Weather Insurance

Last updated: June 21, 2016

What Does Weather Insurance Mean?

Weather insurance refers to services that can be offered to protect events that are at risk of being ruined due to weather. Many sources offer a quote that will protect against types of weather including rain, snow, damaging winds, storm damage, or even unsuspected temperature that could potentially ruin an event. Those who seek out this kind of insurance may be planning for a major outdoor event, such as a wedding.


Insuranceopedia Explains Weather Insurance

Weather insurance can be customized to cover a certain number of days and types of inclement weather. Further, the insurance takes into consideration the time of year and geographic location of the event to determine the possible loss that would be encountered if bad weather did arise.

This is a newer type of insurance that is meant to help people who are planning large, expensive events that previously were not covered against losses incurred when bad weather impacted the event.



Rain Insurance

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