Policy Writing Agent

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Policy Writing Agent Mean?

A policy writing agent is an agent who has legal authority from an insurance company to write policies on its behalf. These agents may work exclusively for one insurance company or they can sell policies for a number of different insurers. The former are known as captive agents, while the latter are known as independent agents.

Insuranceopedia Explains Policy Writing Agent

Policy writing agents must have a strong understanding of the products being sold by the insurance company they are representing in the market. This is because they need to market and sell suitable products to the right customers. Otherwise, either the insurer or the policyholder could face negative consequences. Policy writing agents also need to know the market so they can sell effectively. To explain their role more simply, they serve as the middleman between the customers and the insurer. If they do their job correctly, all parties can benefit.

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