Burglar Alarm

Published: | Updated: January 27, 2017

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Definition - What does Burglar Alarm mean?

A burglar alarm is a device that is designed to make a loud sound when detecting forced entry. In terms of insurance, an insurance company may inspect the burglar alarm of a property before it issues a policy or it might demand the owner of a property to install one as part of a policy provision.

Insuranceopedia explains Burglar Alarm

Part of management risk is a good security system. A component of a good security system is a good burglar alarm. It is a device which is aimed to scare away intruders. It is also a device that may be required when one wants to insure a property.

An insurance company checks the security system of the potential policyholder. When the company finds that the system meets its standards, there is a possibility that it can even lower the price of premiums.

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