Published: | Updated: May 5, 2018

Definition - What does Conflagration mean?

A conflagration is a fire large enough to spread across a wide area, often destroying more than one property and potentially causing the loss of human lives. Insurers monitor areas that are susceptible to this risk.

Insuranceopedia explains Conflagration

Conflagration is a large, extraordinary fire. It may be caused by nature (wildfire) or by a human act (arson). The extent of the damage can qualify a fire as a conflagration (for example, one that destroys not just one but several properties in an area).

Insurers are wary of issuing policies to those who resided in conflagration-prone areas. If they do approve of these policies, they charge higher premiums than they do for regular property insurance policies and demand that policyholders acquire protective devices or at least live in a property within the proximity of a fire department or another structure with safety and security mechanisms.

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