Living Will

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does Living Will Mean?

A living will is a document outlining the medical treatments a person would prefer if they become terminally ill. It may also express a rejection of any medical treatment.

All states consider this document legal and the courts under those states honor and comply with the statements in it.

Insuranceopedia Explains Living Will

There are forty-two states, along with the District of Columbia, that have specific laws honoring living wills. The courts of states that do not have specific laws or statutes about them, however, still honor the document. For the person’s wishes to be respected by the court, the legal will must be written while a person is mentally sound and an unbiased witness should sign it.

If the writer of the living will is deemed unable to recover from an illness and they have also expressed in the will that they do not want their life prolonged by medical intervention in this condition, they will not receive any medical treatment that will contradict this directive.

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