Should I get my home and auto insurance from the same insurance company?


Should I get my home and auto insurance from the same insurance company?


The quick and dirty answer to this question is yes. If it is at all possible, you should explore the option of bundling all your insurance policies with the same insurance company. This is usually a good idea, provided that you are getting a good rate (one that is comparable to the ones offered by other insurance companies).

While the specifics vary, there are many benefits to bundling your insurance policies with a single insurer, including:

  1. Discounts – Like your cable or internet provider, some insurers will offer discounts on policies if you have other business with them. This is mainly to gain customer loyalty, but it may not apply automatically. If you're working with an agent or a broker, remind them to let your insurer know about your other policies (see 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Insurance Agent for advice on finding the right one).
  2. Better Service – You will usually be able to get your claims or questions handled more quickly if you have multiple insurance policies with the insurer. Having multiple policies makes you a more important client and they have all of your information on hand. You get a similar advantage from using a broker or agent, since they will be a single point of contact that can handle all of your insurance-related matters.
  3. Accommodations – As with any other business, the larger your account is with a single insurance company, the more likely they are to accommodate you on certain issues, whether that be pricing, claims, or coverage. If you're valuable enough, they will make sure you're happy and taken care of.

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