Vehicle Coverage

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Vehicle Coverage Mean?

Vehicle coverage is for trucks, cars, motorcycles, and any other form of road vehicle. It provides financial assistance to anybody who figures in an accident involving the road vehicle that costs money, including medical care or vehicle repair. It can also help the policyholder from liability when they cause damage to someone else or their property with the covered vehicle.

Insuranceopedia Explains Vehicle Coverage

Vehicle coverage is also known as vehicle insurance. The insurance has many types.

Liability insurance covers a person who has caused damage to another person or a property while driving their car. The following policies are some of the examples.

Collision coverage helps financing the repair of one’s vehicle if it collided with another vehicle.

Medical payments coverage pays for the medical cost of a vehicular accident.

Comprehensive coverage pays for the cost of an incident aside from a collision. This may be theft or vandalism.

Some companies can offer a combination of the policies mentioned above and form one policy instead of buying separate policies for one’s insurance concerns.

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