Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Which Is Better In 2024?

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Updated: 08 May 2024
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Bob Phillips
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Searching for the perfect pet insurance can be a tricky task with so many options available. If you’re considering Trupanion and Pets Best, you’ve landed at the right place. This comprehensive comparison will guide you through the pros and cons of both providers.

Selecting a pet insurance policy is crucial. Without it, you run the risk of facing high veterinary bills or worse, not being able to afford necessary care for your beloved pet. As a recent purchaser of pet insurance, I understand the importance of making an informed decision.

With my personal experience and extensive research, let’s dive deep into the features, customer ratings, and coverage plans of Trupanion and Pets Best to help you make the best choice for your pet’s health in 2024.

Insuranceopedia's Take

After careful consideration of the facts presented in the comparison chart below, it’s clear that Pets Best emerges as the superior choice. Its impressive star rating of 4.8 reflects a high level of customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, its average monthly cost is significantly lower than Trupanion, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Pets Best also offers flexibility with its reimbursement rates ranging from 70% to 90%, allowing you to choose a plan that best fits your financial situation. The Vet Direct Pay feature is another standout, simplifying the process and easing the burden of upfront costs.

Pets Best offers excellent value for money, comprehensive coverage, and flexible options, making it our top recommendation.


Trupanion at a glance

Trupanion, a leading pet insurance provider, excels in several areas.

One of its standout features is the 90% reimbursement rate which is standard for each policyholder. This high reimbursement level, combined with unlimited annual coverage and a wide variety of deductible choices, makes Trupanion a viable choice.

However, not all aspects of Trupanion’s performance are positive. Despite Trupanion’s dedication to providing comprehensive pet insurance, it doesn’t come without its share of criticisms.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s practices, as seen in various online reviews

One recurring issue is that some customers feel Trupanion doesn’t honor the policies it issues. This could be due to a misunderstanding of coverage inclusions and exclusions or possibly perceived inconsistencies in claim handling.

While Trupanion tries to address these issues by replying to negative reviews within 24 hours, these criticisms are worth considering when evaluating whether Trupanion is the right choice for your pet insurance needs.

Pets Best at a glance

Pets Best is a top-rated pet insurance provider in 2024, ranking No.1 in numerous reviews. The company’s policies are lauded for their affordability and excellent customer service, making it a standout choice for pet owners.

The company excels in terms of its overall performance, earning 4.8 stars out of 5. This high rating reflects Pets Best’s comprehensive coverage options, flexible plans, and competitive pricing

However, Pets Best is not without its shortcomings. Some customers have reported slow claim processing and yearly premium increases. Additionally, the company has received some negative reviews and complaints regarding its definition of pre-existing conditions.

Despite these criticisms, Pets Best continues to be praised for its commitment to providing quality pet insurance. Its strong reviews and high ratings from customers underscore its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy pet insurance provider.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Key Characteristics

Pets Best
Best For Best For Unlimited Lifetime Payouts Vet Direct Pay Average Monthly Cost Average Monthly Cost $85 $33 Coverage Limits Coverage Limits Unlimited $5,000 or Unlimited Deductibles Deductibles $0–$1,000 $50–$1,000 Reimbursement Rates Reimbursement Rates 90% 70%-90%

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Cost

Trupanion Cost

Pet Type Plan Type Average Monthly Premium
Dog (Medium Mixed) Basic Coverage $49 – $97
Dog (Labrador Retriever) Basic Coverage $76 – $152
Cat (One-Year-Old Maine Coon) Basic Coverage $26 – $70
Cat (Five-Year-Old Maine Coon) Basic Coverage $43 – $70
Cat (Top 4 Breeds) Basic Coverage $29 – $38
Dog (Average) Basic Coverage with Add-ons Starts at $59
Dog/Cat Recovery and Complementary Care Add-on About $15/month

Trupanion offers a range of insurance plans to fit various budgets. The cost varies depending on the pet’s breed and age, with dogs generally costing more than cats. Their basic coverage is comprehensive, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

However, when compared to other brands in the category, such as Pets Best, Trupanion’s plans are notably pricier. Pets Best’s plans start as low as $9/month for dogs and $6/month for cats, making it a more affordable option for those on a tight budget.

Despite the higher cost, Trupanion’s unlimited annual coverage and 90% reimbursement level may justify the extra expense for some pet owners.

Pets Best Cost

Pet Type Plan Type Average Monthly Premium
Dog Accident-Only Coverage $91
Dog Comprehensive Coverage $35 – $58
Cat Accident-Only Coverage $61
Cat Comprehensive Coverage $22 – $34
Dog/Cat Essential Wellness Add-on $14 – $22
Dog/Cat Best Wellness Add-on $26 – $33

Pets Best offers a range of insurance plans to cater to varied budgets and needs. Their accident-only coverage is remarkably affordable, starting at $9 for dogs and $6 for cats per month.

This plan covers accidents such as broken bones and animal bites. For more comprehensive coverage, the costs average between $35 and $58 per month for dogs and $22 and $34 per month for cats.

In addition to these, Pets Best offers two tiers of add-on wellness coverage – EssentialWellness and BestWellness. These plans cost between $14 and $21, and $26 and $32 per month, respectively, and offer coverage for routine care and wellness procedures.

Compared to other brands in the category, such as Trupanion, Pets Best emerges as a more cost-effective option. Trupanion’s plans start at higher prices, with the average cost for dogs being between $49 and $97 per month.

Although Trupanion offers unlimited annual coverage and a 90% reimbursement level, Pets Best’s affordable plans and comprehensive coverage make them a competitive choice in the pet insurance market.

Winner: Pets Best

In the area of cost, Pets Best takes the crown. The company offers plans that start at just $9 per month for dogs and $6 per month for cats, setting a benchmark for affordable yet comprehensive coverage.

On the other hand, Trupanion’s policies start at a considerably higher rate. As such, for pet owners who are in search of cost-effective protection without compromising on quality, Pets Best stands out as the superior choice from a pricing standpoint.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Which Is Cheaper?

Trupanion’s pet insurance policies usually cost between $59 and $68 per month. Its coverage includes a higher reimbursement rate and various deductible amounts. However, Trupanion’s prices are notably higher than Pets Best.

The average Pets Best policy costs range between $25 and $58 per month. It offers similar coverage to Trupanion and also includes coverage for exams. In addition, Pets Best provides more customization options, which often makes it more capable of fitting into your budget.

Based on these figures, Pets Best emerges as the more budget-friendly option. Several pet owners have also shared their experience, stating that Pets Best is more affordable month-to-month, with coverage seeming to be about the same.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Claims

Trupanion Claims

Trupanion offers several methods to file a claim, including email, fax, or regular mail. They also have their own web-based system, Trupanion Express, which allows vets to submit claims directly.

While this is convenient, it’s worth noting that their claims processing time can be slightly delayed, especially with mailed invoices. In comparison to other brands, Trupanion’s claims processing time tends to be longer.

Pets Best Claims

The Pets Best claims process stands out for its simplicity and speed. Pet owners can submit claims through the Pets Best website or mobile app, making the process highly accessible.

The average claim processing time is five days, which is notably faster than many competitors, including Trupanion. This quick turnaround is a significant advantage of Pets Best and contributes to their overall high customer satisfaction ratings.

Winner: Pets Best

Pets Best emerges as the winner in the claims category due to their swift and straightforward claims process. Their user-friendly online portal and mobile app allow pet owners to easily submit a claim, and they typically process claims within five days, faster than many other brands in the industry.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Coverage Comparison

Coverage Option Trupanion Pets Best
Hereditary Conditions
Congenital Conditions
Cancer Treatments
Prescription Medications
Dental Treatments
Wellness Care

Trupanion Coverage

Trupanion’s pet insurance coverage is comprehensive, offering protection for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and cancer treatments. It bases its coverage on the actual prices veterinarians charge for care, including diagnostic testing, medications, hospitalizations, and more.

However, there are some limitations to Trupanion’s coverage. For instance, it doesn’t cover orthopedic issues until six months after enrollment, and their dental coverage is limited to $1,000 per year. Additionally, Trupanion does not offer wellness care in their standard plans or as an add-on.

Pets Best Coverage

Pets Best offers similar coverage to Trupanion, covering expenses related to accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and cancer treatments. Unlike Trupanion, Pets Best does offer dental treatments without a cap and includes coverage for wellness care with an add-on plan.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Customer Satisfaction

Based on my research, Trupanion has a mixed bag of customer satisfaction scores. The company holds an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and a Net Promoter Score of 54. However, user feedback varies across different platforms, with scores ranging from 2/5 to 4.3/5.

In contrast, Pets Best maintains high customer satisfaction scores across many review platforms.

Review Site Trupanion Pets Best
Trustpilot 4.4/5 4.6/5
Better Business Bureau 3.4/5 3.9/5
Consumer Affairs NA 3.8/5

While both companies have their strengths, Pets Best’s consistently high customer satisfaction scores set them apart in this category.

Reddit Reviews


On Reddit, Trupanion reviews are mixed.

u/Formal-Proof-2215 on r/dogs relates this negative experience:

“At this point I’ve paid in the ballpark of $2500 for Trupanion, for 5 years for my dog. I have never made a claim. I finally made one and they denied it. My dog appeared to have neurological issues over the summer. I did a few tests but didn’t spring for the MRI ($5k+). The doctor told us to just keep an eye on her and bring her back if she had more symptoms. She appeared to have seizures recently so we brought her back to the same neurologist. Trupanion deemed this unrelated. If I’d just done the tests over the summer they likely would have been covered. Because I decided to be conservative with more tests, they deemed it unrelated. I am disappointed and wish I had never spent a dime with this company.”

Another user on r/puppy101, u/trekkingscouter, wrote this review:

“We went with Trupanion when we got our bulldog about three years ago, and it has helped with some of her eye surgeries. I’d say we’ve about broken even with what we’re paying each month by now.

Well our $67/month payment is about to jump to $104/month, 35% increase. What erks me even more is the one thing we REALLY need help with they won’t do. Our pup had a rash when we first got her, and the vet gave us an allergy cream plus lots of other things. It did clear up, but because the vet noticed it could be a skin allergy they now won’t cover anything allergy related meds or care. She was just 6 weeks old when we got her, and this visit was days before we got the pet insurance :(“

However, not all reviews were negative. u/Drwillpowers wrote this positive testimonial about Trupanion:

“This company actually delivered on their promise. They were there for me and Phoenix like they said they would be when I got this policy for a mere $20 a month. In total, I’ve paid Trupanion about $1200 for his policy over 5 years, and they just reimbursed me over $50000 without question or hiccup. I could not have afforded this without them. He would have died.”

Pets Best

Like Trupanion, Pets Best has mixed reviews on Reddit.

On the negative side, u/yyouriley wrote on r/dogs:

“I have had my puppy insured through them since March. We have been having health issues since July and they told me that her MRI she received would be covered under her policy.

They have since closed out my claim twice stating they did not have enough documentation from her vets to approve it. I work at her primary care clinic and sent them everything we have. Her Neurologist has sent them all of their records and they even cc’d me on the email so I KNOW they received everything.

It’s been over a month and still have not approved my claim that is obviously covered under her policy.”

On a positive note, u/Badcatgoodcat wrote:

“I went with Pet’s Best. For less than Trupanion which is rather misleading, and roughly the same as Healthy Paws after add-ons, I get higher coverage, which I can adjust (along with my options) at any time, and my process really isn’t terribly different, because frankly- there isn’t a vet in my area that will wait three weeks to be paid by my pet insurance. Also, for what it’s worth- Pet’s Best is willing to pay your vet directly as well if they will sign a form that agrees to wait for payment from the insurance company.”

Winner: Pets Best

Pets Best consistently outperforms Trupanion in terms of customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to speedy claims processing, comprehensive coverage, and excellent customer service often translates into higher satisfaction ratings from pet owners.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Plan Customization

Trupanion Plan Customization

Trupanion is renowned for its high reimbursement rate and wide range of deductible amounts. It also extends coverage to hereditary and congenital conditions.

While its policy riders are reasonably priced, Trupanion’s overall quote tends to be higher than Pets Best. However, the limited number of customization options may not suit everyone’s budget.

Pets Best Plan Customization

Pets Best stands out with its extensive customization options. It offers two distinct plans; one lower-cost plan with a maximum coverage of $5,000 and a costlier plan featuring unlimited coverage.

Additionally, Pets Best offers optional coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions. By providing a variety of choices, Pets Best allows pet owners to select a plan that best aligns with their financial circumstances and their pet’s healthcare needs.

Winner: Pets Best

In the area of plan customization, Pets Best emerges as the clear victor. It offers a broad array of options that can be tailored to fit any budget, making it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking flexibility in their pet insurance plans.

Trupanion Vs Pets Best: Discounts

Discount Trupanion Pets Best
Multiple Pet (5%)
Adopted Pet (5%)
Post Pet Visit (10%)

Winner: Pets Best

In terms of discounts, Pets Best offers superior value. The company provides a range of discounts, including for multiple pets, adopted pets, and plans taken out a day after a vet visit. In contrast, Trupanion doesn’t offer such discounts, making Pets Best a more cost-effective choice for many pet owners.

Our methodology

At Insuranceopedia, our comprehensive evaluation process is designed to provide you with a thorough, unbiased comparison of pet insurance companies. We begin by conducting extensive research into each company's offerings, examining the details of their plans, pricing, and customization options. We then use comparison charts to visualize these findings, making it easier for you to see the differences at a glance. Additionally, we incorporate customer ratings and personal experiences into our analyses to give you a real-world perspective on each company's service.


Is Trupanion cheaper than Pets Best?

No, Trupanion is generally the pricier option, with quotes typically higher than Pets Best.

Are Pets Best and Trupanion available nationwide?

Yes, both Pets Best and Trupanion offer their services nationwide.


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