Gross Negligence

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Gross Negligence Mean?

Gross negligence is an action or omission that represents an extreme disregard for the safety of others when a reasonable duty of care is owed. Gross negligence typically has the potential to cause serious harm to others. In the context of insurance, it is common for general liability insurance policies to exclude coverage gross negligence.

Insuranceopedia Explains Gross Negligence

Exclusions for gross negligence in general liability insurance policies can be very relevant if a party is being sued for damages in a liability case. The reason is because the party could be stuck with the entire bill instead of getting reimbursement from the insurance company. So, for example, if a helicopter tour pilot causes an injury to a customer while he was flying the helicopter under the influence of alcohol, this could qualify as gross negligence, and could not be covered by the insurer.

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