Scheduled Property Floater

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Scheduled Property Floater Mean?

A scheduled property floater is an insurance add-on that can cover certain specific or "scheduled" items for specific amounts. It is commonly used to supplement a standard homeowner's policy and extend coverage to certain personal property. This is because many standard homeowners’ policies do not have scheduled coverage for a number of items in a home. Scheduled property floaters often come as separate policies or endorsements to a homeowner's policy.

Insuranceopedia Explains Scheduled Property Floater

An alternative to unscheduled property floaters, which only provide a certain level of coverage to reimburse losses for a number of different types of personal property, scheduled property floaters can be a wise risk-management tool for those who own items of great value, such as luxury goods and jewelry, and store them in their home. For example, for a policyholder with jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars, or rare works of art, or other expensive pieces of personal property, it may be worth the extra premium payment to invest in a scheduled property floater to extend specific coverage limits to these items.

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