Best Pet Insurance Companies In Springfield, MA

My top pick for pet insurance in Springfield is Spot Pet Insurance.

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Updated: 08 May 2024
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Doug Schaffer
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Based on 22 hours of research and comparing quotes from 15 providers. It offers the best overall coverage. If you’re looking for affordability, Lemonade Pet Insurance is a great option too.

Both Spot and Lemonade have average monthly rates for dog insurance in Springfield that are way lower than the usual $34.87.

In this guide, we’ll also delve into how the type of pet, breed, and age affect the monthly premiums for pet owners in Springfield.

Best pet insurance companies in Springfield, Massachusetts 2024

Best Overall Coverage - Spot Pet Insurance
Best for New Pet Owners - ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Best for Cat Owners - FIGO Pet Insurance
pets best
Best for Owners with Multiple Pets - Pets Best Pet Health Insurance
Best pet insurance, Springfield 2024

Compare the best pet insurance companies in Springfield, Massachusetts

Overall Rating Average Annual Cost for Dogs Coverage Waiting Period Average Annual Cost for Cats Best For Get A Quote


2 Days for Accidents and 14 Days for Illnesses


Affordable Coverage

Instant Quote


2 Days for Accidents and 14 Days for Illnesses


Owners of Young Pets

Instant Quote
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance


Immediately for Preventive Care and 14 Days for Illnesses and Accidents


New Pet Owners

Instant Quote
FIGO Pet Insurance


1 Day for Accidents and Illnesses


Cat Owners

Instant Quote
Spot Pet Insurance


14 Days for Accidents and Illnesses


Overall Coverage

Instant Quote
Pets Best


3 Days for Accidents and 14 Days for Illnesses


Owners of Multiple Pets

Instant Quote
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Our methodology

Our dedicated team conducted thorough research to uncover the most budget-friendly pet insurance rates in Springfield. We analyzed 31 quotes from different companies across Massachusetts and carefully reviewed 15 brands. With over 25 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, our experts assessed each carrier.


Quotes Analyzed


Brands Reviewed


Years of Industry Experience


Hours of Research

Pet insurance company reviews

Best Overall Coverage

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
10/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Payouts
10/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

In Springfield, you’ll find several good pet insurance companies, but Spot Pet Insurance stands out with its comprehensive coverage for pet owners. Though their premiums may be slightly higher than others, they make it worth it by offering excellent customer service and a wide range of coverage options.

For cat owners, the average monthly rate is around $18, while dog owners typically pay about $28 each month.

Spot also offers the advantage of choosing from various maximum annual limit options. Here are the coverage limits they provide for policyholders:

  • $2,500
  • $4,000
  • $5,000
  • $7,000
  • $10,000
  • $15,000
  • $20,000
  • Unlimited

Another great perk of going with Spot is their 24/7 pet telehealth helpline. It’s a valuable resource that offers advice on your pet’s accidents and illnesses, anytime you need it

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Ensure comprehensive coverage for pets of all ages, without age restrictions
  • Access a convenient 24/7 telehealth helpline, providing timely guidance for policyholders
  • Enjoy an extended claim filing window of up to 270 days, allowing flexibility for submissions
  • Note that premiums are marginally elevated for young pets
  • Be aware of a comparatively longer waiting period when compared to other major pet insurance brands

Cheapest Rates for Owners of Young Pets

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Payouts
8/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Bringing home a new kitten or puppy is so exciting! Amid all the cuddles and training, don’t forget to think about their health insurance too. For Springfield pet owners, the top choice for young pets is Lemonade Pet Insurance.

Lemonade stands out as the most affordable option for pet owners with kittens and puppies. They even offer discounts to make premiums even more budget-friendly. What’s more, their waiting period for accident coverage is super short – just two days – so your furball will be protected in no time.

With Lemonade, you can get a cat insurance policy for around $12 per month, and a dog insurance plan for about $28. It’s a great deal for your little bundle of joy!

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Access budget-friendly coverage designed for kittens and puppies
  • Experience the convenience of filing claims within seconds through the company’s user-friendly mobile app
  • Enjoy quick accident coverage with a minimal 2-day waiting period
  • Be aware of limited hours for the pet telehealth line's availability
  • Note that coverage for vet exam fees is exclusively available through an insurance add-on/rider
  • Keep in mind that policy adjustments are restricted to the renewal process

Cheapest Rates for New Pet Owners

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
8/10 Payouts
8/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

As a new pet owner, you’ve probably heard of ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They’re known for their work against animal cruelty, but did you know they also offer pet insurance for cats, dogs, and horses in some states?

One of the best things about ASPCA is that they cover common hereditary or congenital conditions, which many other pet insurance companies don’t handle. If your pet develops these issues after being on an active policy, ASPCA will step in to help cover the costs.

And the good news doesn’t stop there! ASPCA offers competitive rates, with cat owners paying around $13.76 per month and dog owners paying about $37.05. It’s a great option for protecting your furry friend and giving them the care they deserve.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Enjoy the advantage of a round-the-clock pet telehealth line, providing continuous support to policyholders
  • Gain peace of mind with coverage for veterinarian office visits related to both illnesses and accidents
  • Enroll elderly pets without encountering any upper age limit, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout their lives
  • Access additional services like stem cell therapy and microchipping, enhancing the scope of coverage
  • Navigate through a website that presents challenges in terms of user-friendliness
  • Note that claims processing might extend up to 30 days
  • Policies offer a restricted number of deductible options, limiting customization in this aspect

Cheapest Rates for New Pet Owners

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
8/10 Payouts
7/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

If you’re a cat owner in Springfield, look no further than FIGO Pet Insurance! They truly understand pets, with almost 90% of their staff being pet owners themselves. And when it comes to affordability, FIGO is hard to beat, with cat insurance policies averaging just around $12.69 per month.

But that’s not all! FIGO goes the extra mile to give you peace of mind. They offer a free 24/7 vet telehealth service, so help is just a call away. Plus, their accident coverage starts in just one day, making sure your furry friend is protected when it matters most. It’s the ultimate pet insurance package!

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Ensure comprehensive coverage for senior pets, without encountering any age enrollment limitations
  • Access round-the-clock veterinary telehealth helpline services, providing continuous support for your pet's well-being
  • Benefit from quick accident coverage, with a mere one-day waiting period
  • Note that exam fees receive coverage exclusively through the purchase of an insurance rider
  • Be aware that an accident-only policy is not offered within the options
  • Keep in mind the absence of coverage for a hereditary condition if a pet is added to the policy after their 2nd birthday

Cheapest Rates for Owners of Multiple Pets

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
7/10 Payouts
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

If you don’t mind a slightly slower claims process, Pets Best Pet Health Insurance is a top choice in coverage options and customer support. They’re great at insuring young pets, even as young as seven weeks old. Plus, Pets Best goes the extra mile by assisting animals that need wheelchairs or other prosthetic devices.

When it comes to customer service, they truly care about their policyholders and aim to build lasting relationships. You’ll have access to a 24/7 telehealth helpline with expert veterinarians who can diagnose and guide you through your pet’s illness or injury.

And the best part? Pets Best offers competitive rates, with cat coverage at around $14.47 per month and dog insurance costing about $36.42. It’s a solid choice to keep your furry friend protected and well taken care of.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Secure coverage for wheelchairs and diverse prosthetic devices, prioritizing your pet's mobility and well-being
  • Access the convenience of Direct Vet payment, streamlining transactions with participating providers
  • Enjoy cost savings through various discounts tailored for pet owners with multiple furry companions
  • Benefit from uninterrupted access to a 24/7 pet telehealth helpline, ensuring timely assistance whenever needed
  • Note that alternative therapies do not fall under coverage within any policies
  • Be prepared for claims processing that might be slower compared to many competitors
  • Policies can only be altered during the time of renewal, limiting immediate flexibility in adjustments

Best Affordable Coverage

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Payouts
8/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

When it comes to pet insurance, the price matters a lot to many pet owners. After checking out various companies in Springfield, Lemonade Pet Insurance emerged as the most budget-friendly option in several categories. Cat owners pay only $12.31 per month, while dog owners shell out $27.88 each month.

But that’s not all! Lemonade has more to offer than just low rates. They have a speedy claims process, several discount opportunities, and a user-friendly mobile app for managing your policy. It’s a win-win!

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Witness swift claims processing, with many customers finalizing the process within minutes
  • Engage with an interactive mobile app that enhances your policy management experience
  • Tailor your coverage to suit your needs through customizable options
  • Enjoy the advantage of affordable premium rates that won't break the bank
  • Keep in mind that coverage extends solely to 38 states
  • Note that policy adjustments are exclusively possible during the renewal period
  • Be aware of limited coverage options available for older pets

Average cost of pet insurance in Springfield, Massachusetts

In Springfield, the cost of pet insurance can vary due to different factors. Typically, cat owners pay around $16.21 for coverage, while dog owners shell out about $34.87.
Now, let’s dig deeper and check out some tables that show how certain criteria influence the monthly premiums.

Average Cost in Springfield — By Cat Breed

Cat Breed Average Monthly Cost
Persian $18
Ragdoll $19
Maine Coon Cat $19
Exotic Shorthair $20

Average Cost in Springfield — By Dog Breed

Dog Breed Average Monthly Cost
Golden Retriever $34
German Shepherd $37
Labrador Retriever $38
French Bulldog $54

Average Cost in Springfield — Accidental-Only Coverage

Insurance Provider Average Monthly Cost for Accident-Only Coverage
Pets Best $17
Spot Pet Health Insurance $18
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance $34
Embrace Pet Insurance $37
AKC Pet Insurance $39

Average Cost in Springfield— Comprehensive Coverage

Insurance Provider Average Monthly Cost for Comprehensive Coverage
Spot Pet Insurance $38
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance $44
Pets Best $45
AKC Pet Insurance $58
Embrace Pet Insurance $62 


How to find the best pet insurance company for you

For many pet owners, getting pet insurance can be a new and puzzling experience. But don’t worry, choosing the right coverage for your furry friend doesn’t have to be scary. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best policy.

First, figure out what type of coverage you want for your pet. You’ll usually find two types – comprehensive and accident-only. Each one has its perks and different options depending on the provider you pick.

Next, think about your coverage limit and deductible. These can vary among companies, so it’s essential to find one that suits your needs.

Lastly, once you have a list of providers offering the right deductible and coverage type, get some quotes and compare the rates. It’s a straightforward way to find the best deal for your beloved companion.

Largest pet insurance companies in the United States

Company Name Estimated Market Share Percentage
Trupanion 30%
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 19%
Embrace Pet Insurance 9%
Fetch by the Dodo 8%
Pets Best Insurance 2.4%
Hartville Group Inc. 1.4%
MetLife Pet Insurance 1.4%
Petsecure 1.3%
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance .73%
Pumpkin Pet Insurance .48%

How to buy pet insurance online in Massachusetts

Whether you’re insuring a new pet or getting coverage for your current furry family member, following these steps will make the pet insurance process a breeze:

  • Step 1: Get all the important info ready, like pet type, breed, age, and medical history. If you have any documentation on the pet’s lineage, keep that handy too.
  • Step 2: Decide how much coverage and deductible you want for your pet.
  • Step 3: Check out at least three pet insurance quotes from different companies to compare.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve made your choice, purchase the policy and let your vet know about your new coverage.

Factors that impact cost of your pet insurance policy in Springfield

Pet insurance works just like other insurance types, with its cost depending on various factors. For Springfield pet owners, these are the key elements affecting monthly premiums:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Animal Type
  • Breed
  • Insurance Type


If you live in different Springfield zip codes, you might notice slight variations in the monthly premium. Insurance companies check past claims data to see if certain areas are more likely to have pet insurance claims.


Younger animals usually get lower rates since they are less likely to get sick or need vet visits. But as they grow older and health issues come up, the coverage cost may increase with each renewal.

Animal Type:

Insuring dogs tends to be 2-3 times more expensive than insuring cats. Dogs are often outside and interact more with other animals, raising the risk of accidents or illnesses.


Though most breeds are generally healthy, some have a higher risk of specific conditions. For example, cocker spaniels are more prone to diabetes. If you have a pet with a higher chance of developing a disease, your monthly premium might go up.

Insurance Type:

The type of coverage you choose impacts the overall cost. Different policies have different deductibles and coverages. More protection or lower deductibles mean a higher annual cost for the pet health insurance policy.

Massachusetts pet insurance laws to know

In Massachusetts, you’re not required by law to have pet insurance, but the state does specify what a pet health insurance policy should include.

Here’s what the Massachusetts Division of Insurance says about pet health insurance:

“A pet health insurance policy reimburses the pet owner for specified veterinary care. As with your health insurance policy, these policies typically itemize covered treatments, deductibles (the amount you’re responsible to pay) and lifetime or per illness maximums. The cost of the policy may vary based on the amount and type of coverage as well as the breed or species. Estimate the health costs for your animal’s expected life and take into consideration how much you could afford for emergency treatment or a long illness.”

In the news

  • Exciting news for dog owners in Springfield! There are new laws in place that permit dogs to accompany their owners at specific patios and beer gardens across the city.
  • But that’s not all; state officials have introduced a new bill to ensure that people convicted of animal abuse find it more challenging to own, adopt, or foster pets. It’s a crucial step towards safeguarding the well-being of our furry friends.

Information about Springfield

Step into the enchanting city of Springfield, Massachusetts, where history intertwines with the present in a mesmerizing dance. This charming city has played a pivotal role in shaping the United States, with its historical landmarks bearing witness to significant events that shaped the nation’s destiny.

Today, Springfield continues to flourish, offering world-class educational institutions that nurture young minds and fuel intellectual curiosity. The arts scene is a vibrant tapestry, weaving creativity and expression into the fabric of everyday life.

Pet insurance discounts in Springfield

As you search for pet health insurance, you’ll find that each provider offers additional discounts to make monthly premiums more pocket-friendly. Here’s a list of discounts you should check out before choosing a policy:

  • Employer-sponsored discounts
  • Multi-pet discount
  • Employee union discounts
  • Wholesale and special interest clubs discounts
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Active and retired military discounts
  • Senior discounts
  • Online policy discounts
  • Animal care employee discounts
  • Special service animal discounts


Do all vets take pet insurance in Springfield?

Most vets usually accept pet insurance, but it’s a good idea to talk to your provider to be sure. Some pet insurance companies even have a Vet Direct Pay option, where they pay the vet directly. But keep in mind, not all clinics might accept this method. It’s best to check beforehand.

What is the cost of pet insurance in Springfield?

The cost of pet insurance in Springfield is influenced by various factors, such as the type of pet you have, their breed, age, and medical history. On average, cat insurance is about $16.21, while dog insurance comes to around $34.87. It’s essential to consider these elements when choosing the right coverage for your furry companion.

Am I required to have pet insurance in Springfield?

In Springfield, pet owners aren’t obligated to get pet health insurance, but it’s highly recommended. Having coverage can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses for your beloved pet. It’s a smart investment for their well-being and your peace of mind.

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