Specified Perils Insurance

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Specified Perils Insurance Mean?

Specified perils insurance is a type of coverage for auto insurance that insures the policyholder’s car against damage due to certain perils pre-defined in the policy. As opposed to comprehensive coverage, which is based on an “all risks” form of coverage, this type only applies to the listed perils. Do note that it may be a less commonly used term in some cases, with specified losses of coverage being preferred by some insurers.

It is also known as specified perils coverage.

Insuranceopedia Explains Specified Perils Insurance

Specified perils insurance includes coverage for civil disturbance, riot, explosion, earthquake, rising water, hail, windstorm, lightning, attempted theft, fire, and forced landing of an aircraft. However, it does not cover vandalism and glass breakage, which is in the purview of comprehensive coverage. In most states, specified perils coverage is optional, and it is important to note that some financing institutions may not accept specified perils coverage and require comprehensive coverage to lease or finance a car.


Specified Perils Coverage

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