Cover Note

Published: | Updated: September 2, 2017

Definition - What does Cover Note mean?

A cover note is a temporary document an insurer issues to provide proof of coverage for the insured until an official final document becomes available. Not equivalent to a certificate of insurance or other policy documents, it typically lists the insured, insurer, and the coverage.

Insuranceopedia explains Cover Note

An insurer issues a cover note as proof of coverage while they continue processing the paperwork to finalize the policy. During this interim period, it can serve as evidence the insured purchase insurance and offers the same coverage as the actual policy though some restrictions may apply. In the event it expires before official documents have been issued, the insurer will issue an extension, or the insurer may need to request one. In case the insured wants to cancel a policy during the allowed cancellation, they may be entitled to a refund as a cover note does not constitute a formal policy.

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