Society of Actuaries (SOA)

Last updated: September 27, 2017

What Does Society of Actuaries (SOA) Mean?

The Society of Actuaries, or SOA, is a professional organization for actuaries (those who calculate risks for insurers) with over 24,000 members from the United States, Canada, and all over the world. The SOA's goal is to enhance actuarial knowledge through research and education. The credentials they provide helps those who earn them distinguish themselves in their field.


Insuranceopedia Explains Society of Actuaries (SOA)

An actuary's members in the Society of Actuaries can help them to stand out in terms of perceived professionalism. The SOA offers a number of exams and passing these can help an actuary achieve certain credentials offered by the SOA. The Society of Actuaries formed when the Actuarial Society of America merged with the American Institute of Actuaries in the year 1949.


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