Best Pet Insurance Companies In Oregon For 2024

Lemonade Pet Insurance stands out as the top choice for pet insurance in Oregon.

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Updated: 08 May 2024
Written by Doug Schaffer
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Our team of experts thoroughly examined 45 quotes from 22 pet insurance providers to find the most comprehensive coverage for different situations. Lemonade Pet Insurance not only earned the title of the best all-around pet insurance in Oregon but also offers budget-friendly options, especially for pet owners with young furry friends.

However, we also acknowledge the strengths of three other companies: ASPCA, Embrace, and Pets Best Pet Insurance. Each of them excels in their own unique ways.

In the upcoming sections, we will explore the leading pet insurance options in Oregon and discuss how various factors can impact your overall insurance expenses.

Best Pet Insurance Companies In Oregon, 2024

Best Overall Coverage - Lemonade Pet Insurance
Best For Affordable Coverage - Lemonade Pet Insurance
Best For Owners Of Young Pets - Lemonade Pet Insurance
Best For New Pet Owners - ASPCA Pet Insurance
Best For Cat Owners - Embrace Pet Insurance
Best Pet Insurance, Oregon 2024

Compare The Best Pet Insurance Companies In Oregon

Overall Rating Best For Coverage Waiting Period Average Annual Cost for Cats Average Annual Cost for Dogs Get A Quote
Lemonade Pet Insurance

Owners Of Young Pets

2 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses



Instant Quote
Lemonade Pet Insurance

Affordable Coverage

2 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses



Instant Quote
Lemonade Pet Insurance

Overall Coverage

2 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses



Instant Quote

New Pet Owners

Immediately for preventive care and 14 days for accidents and illnesses



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Cat Owners

48 hours for accidents and 14 days for illnesses



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Pets Best

Owners Of Multiple Pets

3 days accidents and 14 days illnesses



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Our Methodology

To find the most affordable pet insurance options in Oregon, we carefully examined data from different pet insurance providers in the state. Our team of insurance experts, with over two decades of experience, also provided valuable insights.
Key Facts:

  • Analyzed 40 Insurance Quotes
  • Reviewed 18 Insurance Companies
  • Leveraged 25 Years of Industry Experience
  • Dedicated Over 32 Hours to Research
  • Please note that while the rates we provide in this guide are current, pet insurance premiums can change daily, influenced by factors like your pet's age and breed. Stay informed to make the best choice for your furry friend.


    Quotes Analyzed


    Years Of Industry Experience


    Brands Reviewed


    Research Hours

    Reviews Of The Best Pet Insurance Companies In Oregon

    Best Overall Coverage

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    9/10 Affordability
    9/10 Customer Reviews
    9/10 Payouts
    8/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    When assessing the top pet insurance companies in a region, various factors come into play, such as affordability, customer service, and the speed of processing claims. In the vast landscape of Oregon, Lemonade Pet Insurance stands out as a leader in many of these areas. Their monthly rates are quite budget-friendly, with $22 for cats and $37 for dogs.

    Beyond their competitive pricing, Lemonade has earned praise from Oregon pet owners for their outstanding customer service. The team’s genuine dedication to animals is evident in the quality of support they provide to policyholders.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • Rapid 2-day waiting period for accidents
    • Industry-leading claims processing department
    • Extensive selection of available discounts
    • A part of monthly premiums supports nonprofits
    • Enrollment for specific pet breeds has age restrictions
    • Policies are unavailable in certain states
    • Insurance rates consider the credit and claim history of the pet owner

    Cheapest Rates For New Pet Owners

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    8/10 Affordability
    9/10 Customer Reviews
    8/10 Payouts
    8/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    For those new to pet ownership, picking a pet insurance provider with a strong foundation and a solid history of supporting animal health, such as ASPCA, is crucial.

    While ASPCA does come with somewhat higher average premiums, with rates of $42 for cats and $84 for dogs, it offers several compelling benefits that justify the additional investment. For instance, ASPCA has no age limits, ensuring senior pets can get coverage without any age-related restrictions.

    Furthermore, ASPCA provides extra coverage options for behavioral issues and alternative therapies, which can be particularly advantageous for certain dog breeds.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • The coverage encompasses a broad spectrum of items, including alternative therapies, behavioral issues, and congenital conditions.
    • A quick 14-day waiting period applies to cruciate injuries.
    • You have access to a 24/7 telehealth vet line.
    • Standard policies include coverage for vet clinic visit fees related to illnesses and accidents.
    • The option for unlimited annual coverage is exclusively accessible through an agent.
    • There are restricted deductible choices available.

    Cheapest Rates For Owners Of Multiple Pets

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    8/10 Affordability
    9/10 Customer Reviews
    7/10 Payouts
    8/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    Taking care of several pets may bring additional expenses for food and toys, but it can also lead to cost savings on pet insurance. Many pet insurance providers, such as Pets Best, offer discounts for policies covering multiple animals.

    On top of these discounts, Pets Best provides affordable monthly premiums, with cat insurance averaging at $30 and dog insurance at $43.

    Additionally, Pets Best offers policyholders a range of benefits, including access to a 24/7 vet helpline for emergencies. They also provide coverage for animals with disabilities or those requiring special prosthetic devices.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • Coverage extends to pets in need of wheelchairs or prosthetic devices.
    • Veterinary assistance is readily available through the 24/7 vet healthline.
    • A brief 3-day waiting period applies to accident coverage.
    • You can select from a range of flexible coverage options for accident and illness policies.
    • Claims processing tends to be slower in comparison to other competitors.
    • Policy adjustments can only be made during the renewal period.

    Best Affordable Coverage

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    9/10 Affordability
    9/10 Customer Reviews
    9/10 Payouts
    8/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    Many pet owners want to protect their cherished furry friends, but there’s a common misunderstanding that pet insurance comes with a hefty price tag. Lemonade Pet Insurance dispels this notion by offering cost-effective solutions. On average, cat owners can secure coverage for just $22, while dog owners pay around $37.

    To make it even more affordable, Lemonade Pet Insurance offers various discounts, including bundling options that can reduce costs by up to 15%. Their easy-to-use mobile app also streamlines policy management, making it a convenient choice for pet owners in Oregon.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • Accidents have a waiting period of just 2 days.
    • Claims are processed more quickly than many other major competitors.
    • You have access to a range of available discounts.
    • A portion of your premium contributes to nonprofit organizations.
    • Certain pet breeds lose coverage once they reach a specific age.
    • Coverage limitations depend on your state of residence.
    • Insurance rates are impacted by the credit and claim history of the pet owner.

    Cheapest Rates For Cat Owners

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    9/10 Affordability
    10/10 Customer Reviews
    8/10 Payouts
    7/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    If you’re a cat owner in Oregon searching for excellent insurance for your feline companion, Embrace Pet Insurance should be on your radar. They offer budget-friendly cat insurance, averaging approximately $21 per month.

    What sets Embrace apart is their dedication to giving back to the community. For every policy sold, they contribute $2 to charitable causes, demonstrating their commitment to community support.

    Embrace Pet Insurance is also the preferred partner for several major car and home insurance providers, including USAA, Allstate, and GEICO.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • You can select from cost-effective policy options.
    • Numerous standard policies include coverage for treatable pre-existing conditions.
    • If you have pets needing orthopedic care, you can skip the waiting period by obtaining a vet exam.
    • Senior pets aged 14 and older are limited to accident-only policies.
    • tandard policies lack additional coverage options.

    Cheapest Rates For Owners Of Young Pets

    Overall Rating

    Key Statistics

    9/10 Affordability
    9/10 Customer Reviews
    9/10 Payouts
    8/10 Coverage Level

    Why We Like Them

    Many people choose to welcome young pets into their families, bringing excitement and new responsibilities. Caring for a new kitten or puppy can be overwhelming initially, and finding the right pet insurance provider can help ease the process.

    Lemonade Pet Insurance offers a perfect blend of affordability and user-friendly features. They excel with their top-notch mobile app and outstanding customer service team. With average rates of $22 for cats and $37 for dogs, Lemonade Pet Insurance stands as the preferred choice for pet owners with young furry companions in Oregon.

    Benefits & Drawbacks

    • Policyholders benefit from a short 2-day waiting period for pet injuries.
    • Claims are swiftly processed.
    • A diverse array of discounts is available to policyholders.
    • The company designates a portion of the policyholder's premium to support nonprofit organizations.
    • Specific pet breeds lose coverage eligibility once they reach a certain age.
    • Coverage does not extend to all 50 states.
    • Insurance rates factor in the pet owner's credit and claim history.

    Average Cost Of Pet Insurance In Oregon

    Average Cost In Oregon — By Dog Breed

    Dog Breed Average Monthly Cost
    Affenpinscher $19
    Labradoodle $38
    Greyhound $64
    Newfoundland $83

    Average Cost In Oregon — By Cat Breed

    Cat Breed Average Monthly Cost
    Domestic Shorthair $18
    Sphynx $19
    Siamese $23
    Maine Coon $28

    Average Cost In Oregon — Accidental-Only Coverage

    Insurance Provider Average Monthly Cost for Accident-Only Coverage
    Lemonade $32
    Pets Best $37
    TrustedPals $38
    Figo $44
    ASPCA $56

    Average Cost In Oregon — Comprehensive Coverage

    Insurance Provider Average Monthly Cost for Comprehensive Coverage
    ManyPets $38
    Pets Best $41
    Lemonade $49
    Trusted Pals $53
    Healthy Paws $55


    Largest Pet Insurance Companies In The United States

    Company Name Estimated Market Share Percentage
    Trupanion 30%
    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 19%
    Embrace Pet Insurance 9%
    Fetch by the Dodo 8%
    Pets Best Insurance 2.4%
    Hartville Group Inc. 1.4%
    MetLife Pet Insurance 1.4%
    Petsecure 1.3%
    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance .73%
    Pumpkin Pet Insurance .48%

    How To Find The Best Pet Insurance Company For You

    Getting pet insurance is similar to securing your own health or life coverage. It’s important to compare rates, but before diving into that, it’s crucial to understand the key aspects of a pet insurance policy.

    For example, most companies offer either accident-only coverage or a more comprehensive accident and forgiveness plan. Both options have their advantages and suit different situations.

    Accident-only coverage works well for younger pets with lower risks of age-related illnesses. Meanwhile, comprehensive plans are better suited for breeds with a higher risk profile.

    Another vital factor to consider is the waiting period. Each pet insurance company sets its waiting period for accidents and illnesses, so it’s important to align this with what’s best for your pet’s health.

    How To Buy Pet Insurance Online In Oregon

    Obtaining pet insurance can be a straightforward process, especially when using a platform like Insuranceopedia. However, there are several steps you can take, both before and during the application, to make the process even smoother.

    Here are four essential steps to follow when purchasing pet insurance:

    • Step 1: Collect all necessary information beforehand, such as your pet’s type, breed, age, medical history, and any documentation related to their lineage.
    • Step 2: Determine the coverage amount and deductible that best suits your pet’s needs.
    • Step 3: Compare quotes from at least three different pet insurance providers.
    • Step 4: Purchase your policy and inform your veterinarian about your new coverage.

    Factors That Impact Cost Of Your Pet Insurance Policy In Oregon

    Many pet owners believe that their pet’s monthly insurance fee depends on just a couple of factors. However, the cost of pet insurance takes into account several aspects. These factors include

    • Type of Pet
    • Breed
    • Age
    • Type of Insurance
    • Location

    Type Of Pet

    When you’re ready to purchase pet insurance, the type of pet you have significantly influences your monthly payments. On average, dog owners pay 2-3 times more than cat owners because dogs typically spend more time outdoors, increasing their risk.


    Similar to the type of pet, your furry friend’s breed also affects the cost of pet health insurance. While most dog breeds don’t have a substantial impact on premiums, some are considered high-risk. Breeds like boxers and bulldogs are prone to sinus and skin issues, leading to higher premiums.

    Insurance Type

    When you’re buying pet insurance, you typically have two main choices: accident-only coverage or accident and illness coverage. Both plans provide protection for your pet, but comprehensive coverage usually costs more. It’s essential to consider whether the added coverage justifies the extra monthly expense.


    Age is another significant factor in determining your pet insurance quotes. Some insurers offer affordable rates regardless of your pet’s age, while others may deny coverage for older pets. If you have a senior pet, it’s crucial to explore pricing options.


    Many pet insurance companies also consider regional factors when you apply for coverage. While the premium difference between cities is usually small, some state regions are considered higher risk due to a greater number of claims from those areas.

    Oregon Pet Insurance Laws To Know

    Pet insurance is not obligatory for pet owners in Oregon, but there are laws and regulations in place to protect animals and their owners. For example, a recent House Bill has been enacted into law, affecting how insurance companies take a dog’s breed into account when making decisions about homeowners’ and renters’ insurance.

    Prior to this law, insurance companies could refuse coverage, cancel policies, or increase premiums based on a pet’s breed. However, House Bill 2323 has made it unlawful for insurance companies to discriminate based on a dog’s breed or appearance.

    Information About Oregon

    Oregon is known for its captivating natural beauty and diverse landscapes. The state offers a plethora of outdoor attractions that draw visitors from far and wide.

    From the picturesque coastline along the Pacific Ocean to the breathtaking mountains, Oregon has it all. Iconic destinations like Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, and the Columbia River Gorge offer visitors endless opportunities to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

    In The News

    • Beginning on June 30, 2023, insurance companies are no longer allowed to use a dog’s breed as the sole factor in their underwriting decisions.
    • Governor Katie Hobbs has signed Senate Bill 1053 into law, giving veterinarians the authority to establish a veterinary-client relationship through telemedicine.

    Pet Insurance Discounts In Oregon

    Similar to regular health insurance, the cost of pet insurance can differ based on your location in Oregon. To help reduce your pet health insurance expenses, you can explore available discounts. While not all pet insurance providers offer the same discounts, it’s worthwhile to consider these options:

    • Employer-sponsored discounts
    • Multi-pet discount
    • Employee union discounts
    • Wholesale and special interest clubs discounts
    • Multi-policy discount
    • Active and retired military discounts
    • Senior discounts
    • Online policy discounts
    • Animal care employee discounts
    • Special service animal discounts


    Do I legally have to insure my pet in Oregon?

    While it’s recommended to have pet insurance for your beloved furry friends, it’s crucial to understand that there is no legal obligation to insure your dog or cat in Oregon.

    Do all vets take pet insurance in Oregon?

    Every veterinary clinic in Oregon accepts pet health insurance, following the principle that pet owners pay for medical expenses upfront and then seek reimbursement from the pet insurance company.

    How much is pet insurance in Oregon?

    Just like the national trend, cat owners in Oregon usually have lower insurance premiums compared to dog owners. On average, cat insurance in Oregon costs around $27.56 per month, while dog insurance typically averages $48.81 per month.

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