Duties of the Insured

Published: | Updated: October 14, 2017

Definition - What does Duties of the Insured mean?

Duties of the insured refer to the responsibilities of the policyholder, which generally requires the exercise of good faith and maintenance of fair dealing. These duties are often listed in the conditions section of the insurance contract.

Insuranceopedia explains Duties of the Insured

Some of the duties of the insured include the following:

  • Disclose material information,
  • Avoid concealment and misrepresentation,
  • Report loss or damage to the authorities,
  • Provide notice of claim to the insurer,
  • Prepare an inventory of the damaged or stolen property, and
  • Provide proof of loss to the insurer.

The inability of the insured to comply with their duties is a ground for breach of contract, cancellation of the policy, and forfeiture of the premiums paid.

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