Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For 2024

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Written by Bob Phillips
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It’s tough to find cheap car insurance in Kansas, but there are solid options. Farm Bureau offers competitive prices and dependable service, providing coverage from basic to comprehensive. With the rising cost of living and numerous choices available, it’s important to get car insurance that suits your budget and needs.

Whether you’re a new driver, a regular commuter, or a family trying to save on insurance costs, understanding what factors influence your premiums and where to find the best deals is crucial. Drawing from over ten years of research on car insurance policies, I’ve gathered some insights to help you navigate this complex market.

This guide delves into the specifics of car insurance in Kansas, explores the factors that affect prices, and offers practical advice on obtaining affordable coverage without compromising protection. Let’s kickstart this journey to savings and uncover strategies for obtaining the cheapest car insurance in Kansas.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Kansas

Cheapest Car Insurance, Kansas, 2024

Our Methodology

My study involved systematically gathering and reviewing data on various car insurance providers and their services. Initially, I identified key aspects to evaluate, including coverage options, pricing details, customer satisfaction ratings, and financial stability. Subsequently, I obtained information from reputable sources such as insurance company websites, consumer feedback platforms, and industry analyses.

Once the data was compiled, I structured it and assessed each insurer based on predefined criteria, comparing factors like coverage options, pricing models, available discounts, and customer opinions to determine the advantages and drawbacks of each company.


Quotes Analyzed


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Brands Reviewed


Research Hours

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For Drivers With Poor Credit

If you’re a Kansas driver struggling with credit, American Family offers the cheapest insurance rates, starting from roughly $130 per month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost







State Farm






American Family



Car insurance costs hinge heavily on your credit score, which acts as a measure of risk for insurance companies. If you have a low score, insurers might view you as more likely to file claims, thus increasing your risk profile.

In Kansas, drivers with poor credit may see higher insurance premiums than those with good credit. Insurers factor in credit history when determining rates due to studies showing a correlation between credit score and the probability of claims. Individuals with poor credit may face challenges in finding affordable insurance but can explore discounts and compare quotes from multiple insurers to find competitive rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For Minimum Coverage

In Kansas, Farm Bureau is renowned for its affordable car insurance, with monthly rates typically beginning at $42, making it a popular option for budget-conscious drivers.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost




Farm Bureau






American Family



State Farm



In Kansas, drivers are required to have a specific level of car insurance to legally drive their vehicles. This basic coverage typically consists of liability insurance, which comprises two main parts: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Bodily injury liability coverage helps pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and potential legal fees if you cause an accident that injures someone else. On the other hand, property damage liability coverage assists with the expenses of repairing or replacing another person’s vehicle or property if the accident is deemed your fault.

The minimum coverage requirements in Kansas are established by state law and can vary depending on factors like your vehicle type and driving history. It’s essential to carefully assess these requirements and ensure you possess adequate coverage to fulfill legal standards and safeguard yourself financially in the event of an accident.

Cheapest Auto Insurance In Kansas For Young Drivers

In Kansas, young adults often pay less for car insurance than teenagers. This is because as people grow older, they tend to drive more responsibly, resulting in fewer accidents and insurance costs. Insurance companies recognize this and provide lower rates for young adults who have proven to be safe drivers.

Cheapest Kansas Car Insurance For 16-Year-Olds

If you’re 16, Nationwide got some sweet insurance deals priced at an average of $342 a month.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Travelers $410 $4,918
State Farm $430 $5,158
USAA $490 $5,878
Nationwide $342 $4,102
Geico $395 $4,738

Cheapest Kansas Car Insurance For 17-Year-Olds

If you’re 17, Nationwide provides the cheapest insurance rates, typically around $232.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
USAA $264 $3,166
State Farm $278 $3,334
Shelter $300 $3,598
Nationwide $232 $2,782
American Family $262 $3,142

Cheapest Kansas Car Insurance For 18-Year-Olds

Nationwide has budget-friendly insurance plans customized for 18-year-olds, usually costing around $220 monthly.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
The General $234 $2,806
State Farm $245 $2,938
Shelter $282 $3,382
Nationwide $220 $2,638
USAA $232 $2,782

Cheapest Kansas Car Insurance For 21-Year-Olds

If you’re 21, USAA gives you the best deal, with a typical monthly fee of $115.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
American Family $170 $2,040
State Farm $172 $2,062
Travelers $188 $2,254
USAA $115 $1,378
Nationwide $125 $1,498

Most Affordable Car Insurance In Kansas For Full Coverage

American Family boasts the best deals for comprehensive car insurance in Kansas, beginning at roughly $76 monthly on average.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost

State Farm



American Family












Kansas full coverage auto insurance gives drivers comprehensive protection for themselves and their vehicles. It goes beyond the basic liability requirement, encompassing collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision insurance covers repair costs for your vehicle post-collision, irrespective of fault. On the flip side, comprehensive coverage deals with damages arising from theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disasters.

This insurance type offers peace of mind by ensuring broad financial security for various situations, providing coverage for both your vehicle and others involved in an accident. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess your policy to understand coverage limits and deductibles for adequate protection.

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For Good Drivers

Your car insurance rates in Kansas are determined by factors like your driving past, age, and the kind of coverage you’re after. Typically, if you’ve got a clean driving history with no accidents, you’ll likely enjoy lower premiums because you’re viewed as a lower risk by insurance companies. Furthermore, maintaining a solid driving record could qualify you for extra savings. It’s smart for safe drivers to compare quotes from different insurers to find the right coverage at the right price.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost




Farm Bureau






American Family



State Farm



Cheapest Auto Insurance For Seniors

American Family presents cost-effective insurance packages crafted especially for elderly residents in Kansas, beginning at roughly $70 per month on average.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost










State Farm



American Family



Seniors might get lower car insurance rates because they’re typically seen as experienced and cautious drivers by insurance companies, which reduces the likelihood of accidents. Moreover, since many older adults drive less frequently, their risk of being in accidents and making insurance claims decreases.

Some insurers offer special discounts designed for seniors, considering variables such as age, driving habits, and participation in senior driver safety programs. By completing defensive driving courses, seniors can earn discounts from many insurance companies, which aim to improve driving skills and encourage safer behaviors on the road.

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For Drivers With Prior Incidents

Getting affordable car insurance in Kansas can be tricky for those with a record of accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs. These incidents brand them as high-risk drivers to insurance companies, increasing the chances of them making claims later on. The situation is worsened in Kansas due to higher rates of traffic accidents. Insurers use data to determine premiums, recognizing a correlation between previous driving mishaps and the likelihood of future claims.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Drivers With A Speeding Ticket

With an average price of around $134, State Farm stands out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious drivers with speeding tickets looking for auto insurance.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
GEICO $194 $2,326
Nationwide $175 $2,098
State Farm $134 $1,606
Progressive $210 $2,518
Farmers $306 $3,670

Cheapest Auto Insurance In Kansas For Drivers With An At-Fault Accident

With State Farm’s insurance plan costing approximately $145, it emerges as the prime selection for drivers who’ve been in accidents they’re accountable for. It stands out as the most cost-effective solution suited to their circumstances.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Allstate $340 $4,078
GEICO $270 $3,238
Nationwide $242 $2,902
State Farm $145 $1,738
Progressive $290 $3,478

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas For Drivers After A DUI

On average, Progressive offers car insurance at around $200, making it the go-to choice for drivers with a DUI.

Provider Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Progressive $200 $2,398
Farm Bureau $545 $6,538
Nationwide $324 $3,886
Farmers $305 $3,658
State Farm $445 $5,338

Average Cost Of Auto Insurance In Kansas – By Age

Age Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
16 $640 $7,678
17 $395 $4,738
18 $348 $4,174
19 $262 $3,142
21 $194 $2,326
25 $185 $2,218
35 $162 $1,942
40 $126 $1,510
50 $115 $1,378
55 $142 $1,702
65 $112 $1,342
75 $126 $1,510

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Kansas – By Gender & Marital Status

Gender Marital Status Average Annual Cost
Female Single $1,390
Male Single $1,416
Female Married $1,492
Male Married $1,534

Average Auto Insurance Rates In Kansas – By Credit Tier

Credit Tier Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Excellent $128 $1,534
Good $118 $1,414
Poor $174 $2,086

Cheapest Car Insurance In Kansas By City

City Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
Mission $105 $1,258
Olathe $109 $1,306
Overland Park $113 $1,354
Salina $82 $982
Hutchinson $96 $1,150

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements In Kansas

Car insurance in Kansas has specific rules. It covers injuries and property damage in accidents. The standard is $25,000 for each person’s injury, $50,000 total for injuries in one accident, and $25,000 for property damage in one accident.

Kansas also requires Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This helps pay for medical bills and lost wages after an accident, regardless of who’s at fault. It’s there to protect your finances.

Alternatively, you can choose “Health Insurance Primary” (HIP). This means your health insurance pays for accident-related medical costs first, instead of PIP. But not all health plans qualify for HIP, so check with your provider.

Car Insurance Discounts In Kansas

When you’re in the market for auto insurance, it’s a smart move to seek out insurers who offer tailored discounts based on your specific situation. Having a conversation with your insurance agent can reveal potential discounts you might not be leveraging. Most major auto insurance companies typically offer these types of discounts:

Safe Driver Discount: If you have a clean driving record with no accidents or traffic violations, you may qualify for this discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: Insuring multiple vehicles under one policy often earns you a discount, which can be more economical than separate policies.

Bundling Discount: Many insurers provide discounts to customers who bundle their auto insurance with other policies like home or renters insurance.

Good Student Discount: Students who maintain good grades might be eligible for discounts on their auto insurance.

Defensive Driving Course Discount: Taking a defensive driving course can qualify drivers for discounts on their premiums. These courses teach skills that help drivers avoid accidents and reduce risks on the road.



How much is car insurance a month in Kansas?

In Kansas, your car insurance bill might go up or down monthly, depending on your age, driving past, and the coverage choices you make.

What is the minimum car insurance one must have in Kansas?

All car insurance policies in Kansas need to have liability coverage for injuries and property damage, plus they must include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

Which insurance is better in Kansas?

The choice of the finest insurance provider in Kansas hinges on individual tastes, driving behaviors, and insurance requirements. It’s wise to ask for quotes from several insurers to discover the ideal match for your distinct circumstances.

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