Public Liability Insurance

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Public Liability Insurance Mean?

Public liability insurance is a policy that covers loss or damage to a third party while conducting one's professional duties or while in the business premises of the policyholder. It also covers legal fees in case of litigation.

Insuranceopedia Explains Public Liability Insurance

A public liability insurance policy is a must for anyone whose business or job requires meeting people on a regular basis, whether as an electrician who goes from one house to another or a store owners who receives different clients every day.

This policy covers bodily injury or damage to property. The electrician, for instance, can cause faulty wiring in a client's home or a shop's customer can bump their head against a wall. The aggrieved parties might file a case in court, which is when public liability insurance comes in handy, since it will cover legal fees.

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