Absolute Assignment

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Absolute Assignment Mean?

Absolute assignment refers to a policyholder transferring his or her ownership of a policy to another party. That transfer means that all of the coverage within that policy will now go to the newly named party. The original owner of the policy does not have to state his or her reasons for doing so nor does he or she need to stipulate any conditions for the transfer.

Insuranceopedia Explains Absolute Assignment

There are a number of reasons why a policyholder transfers all of their rights to a policy to another person or entity. They might think of it as a gift to someone else. It could be the sole means of paying off a loan. Even if the insured has now given up their rights to all of the claims and privileges, they are still responsible for payments for the policy. The new owner might have been asked by the original owner to pay the insurer after the transfer is completed, but if the newly named party fails to do so, the negligence will not be blamed on that person but on the original policyholder.

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