National Association Of Insurance Women

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does National Association Of Insurance Women Mean?

The National Association of Insurance Women (NAIW) is an international association that started in Denver in 1940. Its aim is to foster professional improvement among its members through educational programs. Its headquarters are now in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While still predominantly female in composition, it has since accepted male members.

Insuranceopedia Explains National Association Of Insurance Women

The founding members of the NAIW faced some obstacles to getting their association off the ground. They had to convince their employers and would-be members that they were not forming a workers' union, but an educational association.

17 groups representing 2,000 members attended the organization's founding in 1940.

While it was originally a national organization, it has since acquired international membership, reaching as far as India, Mongolia, and Kuwait.

The NAIW aims to provide education to members working across various fields of the insurance industry, including underwriting, adjusting, and customer service.

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