War Peril

Published: | Updated: April 16, 2018

Definition - What does War Peril mean?

War peril refers to risks that can cause losses during a war. This includes property damage during a battle, insurgents stealing cargo, or the kidnapping or injury to a company's employees while in a war zone. Most regular insurance policies do not cover war perils because insurance companies find these risks to be too great and too expensive to cover.

Insuranceopedia explains War Peril

There are war insurance policies specifically designed to cover war perils. For example, a company can buy a war insurance policy to protect against property damage and theft when they do business in a country at war.

However, some war perils are considered just too expensive for the private market to cover. In these cases, the government provides insurance. For example, after 9/11 insurers stopped selling affordable liability coverage for commercial planes; therefore, the Federal Aviation Adminstration started providing this insurance.

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