Unscheduled Property Floater

Published: | Updated: September 11, 2016

Definition - What does Unscheduled Property Floater mean?

An unscheduled property floater is a policy that can be added to property insurance to cover a certain type of property that has not been itemized. Generally, it protects against loss, damage, or theft for an additional premium. It contrasts with a scheduled property floater, which specifically describes each property covered and their value.

Insuranceopedia explains Unscheduled Property Floater

Understanding the term requires understanding unscheduled property and floaters. First, unscheduled property refers to property the main policy covers but does not specifically describe and itemize or value. Under a home insurance policy, it may include jewelry, furniture, clothes, and more. Second, a floater is an additional policy that offers more coverage on movable property. Thus, an unscheduled property floater extends coverage on a specific class of property without specifically referring to a particular item or listing its value. For example, it may cover all chairs the policyholder owns without referring to a specific one or itemizing it.

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