The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Lincoln, NE For 2024

In Lincoln, American National is known for offering the most affordable option, usually costing about $20 each month.

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When looking for cheap car insurance in Lincoln, NE, you have many choices to consider. Among them, American National stands out for its competitive prices. On average, Lincoln residents pay around $20 per month for car insurance from American National, which is notably lower than the state’s average of $122.

For those seeking the most affordable liability-only coverage, American National is the top pick. However, if you require more comprehensive protection, State Farm is recommended, offering full coverage policies for $115 monthly. As for young drivers, USAA is the best option, starting at just $142 per month.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Lincoln, NE

Cheapest Car Insurance, Lincoln, NE

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How Much Is Car Insurance In Lincoln, NE?

American National provides the most affordable auto insurance in Lincoln, NE, at a monthly cost of $118. However, comparing these rates with those across Nebraska and the entire United States, as depicted in the table below, reveals a noteworthy difference in affordability.

Area Average Monthly Rate
National $152
Nebraska $122
Lincoln, NE $118

It’s important to grasp that the national average cost of insurance takes into account various states with their individual price ranges. This encompasses states with high premiums like New York, New Jersey, and California, alongside states with more affordable costs like Mississippi, Kentucky, and Wyoming. Several factors influence insurance rates, such as the type of car you own, the level of coverage desired, your location, driving history, and other variables. Consequently, the rates you receive can fluctuate significantly based on your geographical location and personal circumstances. Your driving record, and more. So, the rates you’ll get can vary a lot depending on where you are and your personal situation.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Seniors

American National offers great car insurance deals tailored for seniors living in Lincoln. Their average monthly quotes hover around $54, making it a budget-friendly option.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Farm Bureau Mutual $68 $778
Safeco $72 $862
Auto-Owners $75 $898
American National  $54 $646
EMC Insurance $60 $718

In Nebraska, senior citizens often score great bargains on auto insurance for a couple of reasons that benefit them. Although age typically influences insurance costs, it’s important to note that being older doesn’t automatically make you a riskier driver.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Minimum Coverage

In Lincoln, American National offers the most affordable car insurance for basic coverage, typically costing about $20 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Progressive $32 $382
GEICO $30 $358
Farm Bureau $40 $478
American National $20 $238
Allstate $52 $622

A simple car insurance plan should include, at the very least, these specific types of protection:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident

Opting for minimal car insurance coverage offers some level of protection while driving, but it lacks collision or comprehensive coverage. This means that in the event of an accident, theft, or natural disaster, your vehicle won’t be covered.

Moreover, driving without insurance is illegal in Nebraska. If you’re stopped by law enforcement and fail to provide proof of insurance, you may be subject to penalties such as fines, license suspension, or more severe consequences.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Teenagers

Lincoln’s young drivers can snag affordable car insurance quotes from Allstate. Typically, they might shell out about $160 monthly for coverage.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
State Farm $250 $2,998
GEICO $172 $2,062
Auto-Owners $182 $2,182
Allstate $160 $1,918
Farmers $215 $2,578

Auto insurance tends to be pricier for teenagers because they haven’t had much time behind the wheel. Insurers view them as higher risk due to their increased chances of accidents or violating traffic laws.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Full Coverage

State Farm offers great deals on full car insurance coverage in Lincoln, with average monthly rates sitting at approximately $115.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Allstate $192 $2,302
GEICO $135 $1,618
Farmers $130 $1,558
Nationwide $153 $1,834
State Farm $115 $1,378

Full coverage car insurance provides extensive protection that surpasses the basic legal demands. It usually involves both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Comprehensive coverage guards against incidents like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters that don’t involve collisions. On the other hand, collision coverage takes care of the expenses for repairing your vehicle after accidents, regardless of fault.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Good Drivers

American National offers affordable auto insurance quotes for safe drivers residing in Lincoln, typically priced at approximately $20 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Progressive $32 $382
GEICO $30 $358
Farm Bureau $40 $478
American National $20 $238
Allstate $52 $622

In Lincoln, if you’ve kept a clean driving record, you’ll likely get lower car insurance rates. Insurance companies check these records to see how you drive and how safe you are. If you have fewer accidents or traffic tickets, it shows you’re a careful driver, which means you’re less likely to make a claim.

The price of insurance depends on how likely it is that you’ll make a claim. If your driving history is spotless, it means there’s less risk, so you’ll save a lot on insurance. It’s all about weighing the risk: the better your record, the less risk you pose, and therefore, the cheaper your insurance will be.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Drivers With Prior Incidents

In Lincoln, people who have gotten into accidents, speeded, or driven under the influence and have a history of traffic violations might struggle to find cheap car insurance. These actions make insurance companies see them as risky drivers, meaning they’re more likely to make claims in the future. So, to cover potential costs, insurance companies raise their rates for these drivers.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Drivers With A Speeding Ticket

State Farm is known for being cheaper than other options, with typical monthly payments around $115, making it a good deal in the insurance world.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
American Family $144 $1,726
Progressive $164 $1,966
Allstate $220 $2,638
Farm Bureau $382 $4,582
State Farm $115 $1,378

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Drivers With An At-Fault Accident

State Farm offers the cheapest car insurance rates for drivers who caused accidents, averaging around $125 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
GEICO $315 $3,778
Progressive $210 $2,518
Allstate $290 $3,478
American Family $180 $2,158
State Farm $125 $1,498

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Drivers After A DUI

American Family is the preferred option for drivers with DUI records, providing the cheapest insurance rates. On average, Lincoln residents pay about $144 per month for their coverage with them.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
American Family $144 $1,726
Allstate $269 $3,286
Nationwide $319 $3,623
Farm Bureau $382 $4,582
State Farm $412 $4,942

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Lincoln For Young Adults

USAA provides the most affordable car insurance prices for young adults in Lincoln. On average, it’s around $142 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Auto-Owners $200 $2,398
Iowa Farm Bureau $195 $2,338
Allstate $196 $2,350
USAA $142 $1,702
Farmers Mutual of Nebraska $169 $2,026

In Nebraska, car insurance for young adults is typically less expensive compared to teenagers. This is because older individuals generally drive more cautiously as they age, resulting in fewer accidents. Statistics indicate that young adults have lower rates of insurance claims, indicating their reduced likelihood of being in accidents. Hence, insurance providers offer lower premiums to young adult drivers, recognizing their safer driving behaviors and decreased likelihood of making claims.


Best Car Insurance Companies In Lincoln

In Lincoln, selecting the appropriate car insurance involves more than just finding a cheap price. It’s important to discover a company that offers both affordable rates and reliable coverage while driving. Below are the top 10 car insurance companies in Lincoln, NE, ranked by their average monthly premiums.

Company Monthly Premium
Dairyland $72
Farm Bureau Mutual (IA Group) $92
USAA $104
EMC Insurance $110
American National P&C $58
American National P $72
Safeco $90
Clearcover $92
Auto-Owners $105
Farmers Mutual of Nebraska $114

Average Car Insurance Rates By Age In Lincoln

Age Average Yearly Rate
Teenagers $2,390
20s $1,678
30s $1,018
40s $1,138
50s $982
60s $1,198
70s $1,366

Your age significantly influences your car insurance costs. Younger drivers, like teenagers and young adults, typically face higher premiums because they’re deemed riskier due to their limited driving experience and increased likelihood of accidents or traffic violations. However, once you reach 25 and maintain a clean driving history, your rates often decrease.

The most favorable insurance rates are often offered to individuals in their 50s and early 60s. Insurance providers assess your age to gauge your driving experience and accident probability, adjusting premiums accordingly.

Average Car Insurance Rates By Vehicle Type In Lincoln

Vehicle Average Monthly Rate
Hyundai Santa Fe $82
Nissan Rogue $60
Chevrolet Impala $182
Dodge Avenger $146

The kind of car you own plays a big part in how much you pay for car insurance. Insurance companies look at things like the brand, model, year, and body style of your car. Generally, newer and fancier cars with more tech and higher replacement costs will have higher insurance prices.

On the flip side, older cars or ones that are cheaper to fix or replace might have lower premiums. Insurers think about this stuff because it affects how much they might have to pay out for claims – fixing up a luxury car usually costs more than a regular one. Also, some cars known for being safe might get you a break on insurance since they’re less likely to get into accidents or cause injuries.


How Much Is Car Insurance For Other Cities In Nebraska?

City Average Monthly Rate
Norfolk $98
North Platte $88
Omaha $140
Oshkosh $92
Bellevue $130
Blair $140
Columbus $106
Fremont $108
Grand Island $110
Hastings $112

Where you live can impact the cost of your car insurance. Insurance companies consider factors such as accident rates, car thefts, and vandalism in your area. Typically, cities face higher risks, leading to higher insurance premiums for residents.


Who has the lowest car insurance rates in Lincoln?

American National has the most affordable car insurance rates in Lincoln, meeting Nebraska’s basic coverage requirements. Meanwhile, State Farm stands out for offering the best rates for comprehensive coverage, which includes both comprehensive and collision coverage.

What is the average cost of car insurance in Lincoln?

Car insurance in Lincoln usually costs around $122 per month. However, the exact amount you’ll pay can vary based on factors such as your location, the type and age of your vehicle, your driving record, and other variables.

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