Products & Completed Operations Insurance

Published: | Updated: October 23, 2017

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Definition - What does Products & Completed Operations Insurance mean?

Products and Completed Operations Insurance is a type of liability policy that covers damage after a project has been completed. This policy is usually purchased by contractors and absolves them of financial claims from a third party.

Insuranceopedia explains Products & Completed Operations Insurance

Even after a contractor has finished a project, they may still be liable for damages or injuries that are caused by the project. A cabinet they made, for example, might not be quite sturdy enough and falls on someone, injuring them. Or a roof they built might leak, causing damage to property—never mind that the roof was built five months ago.

Circumstances like this are what make a Products and Completed Operations policy so helpful. This policy allows the contractor to transfer the risk to the insurer should their past project be involved in this kind of incident.

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