Dwelling Coverage

Published: | Updated: December 21, 2017

Definition - What does Dwelling Coverage mean?

Dwelling coverage is the part of homeowner’s insurance policies that provides protection against damages to the physical structure of a home and the fixtures inside. The insurance company agrees to pay the policyholder for the costs to rebuild or repair the structure of the home for any damage resulting from a covered peril.

Insuranceopedia explains Dwelling Coverage

Aside from the structure of the home, dwelling coverage also protects structures attached to the home, including garages, sheds, decks, and patios. Fixtures in the home, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, and built-in appliances, are also often covered. Consequently, it does not cover detached structures.

Dwelling coverage may either be a part of homeowner’s insurance or a standalone policy. In case of the latter, it is referred to as dwelling insurance.

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