Society of Insurance Research (SIR)

Published: | Updated: August 15, 2016

Definition - What does Society of Insurance Research (SIR) mean?

The Society of Insurance Research, or SIR, is an organization founded in 1970 to promote the exchange and development of important insurance research. At its core, the goal of this organization is to spread insurance information and increase the knowledge of those who work in the field. This group has members from various areas of the insurance industry, including claims, management consulting, product development, and modeling.

Insuranceopedia explains Society of Insurance Research (SIR)

The Society of Insurance Research is one of a number of insurance-related organizations. However, while many of these insurance organizations focus on professional development and credentialing, the SIR is primarily focused on improving insurance in general. Recently, the Institute has added marketing and planning to the list of topics that it focuses on. If the SIR makes an important discovery, or comes across a useful piece of information, it can quickly spread this research to its members.

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