Medical Expense Insurance

What Does Medical Expense Insurance Mean?

Medical expense insurance is a policy covering health care that includes – but may not be limited to – prescription drugs, medical consultations, hospitalization and surgery. While private companies offer medical expense insurance, governments often provide this insurance to their citizens or constituents.


Insuranceopedia Explains Medical Expense Insurance

Medical expense insurance is another term for health insurance. Working taxpayers often get this insurance from their employers. Government workers, meanwhile, get their own version of this insurance. For a great number of countries around the world, it is mandatory to provide health insurance, because without it, many people would be less likely to be able to afford their health needs. Medical expense insurance often comes with deductibles or copayments, money paid by the insured as a counterpart to the amount that the insurer pays, or money paid by the insured after the insurance payout has been exhausted.


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