Texas Is The U.S. State With The Most People Killed By Animals

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From tax rates to social policy, moving states has a wide ranging impact on your life. But new data suggests one unexpected change is the likelihood you will be killed by an animal.

Insuranceopedia has reviewed the most recent mortality data to discover which states have the highest frequency of animal-related deaths. The results show that far more Americans are killed by animals in one state than anywhere else – and it is the state they are most likely to relocate to.

Key Takeaways

  • Texas experiences at least 2x more animal-related deaths than any other state except California

  • You are 22x more likely to be killed by an animal in Texas than Nebraska

  • Americans are 8x more likely to be killed by a dog than a spider

Where Are You Most Likely to Be Killed by An Animal?

1,844 Americans have been killed by animals since 2018 – and over 12% of those deaths occurred in Texas. In fact, Texas experienced the same amount of animal-related deaths as the 15 bottom-ranking states combined. Other States with disproportionately high numbers of people killed by animals include California (6.9 % of the US total) and Florida (6%).

States with the Most Animal Deaths


Animal Deaths Since 2018

Texas 225
California 128
Florida 112
Tennessee 72
North Carolina 71

Strikingly, Texas has an unremarkable all-cause mortality death rate. The state currently experiences roughly 761.9 deaths per 100,000 – only very slightly higher than the average across states (748.3). Compare this to Mississippi, which has a death rate of 985.6 per 100,000 – yet has more than 7x fewer animal-related deaths.

There are many states where you are extremely unlikely to be killed by an animal. Nebraska, New Hampshire and South Dakota each boast slightly more than 0.5% of the US total, and there are 13 States that each account for less than 1% of all animal-related deaths.

States with the Fewest Animal Deaths


Animal Deaths Since 2018

Nebraska 10
New Hampshire 10
South Dakota 10
Alaska 11
Massachusetts 12

While many people fear sharks, snakes and spiders, the data suggest these are not actually the biggest threats to human life. You are more than twice as likely to die from contact with a nonvenomous insect or arthropod than from snake venom; dogs kill more than 8x more people than spiders; and you are over 14x more likely to be killed by a hornet, wasp or bee than snake venom.

Most Common Causes of Animal-Related Death

Cause of Death

Animal Deaths Since 2018

Venom of arthropods [excluding spiders] 614
Bitten or struck by mammals [excluding dogs or rats] 519
Contact with hornets, wasps and bees 501
Bitten or struck by dog 438
Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other nonvenomous arthropods 81

Taken together, these findings have interesting implications for insurers. Few people would guess that Texas has such a disproportionately high volume of animal-related deaths – or that dogs kill so many more people than snakes. But these are matters of statistical fact, and may be considered when calculating the costs of insurance.

We believe these findings shed light on often underestimated risks and offer valuable insights for both individuals and insurers alike. Understanding these nuances is crucial for ensuring accurate risk assessment and providing adequate coverage.” – Max Coupland, CEO at Insuranceopedia

Our Methodology

These findings are based on data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) covering 2018 until the present day. We analyzed the raw data to determine the states with the highest instances of humans being killed by animals, as well as ranking the most common causes of death.

While the data is highly reliable, it is important to note that some causes of death have been excluded from the findings as they do not meet the CDCP’s confidentiality standard. These include deaths related to certain reptiles and marine life.

Disclaimer: we extracted only causes that detailed animals specifically, any causes that didn’t directly cite the animal of cause were not included. Equally, all statistics representing one through nine (1-9) persons are suppressed, in the provisional mortality online database for years 2018 and later.

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