalists to three companies that seem right for your individualized needs.

Then,  request a quote from those companies. Select the one that appears to be the best fit for you. Now it’s time to make an application for coverage to that one company that’s your final choice. You can follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Answer all of the questions you’ll find on the Insuranceopedia form. These questions are about your home, the value of your home and its contents, square feet, age, location or zip code, exterior composition and any other information requested
  2. Be sure to answer every question, and then submit the Insuranceopedia form to get  quotes
  3. When you determine the company that suits you best, submit your application

You’ll have to meet with an agent if the company you choose doesn’t give online quotes.

Things That Impact Cost Of Your Home Insurance Policy In South Carolina

There are several key factors that influence the price you pay for homeowners insurance in South Carolina, such as:

  • Deductibles and amount of coverage—Here is the rule of thumb: Lower deductible, higher premium. If you choose a low deductible, you may as well prepare yourself to pay a higher policy premium. Choose a higher deductible and you’ll see a drop in your premium. Another element of your premium cost is your home and property, namely their value. The more it’s worth, the more it will cost to replace it if it’s destroyed or damaged by a covered loss, and the more your insurer will have to pay out.
  • Your claim history – Anyone who has filed property insurance claims before will usually have to pay more for homeowners insurance.
  • The zip code of your home – If your home is within an area that’s subject to hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, snow and ice storms or other extreme weather events, your home insurance premiums will be higher
  • Close to flood zones – Living in close proximity to a body of water such as a lake, river, or ocean will up the chance of flooding, causing your homeowners insurance more costly
  • The age of the home – Homeowners insurance may be as much as 75% more costly than newer homes due to newer and more exacting building codes. If your home was built thirty years ago or longer, it may be more expensive to rebuild in accordance with the more recent regulations.

South Carolina Home Insurance Laws To Know

South Carolina law doesn’t make you carry homeowners insurance. But, if the property has a mortgage, you can bet that your lender will require you to insure it. This state also has a “homestead law” that allows you to designate part of your property as a homestead, thus making it off limits to your creditors.

Home Insurance Discounts In South Carolina

Always make it a point to ask your homeowners agent about the types of discounts, if any, that are available from the insurance company. Discounts are a great way to save money on your premium, and you can often rack up more than one. Here are some types of discounts you may be entitled to:

  • Claims Free: If a year or more has passed since the last time you filed a claim, this may qualify you for a 25% discount on your premium
  • Bundle: Having more than one type of insurance with a company, like insuring your vehicle as well as your home and property, may entitle you to a 25% discount
  • Automatic Payment: Having your policy premiums automatically deducted from your checking account can often net you a discount from your insurer
  • Responsible Payment: You could receive a discount if you pay your premiums on time and build a good payment record
  • New Home: You might qualify for a discount if you have a newly built home

Early Payment: Purchase a new policy within at least one week prior to the expiration of your old policy, and you may receive a discount

The Most Affordable Areas For Homeowners Insurance In South Carolina

Homeowners insurance in South Carolina varies by ZIP code. It may range from a low of $1,967.00 in Afton, zip code 74331, to as much as $4,745 in South Carolina City, zip code 73008. The lowest rates according to zip codes are:

ZIP Code City Lowest Rate
29732 India Hook $1,045
29704 Lesslie $1,065
29710 Clover $1,077
29745 York $1,087


Is home insurance more expensive in South Carolina?

No. The average annual rate for home insurance in South Carolina is $1,554, which is lower than many states.

How much per month is a million-dollar home insurance policy in South Carolina?

Your premium rate for home insurance in South Carolina is determined by several things. The value of your home and property, for instance, along with the location of your home, the amount of your deductible, your insurance carrier, and other factors. Two of the most affordable home insurance rates in South Carolina are Allstate and Chubb, with annual premiums of $1,046 and $901 respectively.

What is the average monthly cost of home insurance in South Carolina?

Home insurance rates are calculated by things like your home’s value, the value of your belongings, the location of your home, your deductible, the age of your home, and more. The average home in South Carolina valued at $300,000 will usually cost around $138.00 monthly for coverage.

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