Dwelling, Buildings, and Contents insurance (DB&C)

Published: | Updated: March 28, 2018

Definition - What does Dwelling, Buildings, and Contents insurance (DB&C) mean?

Dwelling, buildings, and contents insurance (DB&C) is a comprehensive property insurance policy that covers the structure of a home or building and the contents located inside from certain specified perils up to specified coverage limits.

Insuranceopedia explains Dwelling, Buildings, and Contents insurance (DB&C)

DB&C insurance represents a more encompassing insurance option as opposed to standard policy. A homeowner may opt for a dwelling insurance, but this would only cover the structure of the dwelling and not the contents. Similarly, a business owner may also opt for building insurance, but it would not cover all the other property inside the building.

To provide a more comprehensive option, many insurance companies have combined these types of policies into DB&C insurance. It provides coverage for the building or dwelling as well as attached units, including garage and sheds. Likewise, it provides contents coverage, which could include either off-premises household or personal property.

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