Exclusions in Property and Casualty Insurance

Published: | Updated: May 8, 2018

Definition - What does Exclusions in Property and Casualty Insurance mean?

Exclusions in property and casualty insurance are certain circumstances in which insurance coverage will not be provided if a loss is sustained under a property or casualty policy. Exclusions vary from policy to policy. However, they are usually always stated in the policy itself, so people can see them before they make a decision about purchasing the policy.

Insuranceopedia explains Exclusions in Property and Casualty Insurance

Exclusions can be highly relevant for people who have property or casualty insurance policies. The reason is because the exclusions can determine whether or not a specific loss is covered. Examples of exclusions that may occur in a property or casualty insurance policy include general wear and tear, workman's error, certain natural disasters, or certain circumstances surrounding mold. People who do not like the exclusions in an insurance policy commonly shop around for other policies that do not have the same exclusions.

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