Wedding Presents Floater

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Wedding Presents Floater Mean?

A wedding presents floater is a short-term insurance policy that covers losses or damages to wedding gifts before they reach the couple’s permanent residence. This type of floater insures wedding gifts regardless of where they are, whether they are being transported home or to a new residence. This is useful because a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance only applies to property inside the home.

Insuranceopedia Explains Wedding Presents Floater

Generally lasting 90 days, this type of policy might not cover all types of gifts, such as cash or vehicles. Once the wedding gifts reach the couple’s residence, they fall under the homeowner’s insurance policy; however, it may not offer enough coverage, especially in the case of expensive gifts, such as fine jewelry or silverware. In this case, the couple may consider a personal articles or personal property floater to enjoy long-term coverage for such items.

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