Commingled Trust Fund

Published: | Updated: May 14, 2018

Definition - What does Commingled Trust Fund mean?

A commingled trust fund is a trust fund that contains assets from multiple different sources, such as retirement plans, trusts, and insurance policies. With a commingled trust fund, these assets are managed by the same entity, with a specific investment goal in mind. Commingled trust funds elminates the challenge of managing different assets individually.

Insuranceopedia explains Commingled Trust Fund

Commingled trust funds are desirable to many money managers because they allow them to save time and also have lower fees. If a money manager only has to deal with one account as opposed to ten when making investments, the whole process is significantly more efficient. Commingled trust funds, however, are still trusts and as such they are governed by the same rules (although the particular trust will dictate its exact terms).

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