Riot and Civil Commotion Insurance

Last updated: December 6, 2017

What Does Riot and Civil Commotion Insurance Mean?

Riot and civil commotion insurance is a policy that covers financial loss for damage to a property caused by violence inflicted by a group of people or a mob. Riot and civil commotion are perils that can be found listed in a property insurance policy.


Insuranceopedia Explains Riot and Civil Commotion Insurance

Riot refers to at least three people assembling for a cause who express their message through disruptive and often violent means. Civil commotion refers to the same conduct undertaken by a larger group. When either causes damage to property, a homeowners or property insurance policy might cover the policyholder for the loss.

In addition to physical damage, the policy might also cover business interruption. The owner of a commercial property whose operations have been suspended because of a riot or a civil commotion might be able to file a claim for lost earnings. A store owner, for example, can claim that they were forced to lock up their store and, therefore, lost clients on account of a riot or civil commotion.


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